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thinkers, delivered two sermons, one of six times on three Sundays, lectured which we heard, on his reasons for re- once, presided over two reading meetings, nouncing Infidelity. They were de. and one Society's meeting. At Yar. livered in the Augustine Independent mouth he lectured twice during his visit Church, Clapham Road, and there was to Lowestoft. Mr. Deans has also naturally a ery large attendance of per• preached at Lowestoft six times on sons eager to hear them. They have since three Sundays; on two of these Sundays been published, and in a brief prefatory Mr. Rhodes officiated at Brightling. statement Dr. Sexton states that about sea, and on the other Mr. Gunton. five years ago he was led, by a course of While at Lowestoft Mr. Gunton visited providential circumstances, to re-con- the Sunday-school, and addressed the sider the whole question of Christian scholars, on each of the three Sundays. evidences which he had so long been At the Society's meeting the state and accustomed to look upon as closed, so prospects of the Society financially and far as he himself was concerned, and otherwise were carefully reviewed, and that the result was the discovery of the an intended course of action proposed. utter fallacy of his sceptical views. The Society is still needing a minister.

Gradually,” he says, “I returned-as The visit to Chatteris was after a long far as the broad principles of Christian absence of missionary aid, and the truth were concerned to the faith of Society was found in a feeble state, but my early life, and finally, to the posi. with some intimations of improvement. tion with which I commenced my public The Rev. Thomas Chalklen now resides career, that of a preacher of the glad there, and reads one of his discourses, tidings of salvation through Christ.” which were spoken of as excellent, every The two discourses to which we have Sabbath. Other friends read the service, made reference were delivered on the and a discourse from the Messenger. suggestion and at the invitation of the The visit to St. Ives was to toll the Rev. David Thomas, D.D., pastor of funeral knell of the Society. The pretty Saint Augustine's, and whose reputa- little church, out of debt, freehold, has tion for zeal and ability is no doubt been closed about five months, and a sufficiently well known to our readers. resolution was adopted to let the build. The first of these sermons was entitled, ing, as it cannot be sold by the trustees “ Without God in the World." We until it has remained unused for worship pass by Dr. Sexton's mode of dealing for two years. This shows the need of with Atheism, Pantheism, and so on, to young, energetic, self-sacrificing, minisgive his closing words on the necessity ters; men of carnestness of purpose, of faith in Christ :-" To reject Christ is who do not hesitate to walk a dozen to be without God in the world, for miles when necessary, and talk earthere is no way to God but through nestly any number of times in the week : Him, who is the brightness of God's with one such placed over the Societies glory, and the express image of His Per. at Chatteris and St. Ives, officiating

You may pile up systems upon once at each place every Sabbath, new systems of philosophy; you may invent life, vigour, and usefulness would be great schemes for regenerating mankind; infused into every one connected with you may penetrate into nature's inner- the Societies, and many persons surmost recess, and wring from her secrets rounding them. At Northampton a hid from the beginning of the world; very different state of things exists. The you may propound schemes of society Rev. Mr. Payton suits his congregation, for the perfection of social order and which has considerably increased under ethical codes for the reformation of con. his pastorate. The attendance on the ducts,—all these are good in their way; occasion of Mr. Gunton's visit was excel. but they will not save the soul, because lent; in the evening the room was quite they are incapable of regenerating the full. On the Monday a tea and Society's inner man.

meeting was held, both of which were

well attended. The friends here, sonie NATIONAL MISSIONARY INSTITUTION. few of them at anyrate, have for some - During the month of October Mr. time desired a proper place of worship. Gunton has visited Lowestoft, Yar. To reach their present room every one mouth, Chatteris, St. Ives, and North. has to ascend over fifty steps. The few ampton. At Lowestoft he preached before mentioned, some time ago, com.


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menced a building fund, and their gene- of office. He pointed out, however, that rosity has put together over £150. With the rules of the Society enabled accepitthis in hand an earnest desire has come able persons to become Honorary Mem. over the Society to take another step, bers, whose subscriptions of 2s. 64. a and that step was taken at the meeting year would help the finances of the on Monday the 30th of October, which Society, and in this sense be doing useby resolution instructed Mr. Negus, Mr. ful service. Greeves, and Mr. Gunton, to conclude Mr. Charles Higham deplored the very the purchase of a plot of freehold ground, slow growth of the Church as an out45 feet hy 67, which they had previously ward organization. He was second to inspected, at a cost of about £225. none in respect for the visible Church, This ground is admirably situated, and but for his part should be equally happy in all respects very suitable for the pur- if the world became New Church in life,


owner made an allowance of as if our particular organization became about £25, on account of its being for a universal. He went on to say that a place of worship, and allowed the Society, very gratifying province of the work of after paying the deposit, till the 1st of the Society was, that it addressed itself May to collect the remainder. After the to a considerable extent to the leaders payment of this sum the Society intends of public opinion, and it was impossible to tax itself to accumulate a fund for to know where such influence ended. building purposes, and in due course will One of the features of the evening appeal to the Church at large for addi. was the presence of the Rev. W. B. tional aid, which appeal will no doubt Hayden, of the Portland (U. S., A.) be responded to with the same liberality Society, who kindly consented to adwhich has ever been shown on such an dress the meeting, and gave some very appeal being made. The accounts of interesting items of intelligence, all the services of Mr. Boyle at Horncastle, showing that New Church truth is slow. and of Mr. Fairweather at Melbourne, ly but surely gaining ground in America. appear to be of a very satisfactory Refreshments were provided, and the character.

pleasure of the meeting was much en

hanced by excellent selections of music. AUXILIARY NEW CHURCH Mission. The Rev. Dr. Bayley opened the meeting ARY AND TRACT SOCIETY.—The Second with prayer, and the Rev. J. Preslaud Anniversary Festival of this Society was pronounced the benediction. held at Palace Gardens Church on Wed. nesday, November 1st. Mr. J. A. Bay- Rev. DR. TAFEL.—The North Metroley, the President of the Society, occu- politan of Noveniber 11th gives the pied the chair. Mr. Bayley stated that following report of a meeting to welcome the Society aimed at becoming a kind home Dr. and Mrs. Tafel:-On Tuesday of New Church “ Argus,” whose eyes evening there was a social meeting should be constantly upon any event of the members and friends of the that had reference, direct or indirect, to New Jerusalem Church, Camden Road, the cause at heart, and concluded by to welcome home their minister (Dr. pointing out in what way the Society Tafel) and his wife on their return could be assisted by the friends gener. from America. As it was anticipated ally.

that Professor Tafel would give some Mr. Cushing spoke on that part of account of his experiences in the great the Society's work with which he had Republic, there was a large gathering been much engaged, viz., the prepara- of members and friends; but as he had tion of a sheet of short paragraphs promised to give a lecture to the Junfor the use of editors.' One thousand ior Members' Mutual Improvement copies of this sheet had been printed, Society on the 28th inst., subject, and would be shortly distributed among “America Revisited in 1876,” his re. those who could select from it passages marks on the present occasion were for completing their columns.

limited to what he found in the New Mr. Elliott, jun., the Secretary of the Church in America, and comparing that Society, explained that the Society was with how things are done in England. anxious to secure the active co-operation In Boston the New Church is one of the of those who would work hard and fashionable churehes, and the same might shrink from none of the responsibilities be said of it in Cincinnatti, and in Bath



in the State of Maine, so that the status Church have reference to one or other of the New Church in America is better of these classes, and questions are comthan here, and for the reason that there mitted to them to be reported upon. is no State paid Church there. All the Dr. Tafel proceeded to give some very Churches are on the same platform, and interesting details of his personal experi: those that can get the most paying ence, which he related in a manner under members can show a heavier front and which there was a quiet vein of humweigh more, financially, than the others, our, making the whole very entertain. but the New Church in many States ing.

At the conclusion of the address, does not take such a prominent position. on the motion of Mr. Penn, seconded Again, the members of the New Church by Mr. Smith, it was unanimously rein America belong, generally, to the solved :—"That the members of this higher classes, if there can be said to be society, and friends present at this meetany higher classes in America, where ing, have much pleasure in tendering society is not ranked out as in this their very sincere congratulations to country. The New Church is reputed Professor and Mrs. Tafel on their sate to be coniposed of members who are in return to England and their own sotelligent, well educated, and occupying ciety. Afterwards a well selected a very good position. All the large musical programme was gone through States have their particular New Church in a most pleasing manner, and the Associations, and these associations meet social meeting was appropriately conevery six months, and do a great deal of cluded by refreshments. the business which in England is done at the Conference. The licensing of

CHILDREN. - The ministers, the missionary work, and such Literary World gives the following like, are done by the associations, so that notice of this interesting little book : the general body of the Church, called “ Twelve admirable little addresses deConvention, has little to do except to livered to the New Church Sundayreceive the reports from the various as- school, Camden Road, by the minister sociations and other bodies of the Church. and teachers. It is to be hoped that The American brethren are more con- this volume may find its way into the servative than in England. In America hands of very many besides those for they have sixty-three ordained ministers whom it was originally intended. The officiating, and a dozen more who do not talks ' are sensible and practical, and officiate regularly; and lay preaching is can hardly be read without profit. below par in America. Licentiates have Publisher : James Speirs, 36 Bloomsnot the power to administer the Sacra- bury Street." ment, but in each of the associations there is a presiding officer who is the SCOTLAND.-ANNUAL MEETING OF ordaining minister, and whose business. THE SCOTTISH ASSOCIATION OF THE it is to go to those wocieties that cannot New CHURCH.— This meeting, which afford to have an ordained minister and excites considerable interest among the administer the Sacrament. In some members of the New Church in Scot. places the worship differs very much land, was held on the 26th of October in from others. In certain churches the the New Jerusalem Church, Cathedral whole service consists of portions of Street, Glasgow. In the afternoon a Scripture arranged in devotional order, meeting was held for the election of and hymns are excluded, chants only officers and the transaction of the busibeing sung, while in other places the ness of the association. R. M. Patersinging of hymius is practised. In Phila- son, Esq., of Paisley, presided, and a delphia the New Church Convention lengthened conversation took place on was held, and there was also another suggested methods of labour in the gathering—the American Conference of future, and improvements in the organiNew Church Ministers, a most impor- zation and working of the Society. At tant and useful body. Every year, this meeting also the Committee's report whether the Convention meets or not, was read and adopted. From the report the Conference meets, and the ministers it appeared that, considering the recent are divided into twelve classes, each establishment of the Society and its class having a chairman and secretary. limited resources both in labourers and All the questions that are raised in the funds, a large amount of useful work

form some use.

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has been acconiplished. Public lectures institution of a rational faith and the have been given in many places by Mr. formation, culture, and growth of a Gunton and by Revs. J. F. Potts and truly Christian character. Christianity W. C. Barlow. A large number of New was builded on facts. The mission of Church tracts have been distributed and the New Church is to expound these books sold, so that the seeds of truth facts, to make manifest their interior have been somewhat extensively sown. meaning and significance, to show their Other services are also in contemplation, relation to the spiritual life, and to lead and the Society has before it a great by the deeper wisdom of the Word to a and promising work. To interest the higher and holier life. members of the Church more extensively Mr. Paterson, Paisley, dwelt upon in this work, and thereby to obtain the sphere and influence of Christian ampler means for the prosecution of its love. By love we attain elevation great mission, it was determined this of mind and character, and from this year to priut and circulate the report. elevation we are to let our light shine

At the close of this meeting a large before men. So far as we are in good assembly sat down to tea. After tea a we are in God. To impart to others is public meeting was held in the church, the measure of our growth in goodness. which was well filled in every part. If we do good, we shall receive good ; if Alexander M‘Lean, Esq., occupied the we do evil, evil will return upon us. chair, and in his opening remarks dwelt Rev. J. F. Potts in an able speech on the importance of the New Church discussed the doctrine of Divine operadoctrine of use. Every one could per. tion and human co-operation, pointing

We were required to be out their mutual relation and interuseful to ourselves, to our neighbour, dependence on each other.

He was and to the Church. The Church was followed by Mr. M‘Lachlan, Alloa, who especially deserving our efforts of use, spoke on “Our Church, its present and through the Church our uses were position and future prospects.

It is a extended to the world around us.

great privilege, said Mr. M‘Lachlan, to The Rev. R. Storry, who was present have a Church, to have confidence in its by invitation of the Committee, dwelt doctrines, and assurance of its growth. on the mission of the New Church. The present position of the Church as to Every institution, said the speaker, has its external growth is equal to that of its mission, and it succeeds or fails as it any other Christian community. Its accomplishes or fails to accomplish this future would depend upon the faith and mission. The mission of Christianity is labour of its members. to make men Christian.

This is more Other addresses of interest were de. than the reception of a system of doc. livered, and a selection of appropriate trine or of ethical teaching. It is faith anthems given by the choir. A novel in Christ united with life from Christ. feature of the meeting was an interval of It is a new life of love, love to God and nearly an hour, during which friends love to the neighbour, enlightened and returned to the schoolroom to enter into guided into wise and useful activity by pleasant social converse. During this genuine truth. Two agencies are ever interval fruit was served, and several active in the Church, the truth which it part-songs were very effectively sung by teaches and the error springing from the choir. The attendance was more evil, to which we are naturally inclined. numerous than on any former occasion, The Lord predicted that evil and error and the proceedings were throughout would gain the ascendancy, in the pleasant and interesting. Church, but combined with this prediction the promise that He would come GLASGOW.-On Sunday, October 29th, again. The New Church is the fulfil. two sermons were preached in the ment of this promise. It is a restored church in Cathedral Street, by the Rev. Christianity. It is a wiser conception R. Storry. The church was well filled of Christian truth and a deeper inspira- at each service by a most attentive contion of Christian life. The mission of gregation. At the close of the morning the New Church is the mission of Chris- service the sacrament of the Holy Supper tianity itself. It is to make men in the was administered to one hundred comhighest and best sense Christian. This municants. A pleasant social mecting involves the restoration, or, rather, the was held in the schoolroom on Thursday evening, November 2nd, by the young mediate steps to promote the establishpersons connected with the minister's ment of the fund. Bible class. The class was joined by a few friends, the number present amount- BIRMINGHAM.—The November Maning to fifty. The purpose of the meet- ual of this society records the continued ing was to present the minister, Rev. presentation of valuable gifts towards J. F. Potts, B.A., with a token of their the completion and adornment of their esteem. The present provided consisted new church. A friend from a neighof a selection of forty-five volumes of bouring town, by a timely gift, has books. The principal of these was enabled the Committee to insert deSmith's “ Bible Dictionary," the others corative glass in the screen near the were selections from Messrs. Clark's entrance. • Another gentleman, a nonForeign Library. The presentation was attendant, offered a handsome enamade by Mr. A. M‘Donnell in a few melled and gilt alms dish. The dish appropriate and cordial words, and is large, and covered with suitable art accepted by Mr. Potts as an evidence of work. In the centre is engraved and their affection, and esteem for the truths enamelled an outline group of the offer. he had with so much pleasure been ings of the wise men from the East. On permitted to teach them. The Rev. R. the circumference is the motto Offer to Storry in the course of the evening gave the Lord of thy substance. This is a an address on the orderly formation of the valuable gift, and the more so as furnishexternal inan. The rest of the proceed- ing still another to the already many ings consisted of niusic and recreations. instances of Christian fellowship and


On Friday, November 3rd, the first of good wishes on the part of members of the monthly social meetings was held, other Communions.' The church is and was attended by over seventy per- now approaching completion, “and

At this meeting the Rev. R. everything looks promising for a tolerStorry introduced as the subject for con- ably complete state of finish by the versation, the question of the Sustenta- opening date.” tion and Ministers' Aid Fund. At the close of his address several other friends LIVERPOOL. — There was a doubly took part in the conversation. Mr. interesting evening of the Bedford Street Andrew Eadie suggested several emenda. Society on the 24th ult., for the Livertions in the rules adopted by the Council. pool auxiliary branch of Missionary and But as these rules are suggestive and I'ract Society held a meeting to enlist tentative, and will doubtless receive full the members of the Church in their consideration before their final adoption work and object, and the occasion was by the next Conference, no imperfec- made use of to welcome back to England tions need to interfere with the collec- Dr. and Mrs. Tafel, who had arrived tion of funds and the working of the from America on the previous day. institution. Rev. Mr. Potts dwelt on After tea the chair was taken by Mr. the importance of small contributions. Whiteside, whose labours in connection There are very nearly five thousand with the Auxiliary Society, are well members of the New Church. A sub- known, and on the platform were also scription of a penny a week from each of Mr. Parkes, the secretary, Mr. Pixton, these would give £1000 a year, which and the Rev. R. Goldsack. The chairwould be equal to our present wants. man having introduced the special busiof the sixty Societies in the New ness of the meeting in a speech full of Church one-half were self-supporting missionary zeal, Mr. Pixton proposed a Assuming that the other half could raise warm reception to Dr. Tafel and his two-thirds the amount required for good lady, and a vote of thanks to them their support, their contribution of for their kindness in remaining to take £2000, added to £1000 from the fund, part in the proceedings of the evening. would make £3000, and give to each of These were heartily accorded, and then these thirty Societies £100 per annum. Mr. Parkes detailed the course taken by Several other members of the church the auxiliary committee for the past two took part in the conversation, and the or three years, showing what works had meeting closed with a resolution direct- been circulated, what means taken of ing the Committee for Scotland ap- spreading the truths of the New Church, pointed by the Conference to take im. and calling upon the members of the

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