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will, I have no doubt, be thankfully re- Mr. Edgar intends to continue with lecceived by a large number of readers of tures expository of Swedenborg's docthe Messenger."

trines. One given since the published

lectures was on 'The Teachings of NEW ZEALAND.—We give with plea- Swedendorg Destructive of Materialism." sure the following extract from a letter At all, the attendance is both large and to Mr. Henshall, the colporteur of the respectable. Most of the friends here Manchester and Salford Missionary seem disposed to gather round Mr. Society. The writer, Mr. James Batty, Edgar, for the boldness with which he is well known to many New Church has spoken out. Mr. Batty, appeals friends in Lancashire :="Since I last strongly for books. Wilson's Lectures, wrote you, we have made the acquaint- Brighton Lectures, and others, would be ance of other New Church people in most useful for lending.” “The friends,” Auckland. They prove to be more continues Mr. Batty, complain of the numerous than we could possibly have great need felt for tracts suited for disexpected. Most of them are indebted to tribution. Will you please to hunt up Mr. T. Foxhall, from Rhodes, for their for us all that you can, and send along acquaintance with the doctrines, and all with the rest. Perhaps you could get a speak of him as a thorough New Church- batch from London, free, if it was man in life as well as creed. I have known the use intended to be made of not yet seen him, as he is farming about them. If it were also known among our fifty miles from here, but his partner, friends at home, how welcome a gift of Mr. Fox, has been over to Auckland, any of their spare New Church publicae and called on us. He was very much tions would be out here, I could promise pleased to take back with him a parcel them a useful field for their generosity. of books, etc., which I made up; he [In a notice of this gentleman's lecture knew Mr. Foxhall would be both in a former number, we described him surprised and delighted. They work as formerly a Unitarian minister. We hard in a large district round them to were misinformed. We have since spread a knowledge of the New Church, learned that he was trained for the and find good helpers in books suited Baptist ministry, and for many years for lending. Many that are lying idle exercised his talents as a much-esteemed on bookshelves at home could be made minister in that body.] to do good work out here. You will perceive from the enclosed list of books THE NEW CHURCH IN DENMARK which I wish you to be kind enough AND SWEDEN — To the Editor of the to send me, that I am already at work Intellectual Repository.—Sir,-I have in the good cause. Most of the books lately returned from a tour through are ordered for lending purposes, many Sweden, and a visit to Copenhagen. of them through my showing to New When in the former country I visited Church_friends the more recent works Stockholm, and inquired of a guide which I brought with me, and which there, connected with one of the leading hall not been seen before. I see one of hotels, whether anything was known the booksellers advertises the works of of Emanuel Swedenborg and his fol. Emanuel Swedenborg as just arrived, lowers in that city. He replied that but the prices charged are nearly double he knew nothing of them, but that he the published price ; the usual rate is would inquire into the matter. When from 25 to 30 per cent. on all books from I next saw him, he said he had dis. home, so that the high price will stand covered there was a gentleman engaged in the way of a ready sale. Not long in the Royal Library who was ago no bookseller would keep them, in quainted with the writings of the deference to the strong prejudice then Swedish Philosopher, and there was prevailing. A better state of things now also a leading bookseller who could give obtains. Purchasers, not New Church- information about them. I directed men, are numerous, and there will be an the guide to take me to the Royal increased demand. Through the lec- Library. I there asked to be introduced tures of Mr. Edgar, the whole series are to the gentleman named to me, and was now out in pamphlet form. They have shown into a room where a venerableattracted much attention and some criti. looking person, wearing long hair and a cism from newspaper correspondents. long grey beard, approached me, and I


explained to him that, as an English- tion.

I believe the whole amount man greatly interested in Swedenborg, raised yearly by them, for all purposes, I desired to ascertain what I could does not reach £25! Out of this the about him, and the progress his theo. rent of the room and incidental expenses logical opinions were making in Sweden. have to be paid; so that your readers The librarian replied that he believed may conceive what can be left towards a small body of the professors of these forming a stipend for the minister. opinions existed in Stockholm, but he He has an amiable wife, with a young led me to infer they were few in num- family. His position, I am sorry to ber, and insignificant in position. He, say, is such that he may any day be however, courteously showed me into turned into the streets, and his furnithe Royal Library, where I think he ture sold to defray debts incurred in said, there was a complete collection of endeavouring to keep the wolf from Swedenborg's works, and he handed to the door." He is an able, laborious, me one or two of the original editions. earnest, conscientious servant of the I did not learn how far they are ac- Lord's New Church, and fit to become cessible to the general public. He also the apostle of Scandinavia; but, with allowed me to look at a small volume, the exception of a small allowance from like an old-fashioned pocket-book, with the American and English Societies, he a flap to it, which he called the is left to struggle alone against almost “Dreams” of Swedenborg. It is in the overwhelming difficulties. Would that actual handwriting of the author him- our rich friends in this country might self, -very close and cramped,—a great find their hearts moved to help him deal put in a small compass. I after- —to relieve him of those gnawing wards visited the site of Swedenborg's anxieties in relation to temporal matters residence. How much of the front part which make the heart sick and the is in the same state as it was when he spirit faint, and to give him courage lived on the spot, I cannot say ; but, on and strength to persevere in his great going through a passage to the back of mission of spreading the glad tidings of the house, I found the arbour,-a the new dispensation in the north of cluinsy, quaint - looking structure of Europe !-I am, Sir, yours faithfully, wood, —with a garden before it full of A BELIEVER IN THE NEW CHURCH. fruit-bushes. The arbour and garden are inseparably associated with the great THE ALLOA SOCIETY AND SIR NOEL seer's studies and meditations of more Paton's PortRAIT OF SWEDENBORG.– than earthly grandeur. But I fear, The Alloa Society, which was at the last from the limited interest taken in them, session of Conference received into conthey will not long be preserved in their nection with the organized New Church, present condition. I could not see the is at present engaged in erecting a place inside of the summer-house; the person of worship for itself; and we are sure having charge of the key being away that all who have had occasion to feel from her office when the application the pleasure and the advantages which was made for its use on my behalf. the members of a New Church Society

I proceded by sea from Stockholm to derives from having a church of their Copenhagen. Here, after some inquiry, own in which to worship, must heartily I succeeded in making out Mr. Boyeson, sympathize with their effort. Although, the pastor of the New Church. He however, but a humble Gothic structure, lives in the suburbs of the city, at some intended to seat 200 at most, the cost of distance from its centre. He holds a erection, which is £480, has not yet been religious service on Sunday, in a room entirely made up, and notwithstanding situated in the street, not far from the substantial contributions from Glasgow Oester Gade, the principal street in and Paisley, a sum of nearly £100 reCopenhagen; he also gives a lecture at quires still to be received. The greater the same place on Friday evenings. I part of this it is proposed to raise in the was present at one of the Sunday following manner: -The executors of the services. The congregation did not come late Mr. Allan Drysdale, leader of the prise more than twenty persons, and Society from its formation till his death, they were almost entirely of the poorer have a half-length portrait of Swedenclass of the population. There is not borg, painted in oil by the well-known one rich person in the regular congrega- Sir Noel Paton, to dispose of, according


to the instructions of Mr. Drysdale's will, and introducing a hot-water apparatus for the benefit of the funds of the Alloa for warming the church in winter. Society. This portrait, as the work not only of a highly-distinguished artist, but BIRMINGHAM. -The Manual of this of a believer in our heavenly doctrines, Society for October gives such a num. should, it has been suggested, be sub- ber of gifts, in addition to those already scribed for with the object of its becom- received, that the new church, now ap. ing the property of our central institu- proaching completion, must be fully tion, the Swedenborg Society, rather fitted up with all that is needful for than be allowed to pass into the hands comfort or convenience. Among the of a private purchaser. We therefore new gifts are carpet for the minister's cordially invite New Church friends to vestry, flagon for communion service, show their practical sympathy for the movable desk for the pulpit, and teaAlloa Society by contributing a guinea urns for social parties. We have reor half a guinea towards the objects we ceived the following from a correspond

It is not often a single subscrip- ent :-“We are at last very happy tion answers, as it does here, a double to inform our friends that the work purpose, both praiseworthy, both import. of love with which our hands have ant. Subscriptions may be sent direct for the last eighteen months been full, to Mr. J. M.Lachlan, Mill Street, Alloa; is fast drawing to a close, and that we or to Mr. J. Speirs, 36 Bloomsbury can definitely state that the opening and Street, London.

dedication of the New Church in Bir.

mingham will take place on Wednesday, BARNOLDSWICK.-On Tuesday even- the 22nd of November, at 11 o'clock. It ing, September 12th, a lecture was is with mingled feelings of thanksgiving, delivered in the above place, under the delight, and wonder that we contemplate auspices of the “New Church Society, the completion of the work. So many Embsay,” by Mr. H. Cameron of Black- unknown friends have been discovered, burn, on "The Soul and the Unseen so many gifts from outside sympathisers World. Mr. Robert Wilson of Embsay have come into our hands, often unsoli. presided. The lecturer spoke with cited, so much good feeling and interest earnestness, and was listened to with have been shown us on all hands, and marked attention by an unusually the church is so much more complete large audience. This is the fifth lecture and beautiful than we had originally Mr. Cameron has given in this village. expected it would have been, that we At the close of the lecture several say with a new meaning and fervour, questions were asked, and satisfactorily 'Hitherto hath the Lord helped us. answered.

The church, however, is now nearly

finished, and we would invite our friends BATH.-This Society celebrated its from all parts of the kingdom to come forty-sixth anniversary on Tuesday even- and rejoice with us on the occasion. ing, October 10th. Our newly-appointed We expect that the Revs. Dr. Bayley, minister, Rev. T. Child, was in the J. Presland, E. Madeley, P. Ramage, chair. This Society has great cause for and others, will be present, and, as far thankfulness in the happy increase of its as may be possible, take part in the members and friends, and for the very opening service. In the afternoon, at full congregations that attend its wor. five o'clock, a tea meeting will be held ship. In the evening the church is in the large lecture room; and at seven crowded in every part, the aisles being o'clock in the evening a meeting will be filled with chairs. All depart delighted, held in the same room, when addresses and exclaim, “It is good for us to be will be given by ministers and friends.

We have now a week-day lec- On Sunday, November 26, the Rev. J. ture, and a theological class on the Presland will conduct the services. And same evening. On Sunday next we on the first Sunday in December the commence a Sunday-school, or rather services will be conducted by the Rev. Bible classes. Our finances are in a Dr. Bayley. In conclusion, we hope to most satisfactory condition. Having see a large assembly of our friends from received this year much assistance, we all parts of the country, and we confiplaced a considerable sum out at interest, dently assure all who may come of receiv: besides spending nearly £150 on repairs, ing a cordial and affectionate welcome."


Hull.—The quarterly tea meeting blow. This love of use was given to was held on October 3rd in the Church, every one who obeyed the Divine laws, Spring Bank. Seventy persons were and went about doing good,” and he present at tea, and ninety at the meet. called upon them to be more zealous in ing afterwards.

The leader, Mr. Lay- all good works, and to labour more land, who was chairman, opened_the earnestly in the various channels which meeting by an address on "The True the Church had organized. One of Basis of Christian Unity.” He said all these, the Sunday-school, he referred to, men were agreed that this unity must asking those parents present to help in present, and enlivened the proceedings “Onward, but Whither?” (Zech. ii. 2). with pleasant songs. We may mention At the close of each service several of that Mr. Moss's removal is caused by his the leading members of the Church promotion to be stationmaster at St. shook the Doctor warmly by the hand, Helens, and while the Sunday-school and thanked him for his able and elomust greatly miss his valuable services, quent sermon. Dr. Sexton will visit it is hoped his example will bring others Manchester again on November 8th, to forward, so that the good work he has preach special sermons in the New begun may be continued and extended. Jerusalem Temple, Salford.



from love, but there being the good work by sending the children. different kinds of love, the question Mr. Needler spoke on “The Sphere arose as to which it was that could of Innocence,” and pointed out what bring about an abiding union. In heavenly influences would surround illustrating it he refered to the union those who, whether in their homes or of the

either from merely in the Sunday - school, laboured for carnal affection, or true conjugial love, children. from which he proceeded to remark Mr. Best referred to the Eastern that they would find that two cor- Question, and stated it was

a sad responding affections permeated the thing that, after eighteen centuries of whole Christian world. These were Christianity, the spirit of war should “ Admiration for a Creed,” and “Love still be abroad on the earth, and he of Use.” Now admiration for doctrine thought that, as Christians, they should was a fine thing; it had caused men to use the influence which each one bear nobly the loss of wealth and social possessed in putting down what had position, yea, even imprisonment and been the bane of civilization. death. Yet, like merely natural affec- Some choice selections of music were tion, it was of the earth, it was full of sung by the choir. Also readings the spirit of division ; it had split men by Mr. B. Batigan and Mr. H. Rose. into little sects; caused good men to A vote of thanks was given to those look with suspicion on those who who had provided tea, as well as to differed from them, and had been, nay, those who had otherwise ministered to was now, the source of party persecu- the happiness and pleasure of the tions which were a disgrace to those meeting. concerned. Admiration for a creed, agreement on points of doctrine, had LIVERPOOL.-An interesting and enlong been set up as the standard of joyable evening was spent on the 11th unity, but the most it had done, and September by the friends of the Bedford could do, was to “yoke” men together. Street Society, the occasion being a fareNot that he (the speaker) undervalued well presentation to Mr. Moss, late Supera creed, for he found his love for that of intendent of the Sunday-school, and at the New Church growing stronger every the same time the recognition of Mrs. year, but he felt sure they must have Moss's services, who has so often conmore than this to produce and maintain ducted the providing of our tea meetings. true unity. This something needed was A good number sat down to tea, and the “Love of Use," which, like “Con- this ver, the chair was taken by the jugial Love,” was brimful of all kindly Rev. R. Goldsack, who, in a few approthoughts and heavenly charities, and priate words, introduced the object of filled with the Spirit of Him who is the the evening. In the midst of an imFather of us all. Now they desired to promptu concert, the presentations were be, and to continue, a united Church, made, that to Mr. Moss being a copy of and it was well to clearly understand the “ Arcana ” with Index, and a handthat admiration for their heavenly some clock to his good wife. Suitable doctrines, grand though they were, addresses were given by Mr. Pixton, could do no more than “yoke” them Mr. Kewly, and the chairman. Mr. together in a bondage which was almost Moss replied in good taste and feeling, sure to become irksome. They must and the evening passed away most add to this the “Love of Use,” and pleasantly, thanks to the services of then their house would be planted on a Miss Cragie, Miss Kewley, Mr. Skeaf, rock, and would stand unmoved, though and also our kind friend Mr. J.W.Cunliffe floods might come, and winds may of Accrington, who happened to be

LONDON (Camden Road). -On Mon- OXFORD.-In March last an interestday evening, September 25th, a numer. ing lecture on the “Relation of Science ously attended social meeting of the to Revelation was delivered by Mr. R. Camden Road Society was held in the Thomas, sen., to the young men of the Library and Lecture Hall, for the pur- Oxford Young Men's Christian Assopose of giving expression to the affection ciation. Mr. Thomas is a reader of the which had been kindled in the breasts writings of Swedenborg, and his subject of the members towards the Rev. J. J. is treated from a New Church point of Thornton, by his excellent and deserv- view. The lecture so far interested the edly appreciated services in the pulpit audience that its publication was desired, there, during the visit of Dr. Tafel to and the desire complied with. ApparAmerica. Mr. H. R. Williams occupied ently from this cause, a Mr. Walsh, the chair. A few brief addresses were described as a “Missionary of the Prodelivered, including a most appropriate testant Reformation Society," delivered one from Mr. Thornton; and some a lecture, on what he calls “ The Errors charming instrumental and vocal music of Swedenborg,” to the same Society. was given, the whole evening being one The Protestant Reformation Society is of great enjoyment. Mr. Thornton, we instituted for the promulgation of thedocunderstand, has now accepted the pas- trines of the Reformation, and to resist torate of the church at Southport. the progress of Romanizing doctrines

and practices in the Church of England. MANCHESTER (Peter Street).-On the The agents of this Society can have little morning of Sunday, September 24th, sympathy with the teaching of SwedenDr. Sexton preached in this church to borg, and it is no matter of surprise to a large congregation. He took for his learn that Mr. Walsh informed his text Revelation xxii. 9, Worship hearers that Swedenborg denied a Trinity God," and devoted his sermon to a con. of Persons in the Godhead, a personal sideration of the true Object, Nature, devil, still worse, in Mr. Walsh's estimaPurpose, and Uses of Religious Worship. tion, the doctrine that the Lord Jesus As this was Dr. Sexton's first appear. died as a substitute for sinners, and the ance in a Manchester pulpit, a great doctrine of justification by faith only, deal of interest was felt, and people came “the only hope of the sinner, and the from long distances to hear what he had only channel through which pardon to say in favour of his new views. In flows." The lecture displays the usual the afternoon, the usual quarterly tea narrowness and misconception to which meeting was held in the Schoolroom the New Church was exposed many adjoining the church, the subject of years since, and which still occasionally conversation being the “Parable of the crop up in the discourses of men who Ten Virgins," which was opened by Mr. live in the past rather than the present. H. S. Sutton. Several of the members To this lecture a reply was given in the of the Society took part in the discus- Music Hall by Mr. M. Holland, who sion, which was brought to a close by bids fair to become an able defender of an able speech from Dr. Sexton. On the doctrines of the New Church. We the following Sunday, October 1st, Dr. are indebted to a correspondent for the Sexton preached again in the church, following brief notice of Mr. Holland's morning and evening, on both of which discourse, and the proceedings which occasions the congregations were un- followed :—“He took up the charges in usually large. His subjects were, in the the forder in which Mr. Walsh had morning, “The Loneliness of Man" advanced them, and set forth the real (John xvi. 32), and in the evening, teachings of Swedenborg on the subject.

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