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borgian ;' and he was, in consequence, the only sanctity. Their aim is a at once requested to refrain from taking 'peculiarly' Christian aim, namely, any part in the meetings in future. This nothing less than to lead men to a clearer having reached the ears of one of the knowledge, a deeper love, and a better writers for the Eastern Morning News, service of their manifested Father, the (the local daily paper), it was immedi. Lord Jesus Christ. For Swedenborgians, ately referred to by him, in his next in this matter, I feel no anxiety. This article, in terms of the strongest dis- bit of sectarian exclusiveness will do approbation; and was, finally, replied them and their minister not harm, but to, in the following letter, which good. But I am sorry for the managers appeared in the same paper two days of this noon-day prayer meeting. They later :

“Sir,—Your paper often finds have injured their owu institution. They its way into my Nottingham home. I have injured the Churches which they am always pleased to see it, because I represent. And, what is incomparably am always pleased to see any impartial worse than all, they have done their and intelligent record of the social, best to injure Christianity itself in the political, and religious movements of eyes of all who believe in broad-mindedany industrious and enlightened town. ness and largeness of heart. Is it too Sometimes, however, your reports are of late for them to repair the injury they a somewhat dispiriting nature. This is have wrought? Can they not even now, very notably the case with regard to in the clear light of the Gospel, rea piece of information conveyed by consider their decision ?

Would they Index,' in the concluding paragraph but consent to that, they would, I am of his article on local events, in yester. persuaded, throw wide their doors, not day's issue. I refer to his statement to this sect nor that, but to all men that the managers of the weekly noon- everywhere who love the Lord Jesus day prayer meeting, after inviting by Christ with all their heart, and emtheir circulars the co-operation of Chris- body their love in a life of obedience tians of all denominations, have lately to His commandments.-CHARLES H. ‘informed the Swedenborgian minister WILKINS." that they do not include his denomination.' The unavoidable inference is, MINISTERS' AID AND SUSTENTATION that, according to these gentlemen, FUND.-The maturing a plan for the Swedenborgians are not Christians.' efficient working of this Fund has enAnd yet what is it that inakes a man a gaged the earnest and anxious attention Christian? Is it a living belief in the of the Conference Council. After much Godhead of Christ? Swedenborgians deliberation, the following regulations believe that 'in Him dwelleth all the have been adopted as adequate to the fulness of the Godhead bodily.' Is it a present wants of the institution, and living belief in 'the atoning work' of capable of expansion and improvement Christ? Swedenborgians believe that as it grows to greater maturity. Until but for that atoning work’ not only some definite plan was adopted, the Comwould man have perished, but the uni- mittees appointed to collect subscripverse would have gone to ruin. Is it a tions could not commence their work. living belief in the sanctifying influences Now that every needful preliminary has of that Holy Spirit which Christ pro- been settled, we hope to hear of earnest mised to send ? Swedenborgians believe and successful meetings being held in that apart from the momentary aid of our several Societies in every part of the that quickening Spirit of Christ they kingdom. The Secretaries of the several can neither think a true thought, nor Branch Committees, to whom communi. cherish a good desire ; neither speak a cations may be made, are :manly word, nor do a manly deed. But For London and the South-Mr. E.

not Swedenborgians peculiar?' H. Bayley, 82 Angell Road, Brixton, Undoubtedly they are peculiar, but London, s. peculiar in what ? They are ' peculiar', Midland Counties-Mr. Tonks, Vauxin their acceptance of Christ as the only hall Grove, Birmingham. Object worship ; in their acceptance Lancashire and Yorkshire-Rev. R. of the Holy Scriptures as the fount of Storry, Heywood. wisdom for angels as well as for men ; Scotland-Mr. R. M. Paterson, Speirsand in their acceptance of usefulness as field, Calside, Paisley.


The General Secretary is Rev. Eli so in writing to the Secretary of the Whitehead, Grove Place, Dalton, near Committee appointed to consider such Huddersfield.

applications. The Society shall furnish

the Committee with such information as RULES.

to its present and probable future state as 1. The name of the institution shall the said Committee may require. be “The Ministers' Aid and Sustentation 8. It shall be competent for two or Fund of the New Church."

more Societies to join together in ap2. The objects of the Fund are to aid pointing a minister to officiate for them, and foster Societies whose numbers are and they conjointly may receive assistsmall, and whose resources are insuffi- ance in his behalf from this Fund, by cient properly to support their minister, severally complying with the conditions or efficiently to maintain the operations required, and if the Committee and of the Church, by annual grants of Council are of opinion that the interests moi ey, so that the income of allunmarried of the Societies and the uses of the ministers who are exclusively employed Church would be benefited thereby. in the work of the ministry, may be at 9. In no case shall assistance be given the least £100 per annum, and that of from this Fund to any Society in a proall married ministers who are so em- portion greater than one-third of the ployed not less than £120 per annum.

amount raised by such Society. 3. A Fund shall be established, to consist of two branches, to be supported by The question of_sustaining the use donations, towards the establishment of proposed by this Fund is now, therea Capitalized Permanent Fund, which fore, fully before the Church. At the shall be yearly invested and the interest Conference the interest felt and exonly expended ; and second, by annual pressed in its success was earnest and subscriptions, the amount of which,added general. We look now to the members to the aforesaid interest, shall be the of the Conference to take up the subject sum available yearly for the purposes with renewed diligence in their respect. contemplated.

ive Societies. It is a work in which all 4. For the purposes of this Fund the can unite. The rich can give of their country shall be divided into districts ; abundance, the poor contribute with and in each district a Committee shall equal sincerity and ardour, though in be appointed, consisting of one member smaller sums. To secure the contribu. of each Society established in the dis- tions of all, organization is indispensable. trict. The members of this Committee Societies and individuals will be aided shall be annually elected by the So- in making suitable arrangements by the cieties they respectively represent, and Committees appointed to collect subtheir names shall be sent to the Secretary scriptions. Success, however, can only of Conference in sufficient time to be be accomplished by the hearty co-operareported by him to the next ensuing tion of all the members of the Church. session, which shall appoint the Secre- Our first duty is to hold public meetings tary of the Committee, and enrol the in our several Societies, to earnestly names of the members thereof on the discuss the subject, and encourage one M

another in the work. One or 5. This Committee shall be designated members of the Conference Committee “The Ministers' Aid and Sustenation will attend such meetings. All that is Fund Committee,” and its duties shall needed to secure success is a hearty and be to superintend the collection of the united effort, and this we hope will not moneys of the Fund, to receive applica- be wanting. tions from Societies to be placed thereon, and after making due and careful inves- NATIONAL MISSIONARY INSTITUTION tigation of the same, to report the result - October 2nd. - During the month of to the Council.

September Mr. Gunton has visited Mel6. The Council shall thereupon in bourne and Yarmouth, and has occupied each case decide according to their best the pulpit two Sundays at Palace Garjudgment of all the circumstances laid dens during Dr. Bayley's absence. before them.

Melbourne a meeting of the Society was 7. Every Society making application convened for Sunday afternoon, Sept. for assistance from this Fund, shall do 10th, when it was decided to invite Mr.




Fairweather, the student lately at the ORDINATION OF MR. G. H. SMITH. College, for three months. Mr. Fair. The application for the ordination of Mr. weather accepted the invitation and Smith, the esteemed leader of the Society commenced his services there on Sun- at Bolton, having been complied with by day, September 17th. At Yarmouth the last session of the General Conferfour lectures were delivered, in the ence, the religious service connected Victoria Gospel Hall,” the audiences therewith took place in the New Jerusa. being small, not over fifty. The atten- lem Church, Higher Bridge Street, Bol. tion given was all that could be desired, ton, on Sunday evening, September 17th. and our good old friend Mr. Rous was The ordaining minister was the Rev. R. well pleased with this small measure of Storry, who was assisted in the service

Mr. Rous, who is now over by the Rev. E. Whitehead. At the time eighty, frequently occupies the same appointed a numerous congregation had platform, and has administered the assembled, the commodious church being sacrament to the people; and in his well filled. The utmost attention was zeal for the cause, he pays all the local paid to the proceedings, and a solemn expenses of the lectures, which are to be feeling appeared to pervade the large continued for some time.

congregation. The questions proposed The Lowestoft friends are still without to the candidate were answered in an im. a minister, and Mr. Gunton officiated pressive and thoughtful manner, which there on Sunday, October 1st, and agreed could not fail to convince the hearers of to be there on the 8th and 15th. For the eligibility of the candidate for the the 22nd and 29th the Society has asked office into which he was being introof the Brightlingsea Society the services duced. At the close of the ordination of Mr. Deans. There is a good field at service a discourse was delivered by the Lowestoft for the services of a pious, ordaining minister, from Matthew x. intelligent, and vigorous man, who could 7-10. From the text, the minister disgive his whole attention to the work of coursed on the duties of the minister to the Church and Sunday-school. his congregation, and of the people un

der his charge to the minister. The SWEDENBORG SOCIETY.—The applica- exposition of the text led to the conclu. tions for the Apocalypse Revealed were sion that the appointment and all the 4427, not 442 as printed last month. gifts of the minister were from the Lord, They now, October 14th, number 4496. and were to be ascribed to Him. In the Through the kindness of a late member exercise of these gifts the highest uses of the Camberwell Society, the news. were contemplated, -no less than the paper paragraph of the report and annual salvation of the souls of men,-and in meeting of the Society has been printed the accomplishment of these uses the in full in the Wanganui Herald of New people were to actively co-operate with Zealand. The same gentleman has sent the minister. They were to sustain him to the Committee a photograph of an by their presence and sympathy in his ivory canoe, which now stands on end in work; by their cheerful contribution to a churchyard at Wanganui. It is very his worldly support; and by the dilicuriously carved, and

has three figures gence with which they sought to sustain of a somewhat grotesque character, one the active uses of his ministry. under the other, which form the body of the canoe. It is supposed to represent a NEW CHURCH COLLEGE SERVICES. Maori deity, in which it is probable the On Sunday evening, October 8th, the Rev. Trinity in Unit.y, or the doctrine of de. Wm. Bruce commenced a course of lecgrees, is intended to be embodied. Mr. tures, of which the first, on "The Trinity W. J. Harding, of Wanganui, is the and Unity in the Person of Christ, our photographer. This gentleman, it will only God and Saviour,” was a masterly be remembered, received from the Mis- discourse on a noble theme. Commencing sionary and Tract Society a parcel of with a brief sketch of the views of the books and tracts, the former for lending early Christian Church, which expressed and the latter for gratuitous distribu- themselves ultimately in the symbol of tion. A set each of the theological and faith called "The Apostles' Creed,” Mr. philosophical works has been accepted Bruce gave a very interesting résumé of by the Committee for the Free Library the rise of the trinitarian doctrine, and at Southport.

of its declension into tripersonalism in the first quarter of the fourth century. sionary Institution and the London He alluded very courteously, as his cus- Missionary and Tract Society for the tom is, to the different parties to that valuable aid afforded to the labours great controversy whịch culminated in of the Association during the past the Council of Nicæa and the establish- year. ment of the Nicene Creed. And after The President read an excellent and exhibiting the Athanasian doctrine in instructive address on Enjoying the its own light, Mr. Bruce temperately Sabbath." contrasted it with the heavenly doctrine The following extracts from the Report taught by the Lord Himself in His own may be interesting and suggestive Word. Although this fundamental truth “On looking over the list of contribuof Christianity has been very often very tions, your Treasurer was sorry to find well treated by New Church writers, there several names of original subscribers was a freshness about Mr. Bruce's dis- absent. He addressed an appeal to course which made it agreeable alike to these, and is happy to say that four old and young receivers.

have rejoined the Association. One

replied, I have not receded from New THE LINCOLNSHIRE New CHURCH Church principles in the least : whatAssociATION. — This Association held ever at any time I can subscribe to the its tenth annual meeting at Horncastle Church I will send. I keep distributing on the 28th of August, T. W. Bogg, a few tracts to any one who will read Esq., M. B., in the chair. The minutes them, and find some who like them were read and signed, the accounts very much.' Having sent this friend audited and passed. The subscriptions one of the Silent Missionaries, he during the past year amount to £22, wrote asking for a number to dispose of. 9s. 2d. the payments for Missionary Twelve were forwarded to him, and in a labours, etc., to £14, 18s., leaving a few weeks he wrote for more, saying he balance in the hands of the treasurer of had sold all. £7, 11s. 2d.

" About this time it occurred to your Resolutions to the following effect were Secretary that it might be possible to unanimously passed :-1. That the ques- utilize the county Press; and, by the tion of missionary work in the county newspapers, to reach and construct in be deferred to await the result of pend- many minds a system of morality to ing enquiries. 2. That copies of the serve as a basis for higher truths. Many True Christian Religion, Divine Pro- people but seldom read or hear the Word ; vidence, and Outlines of the Religion others attend no place of worship, and and Philosophy of Swedenborg be donated hold intercourse with the world of to the additional steamer placed on thought only through the medium of the Grimsby and Hamburg line. 3. their weekly newspapers.

How imThat copies of the last work by Pro- portant that, side by side with the fessor Parsons be sent to all masters of details of crime, dishonesty and injustice grammar schools resident in the county. with which these abound, should stand 4. That a circular be issued, offering to a few words of pure moral teaching to all clergymen of the Church of England elevate and refine the character, and enin the county copies of the Future Life, able the reader to discriminate between post free. 5. That the next meeting of the stone' and the bread,' the ' fish' the Association be held at Great Grimsby, and the scorpion.' For the insertion in the month of August next year, and of occasional paragraphs, Mr. Watkinson, that W. Wallis, Esq., be President. 6. Spalding, and Mr. Ingamells, Boston, That Mr. J. S. Bogg be re-elected kindly opened the columns of the Secretary and Treasurer, and that the Sleaford Gazette, Spalding Free Press, thanks of the Association for his most and Boston Guardian, and in these interesting report be placed on record. appeared extracts from the Intellectual 7. That the hearty thanks of the Repository, New Jerusalem Messenger, Association be given to R. Gunton, Esq., Words in Season, and other works. for his kind and ready assistance in pro- “The first of the Association series of moting, by lectures and missionary work, missionary visits was made to Hornthe spread of the New Church.

8. castle, on February 20th, when Mr. That a cordial vote of thanks be given Gunton delivered two sermons in the to the Committees of the National Mis- Church, Queen Street. The attendance

on Sunday morning was good ; in the it is to be joined by their brethren in evening larger than for two years past. their Sabbath services. The French At the tea meeting on the Tuesday even• truly call it assisting in their worship. ing 130 sat down, and the subsequent Both visitors and visited are indeed meeting in the church was largely assisted and benefited. The bruised reed attended.

is strengthened, and the smoking flax “ The proposed lectures at Gains- kept burning, by the warm countenance borough were, at Mr. E. Moore's request, of loving friends, and the friends thensdeferred for a time. Mr. Gunton com- selves are helped heavenwards by the menced a course of missionary services cordial outpouring of their own unand lectures at Grimsby on March 19th. selfish love of the brethren.

Were we Not only did a most favourable report all considerate enough for others in appear in the Grimsby News, but the these matters, the whole Church would free-will offerings of the people, amount- present a brighter aspect both to ouring to over £3, testified to their apprecia- selves and outsiders. tion of the benefits conferred. Five

HENRY BATEMAN. copies of the True Christian Religion, twenty-three of the Apocalypse Revealed, AMERICA. —We extract the following and about forty Silent Missionaries were from a letter of Mr. Sewall, the Princisold.

pal of the Urbana University, to the “On April 19th, 20th, and 21st, Mr. editor of the Messenger :-“Within the Gunton delivered lectures at Wisbeach, past four months no less than four minis. Long Sutton, and Tydd Gate. On June ters of the straightest of the 'orthodox,' 8th and 9th, Mr. Gunton visited Bourne, or evangelicals,' have been in conference and lectured there. The attendance on with me about their conversion to the the first evening was 100; on the second, doctrines of the New Church. Three 200.

of these have within that period re“The Association has now been at work nounced their denominational names ten years, during which period nearly and connections, and are now consider100 lectures, as well as many sermons, ing 'what they ought to do.' They are have been delivered in various towns in men whose minds have been quick Lincolnshire. Several hundred New enough to see the truth, and whose conChurch works, and tracts innumerable, sciences are quick enough to tell them have been sold and distributed. By that they have no right to be preaching advertising, donation of books to the the truth under false colours. To tell Grimsby steamers, and Colportage work, the truth to their Calvinistic congregathe glad tidings of the Second Advent tions is equivalent to producing a schism have been published; while, through at once, and being cast out of the syna, the Horncastle Society, as a central gogue. And this result has, of course, receptacle of truth for the whole county, followed. I believe these brethren have descended from the spiritual world, would thankfully receive any counsel new love, new light, new life.

offered them, through the columns of the J. S. Bogg, Hon. Secretary.Messenger, as to what course they may best

pursue. If they come to us, are we, as PARIS. —Allow me to correct an error New Churchmen, ready to render them in the address of the New Church meet- our cordial reception by either calling ings at Paris, which occurs in the account them to our vacant pulpits, or providing you kindly published, in your last num- for their support during a period of ber, of our visit to that city.

preparatory study at our theological The Parisian brethren hold their ré- schools ?" union for worship and spiritual instruc- Mr. Sewall offers some suggestions tion on Sunday afternoons at 3 o'clock, for the employment for a time of these at the rooms of Dr. Poirson, 18 Rue des brethren in the university of which Grands Augustins. Permit me again to he is principal, but for this purpose request that all the brethren who visit funds would be required.

• But the Paris, and have an interest in the New problem," he continues, “is a wide Church, should join the little band there one, and daily growing wider, and any whenever it is possible. None but those suggestions designed to help to a right who have belonged to very small So- decision those minds now in a state of cieties can fully appreciate the comfort suspense as to what they ought to do,'

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