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the faith even of the New Church not desirableness of their presence at the crumble away? Against this all must quarterly and annual meetings. In a fight. Virtues can only grow as they community like ours, where opinions are diligently cultivated.

necessarily vary, and where the judgment The Rev. P. Ramage said he looked of the majority pronounces the law, it is upon the Church and the Sunday School obviously of the first consequence to the as one. All Sunday School teachers were just recognition of the Society's desires, sub-pastors under chief pastors. They that all should take active interest in should consult their pastor in all things the conduct of its affairs; each member having for their object the welfare of urging his own convictions, if they the Sunday School. He thought that appear to him sufficiently distinctive the services of the Church should be so and valuable to require expression, but arranged as that children could take a in any case, giving good heed to the part in them. If England was to be a various arguments and opinions ad. sober England, if England was to grow vanced, and voting according to his up a good England, it would be by the sense of what is best for the welfare of young growing up religious. Let them the Church. We believe that an imenter heartily into the work, for without provement has taken place in the numheartiness there would be no success. bers present at our business meetings, He doubted whether a man could be but the attendance of members is still regenerate without working for souls. far from being so general as it ought to Some might say they could not work, be. We require a stronger personal but he held that they might by practice interest on the part of each individual, come to love that which they would not more esprit de corps, more recognition of otherwise do. And if they wanted to our duties as a congregation of the love any body or anything, let them first Lord's New Church, responsible to Him work for it.

for the faithful employment of our · The speeches of the evening were privileges in our own personal regeneraclosed by an interesting address by Rev. tion, and for the judicious and effective W. O'Mant, in which he enforced the presentation to the world of the great duty, and pointed out the advantages of principles we hold. Greater social perseverance in the work of Sunday friendliness among ourselves is also School teaching

needed, that we may be more truly an

organised form of usefulness and inLONDON (Argyll Square).—The minis. fluence. For the promotion of such ter of this Society, Rev. John Presland, social feelings, the l'ea Meeting, which is occupying the Sunday evenings prior precedes the business proceedings, affords to the meeting of Conference by a excellent facilities.” course of six lectures appropriate to The meeting took place on Wednesday, the season, -short, and dealing with July 12th, Mr. Thomas Watson in the subjects of a simple character, such chair. Eleven

members were as it may be agreeable and profitable admitted, making a total of thirty-two to contemplate during the sultry added during the year. Twenty-five month of July. The general subject is baptisms, six marriages, and six remov. “Garden Thoughts,” which is divided als into the spiritual world were into

following particulars : reported. From the balance-sheet it “Growth in the Garden,” Mark iv. appeared that £588 had been raised 26-28 ; “Weeding the Garden,” Gen.' during the past year, and of this suni iii. 18; “ Pruning the Garden,” John no less than £195 by means of the xv. 2; • Watering the Garden,” Isa. offertory, proving at once not only the lviii. 11;

“The Destroyers of the usefulness, but also the popularity of Garden,” Joel i. 4; “The Flowers of this institution of the Church. the Garden,” Matt. vi. 28, 29.

This result was so encouraging, that Annual Meeting of the Society.-In it was unanimously resolved to add £50 announcing this meeting, the Manual of per annum to the minister's salary. In the Society has the following remarks, connection with this pleasing feature in which we commend to the thoughtful the evening's proceedings, the warmest attention of the members of our several expressions of affection for the minister Societies :—“We earnestly press upon were elicited, and a most united and all the members of the Society the great harmonious spirit appeared to pervade


the minds of all present. It was operations of the Church. From the announced that Mr. Butter, the senior Secretary's report we learn that there member, had signified his intention to are now 380 sittings let, the total num. invest £100, in the names of three trus- ber of members (exclusive of junior tees, for the benefit of the Society. members of whom, for reasons assigned,

there was no return made) being 180, LONDON (Camden Road).–At this six of whom were new members. DurChurch the sermon enforcing the claims ing the year three marriages had been of the Hospital Sunday Fund was solemnized, and seventeen infants and preached on the morning of June 18 by seven adults had been baptized. The the Rev. J. J. Thornton. The subject Advertising Committee had been authorselected for consideration was the kind- ised to spend £50, which had been ness extended by David, when he had raised by public and private subscription, risen to power, to Mephibosheth, the and through their exertions additional lame remaining member of the house of interest had been manifested in the Saul. In it he showed that the Divine Church. The musical portion of the David is ever seeking to help the spiri- services continued, under the managetually destitute and sick, who include inent of Mr. E. H. Bayley, and Mr. all mankind, and that when He rises to King Hall, to present the attractive power in us, when He is enthroned in features which had done so much to our hearts, He prompts each of us to draw the attention of the public in the deeds of kindness, which descend to immediate neighbourhood to the serultimates in caring for the welfare of vices of the Church. The amount of our fellows in their physical want and the collection on behalf of the London illness. David did not seek to show his hospitals was over £51. Various gifts own kindness, did not seek in this matter of church furniture were also reported. to promote his personal aggrandisement. Additions had been made to the organ, He desired to show the kindness of God and the sum of £39 expended on church to the remnant of the house of Saul; and repairs. so in like manner never ought we to It being reported that Mr. King Hall, forget that our natural as well as our the esteemed organist, had been conspiritual riches are talents lent us by the pelled to resign, and that the Society Lord, which can be considered ours only would soon lose his services, it was so far as we use them, and use them as unanimously resolved, “ That it is with the Lord has directed. True happiness extreme regret that this meeting learns is only gained by each in doing all he that the congregation will very shortly knows how to do to secure the happiness lose the valued services of Mr. King Hall and well-being of others. In doing this as organist. Votes of thanks were corwe are striving to keep the two great dially adopted to the ladies and gentlecommandments-we are seeking to show men of the choir ; to Mr. Nitsch, whose our love to the Lord by our loving care business occupations prevented him for our neighbour; and of such conduct from continuing to undertake the duties the Lord will say hereafter, “Inasmuch of secretary; and to Mr. Ottley and the as ye have done it unto the least of these gentleinen who in turn with him had My brethren, ye have done it unto Me." officiated in the reading desk.” It A collection, amounting to about £17, was also resolved, “That Messrs. E. H. was taken up at the end of the service. Bayley, W. Robinson, and J, Gelbey,

be the representatives of this Society at LONDON (Palace Gardens Church, the General Conference. Kensington). - The annual meeting of the The Rev. Dr. Bayley, in drawing the Society worshipping in the church, was proceedings to a close, made some held on July 11th, the Rev. Dr. Bayley remarks on the conduct of public worin the chair, The proceedings com- ship. Alluding to the Responses on the menced with singing the 496th Hymn New Liturgy, he said that he should and prayer. Reports were presented by like to hear them more distinctly the "Mutual Improvement Societies, repeated. He deprecated the idea of the Ladies' Benevolent Working So- their being chaunted, and created some, ciety, the Sunday School, and the laughter by stating that when he (Dr. Working Men's Bible Class, all of which Bayley) began to sing the prayers, it in various ways seek to further the would be time enough for the congrega.

tion to sing Amen. The meeting ter establishment is in the restoration of minated with a hymn and the benedic- each individual mind to the true order tion.

of the Lord's kingdom, which comes, in

the first place, to individual souls, and MELBOURNE (Derbyshire). -We re. by extending its influence over indivigret to learn that Mr. Boyle, who has dual souls, and multiplying the number been for some time officiating as the of its subjects, into the world at leader of this Society, has tendered his large. Swedenborg says that all the resignation ; and that the Society will larger organs of the human body are in October next require the services of builded up of smaller organs of the same a suitable leader or minister.

kind. The Church of God is the same.

If this kingdom is to come, it must come SOUTHPORT.-This Society has passed by the expulsion of evil passions, and through the first year in its New Church, by the setting up of the reign of truth. and notwithstanding some painful draw. One evidence of the coming of this kingbacks, has made progress, and holds on dom is in these words : Thy will be its way of usefulness. It has set an done on earth as it is done in heaven.' example of what may be done when a The will of God is the salvation of man. few earnest persons regard the endow. He has created no man that He may ment of a church not as all that is need- condemn him, but that He may save ful to its success, but as the means of en- him. All the agencies of His providence couraging and stimulating their endeav. are directed to this purpose—to regeneours to build up the Church in their rate those whom He has created, and to midst, and extend its blessings to those bring them to habitations of everlasting around them. A singularly neat and con- glory. The subject (the preacher convenient place of worship has been erected, cluded) had a direct application to the in which the worship of the Church great question which they had that is conducted and the doctrines steadily morning before them. They had with taught. The services connected with considerable effort got a very beautiful the first anniversary of the opening of place of worship, and continued effort the church were held on Sunday, July was needed to secure its intended useful2nd. The attendance, though not large, ness. There was one feature connected was encouraging, and the collections with their churches in Lancashire this liberal, amounting to £38. The South- summer which was refreshing and hopeport Daily News of the following day ful. They heard a great deal about the gave the following account of the morn. badness of trade, but throughout the ing's service, which we have slightly county the New Church people had abridged: “Yesterday the Rev. R. Storry, determined that nothing should interof Heywood, preached on behalf of the rupt the flow of their charity and the building fund of the New Church, Duke exercise of their liberality towards the Street. The subject for meditation was Church.” the petitions, “Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.' GENERAL CONFERENCE. — The sixtyAfter speaking of God being represented ninth annual meeting of the General as a father and as a king in the person Conference is appointed to be held in the of Christ, the preacher proceeded to New Jerusalem Church, Abbey Street, notice the kingdom.' It was a king. Accrington, and to commence on Mondom which was to come down from day, the 7th instant, at seven o'clock in heaven, and to be instituted and estab. the evening. The Society at Alloa lished upon earth. That this kingdom applies to be received into connection was instituted in the world at the time with Conference. The Society at Bolton when our Lord came to the earth is evi. applies for the ordination of Mr. G. H. dent from the teaching of the Apostles. Smith. The Rev. R. Goldsack intends * The kingdom of God is not meat and to move :-1. That all addresses received drink'—that is, it was not external by the General Conference from Foreign ordinances and outward institutions, but and Colonial Societies be read to the righteousness, and peace, and joy in Conference ; 2. That the Greek Text of the Holy Ghost.' This kingdom is to the Gospels and the Latin of Swedencome from God, and to be established in borg's Theological Works be added to the world. The commencement of its the list of subjects for the examination, of candidates for the ministry, but as on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and optional subjects; 3. That there be added Friday, price 2s. 6d. Tea will be served to the list of Ordinary Committees of the in the schoolroom every evening, free Conference, a Committee to consider the to Members of Conference; other friends, Recommendations received from Minis. 6d. each. ters and Leaders in reply to the Presi.

Birth. dent's Circular, and to report thereon to

July 6th, at 44 Arundel Gardens, the General Conference.

Mr. Hugh Kensington Park, London, the wife of Evans and Mr. W. Alfred Bates apply J. C. Bayley, Esq., of a daughter. for re-adoption as students, and both are recommended by the Committee of

Obituary. the Students' and Ministers' Aid Fund. MR. F. SKELTON. The following

The Accrington Society have made the notice of this esteemed and zealous memfollowing arrangements for the Con- ber of the New Church in London ap. ference week :

peared in the South London Observer Sunday, August 6th.-The Rev. C. H. of June 7th :—“The congregation of the Wilkins, of Nottingham, will preach. New Jerusalem Church, Flodden Road,

Monday, August 7th. The Committee Camberwell, have just sustained a serious will attend in the schoolroom, from five loss in the death of Mr. F. Skelton, to seven o'clock p.m., to receive the whose name, in connection with the Members of Conference, and introduce theological discussion meetings held them to the friends who will entertain at this church, of which he was the them. Tea will be provided. The pre- president, has been frequently mentioned liminary business of Conference will in our colunms. begin at seven o'clock.

"The deceased gentleman was born in Tuesday, August 8th.- In the even- or near the town of Salisbury, where his ing, at seven o'clock, Divine Service in aged parents still reside, and at the time the Church. The Sermon will be of his decease was 53 years age. preached by the Rev. Dr. Bayley, of Prior to the erection of a New Church London. At the close of the Service place of worship on the Surrey side of the the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will Thames, he attended the church in Cross he administered. The offerings to be Street, Hatton Gardens. When, towards devoted to the Pension Fund.

the end of the year 1863, a Society of Wednesday, August 9th.-A Social the New Church (the present “ CamberMeeting will be held in the Peel Insti- well” Society) was initiated, and com. tution, to commence at seven o'clock, menced holding public worship at a to which all Members of Conference and room in Newington Causeway,-removed their ladies are invited. Admission to in 1867 to the edifice in Flodden Road, other friends will be by ticket only (1s Mr. Skelton became one of its earliest each). Applications for tickets to be members. For a few years his services made not later than Monday, August 7th, to the church were, as they had been at to Mr. J. P. Hartley, Avenue Parade, Cross Street, chiefly confined to attending Accrington.

its worship and assisting its funds, but Thursday, August 10th.– The Annual shortly after the death of his wife, several Conference Tea Meeting will be held. years since, he commenced more active The subject for consideration at the labours in the furtheranceof the doctrines Meeting in the Church, is “The Second taught by Emanuel Swedenborg. In Coming of the Lord, and its Manifesta- October 1868, a weekly meeting was tions. The chair will be taken by the commenced in the schoolroom, Flodden President of Conference at seven o'clock. Road, for reading the writings of Sweden.

Friday, August 11th.— The Members borg and conversing upon them. This of Conference will be entertained at gathering Mr. Skelton regularly attended, private social parties.

and after a while became its president, Sunday, August 13th.-The Rev. R. alternately with Mr. Gunton (who preR. Rodgers, of Birmingham, will preach sided during the winter, Mr. Skelton in the morning. The Rev. W. Bruce, of during the summer, months), but for London, has been invited to preach in the past three years, and until incapaci, the evening.

tated by his last illness, the deceased Dinner will be provided at the. Har. gentleman has filled the post singlegreaves Arms Hotel,. near to the Church, handed:

"To these meetings representatives of Church Missionary and Tract Society, a every school of religious thought have hall in Ben Jonson Road, Stepney, was been cordially invited to come and criti- hired, and Mr. Skelton was invited to cise the doctrines of the New Jerusalem conduct the services there. This proChurch as there expounded. Especially posal he accepted, and attended to his was this invitation proffered to the pub- duties for several weeks, until he was lic during our recent local excitement struck down by the illness which caused about Messrs. Moody and Sankey, when his decease. His friends have hoped, Mr. Skelton selected, for the purpose of encouraged from time to time by reports illustrating New Church teaching, the of improvement in his condition, that more prominent doctrines of the Trans- his ailment was but temporary, but on atlantic revivalists—a course which Thursday last they were informed of an largely increased his weekly audiences. alarming change for the worse, which of several of these discussions reports necessitated his undergoing an operaappeared in these columns, which evin- tion. This proved ineffectual, and he ced that the arguments were well sus. died early on Sunday morning last, leav. tained, and the points hotly contested ing eight children to mourn his loss." on both sides. Mr. Skelton's conduct in the chair was the subject of eulogium

M. AUGUSTE HARLE.—The announceboth from friends and foes. His position ment of this gentleman's death on the was necessarily very often a trying one, night of the 19th June reached us just but he at all times showed a thorough in time to admit of its being noticed in acquaintance with his subject, together our last number. We then expressed the with a due respect for the honest hope that we should be able to give opinions of others, and moreover, with some fuller account of our departed very few exceptions, always succeeded brother in the present month, and a corin maintaining perfect harmony and respondent, who has received a few parti. order throughout the proceedings. As culars from his widow, has kindly fur. a mark of the respect accorded to him nished us with the following interestiug even by those who remained uncon, narrative:vinced by his arguments, he was on one M. Auguste Harlé was born at St. occasion presented with a testimonial Quentin, on the 29th May 1809. A by the non-New Church attendants, as Protestant of the Protestants of France, noted in the South London, Observer of he was a member of one of those July 11th, 1874. In addition to per- truly heroic families which have conforming this important use to the Cam- tinued century after century to testify berwell Society, Mr. Skelton has of late against the errors of Rome. These nobleyears undertaken, with great success, a minded men, whether persecuted by large amount of preaching work in kings, harassed by priests, or treated various parts of England, insomuch that with contunely by philosophical sceptics, scarcely a Sunday passed when he was have bravely stood their ground, and not officiating at some New Church place contended for the all-sufficiency of Holy of worship, his journeys for this purpose Scripture.

M. Harlé was educated amounting in the course of a year to an almost exclusively by his father, Isaac aggregate of many thousand miles. Harlé, a most distinguished man.

"Mr. Skelton has represented the Cam- the age of twelve he was taken to Paris, berwell Society at the gatherings of the there to continue his studies under the London Association of the New Church the same direction, but with the aid of ever since the forination of that body several good professors. He soon devel. in 1870. He was secretary of a per- oped a taste for the fine arts, especially manent sub.committee of the Association that of painting, to which, at that time, appointed to make arrangements for the he intended to devote himself. With future publication of a weekly. New this view he went to Italy at the age Church journal, but his labours in the of twenty-four, there to study the old furtherance of this idea have not yet masters, and from whence he returned been crowned with success.

with a rich collection of paintings, "In the early part of the present year amongst which figured several of his steps were taken for the establishment own compositions. His aptitude for of New Church worship in the East of study enabled him to obtain a complete London. By the assistance of the New mastery of the Italian language during


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