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been so effectually reached by the Swedenborg Society. This is more particularly the case as regards Ireland. In estimating the number of applicants, the Committee thought it prudent to provide for about 10,000, or rather less than a third of the circulars sent out. In which case £1300 would be required, involving an estimated expenditure of £500 beyond the Society's resources. To provide for this sum, a circular has been issued asking for the required assistance. To this a liberal

response has already been made, leaving no doubt in the minds of the Committee of the ultimate result.

At present the applications have only reached 4133, but as in the case of the True Christian Religion, of which, as stated above, 806 copies have been applied for without any kind of advertisement or publicity, there is no doubt that a large number will be required during the coming year, by ministers who have perhaps hastily consigned the circular to the waste-paper basket, but on hearing that a brother minister had become the possessor of a copy, and found in it "a bushel of wheat for a penny,” will do likewise.

A form to be filled up by the applicant being annexed to the circular, fewer opinions have been expressed by letter than was the case with the applications for the True Christian Religion, but the following extracts are not only interesting, but, in the words of Solomon, afford encouragement to the members of the Society, “In the morning to sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand.”

The first is from a Scotch minister, who writes as follows:-“I beg VERY gratefully to express my thanks to the Committee for the valuable present. The self-sacrifice involved in their expensive donation shows such a strength of conviction, and also of warm-hearted good-will towards their fellow-men, as will, I think, compel them to read and consider the work of the Author with unusually serious attention. It will at least me.” A Primitive Methodist writes:—“Having perused with great pleasure, and I trust profit, the presentation volume of the True Christian Religion, I should feel greatly obliged if you would send me The Apocalypse Revealed, from which I am hoping to receive instruction.” A clergyman tenders his “sincere thanks. Your handsome volume on the Apocalypse just arrived. Hope to read it carefully.” Another clergyman wants to “understand Swedenborg not from Swedenborgians—who are not so very uncommon—but from himself.” And a third thanks the Society “for the gift of that handsome and deeply interesting volume.” While a fourth thanks the Committee for the courtesy of their offer, which he accepts, remarking, he “somewhat blames himself for not having pursued investigations in this walk ; it might have proved much more profitable. (mentally and spiritually) than other labours he has since undertaken." But the completest testimony is given in the two following extracts from letters of clergymen :-“I never read the writings of the great Christian philosopher of Sweden, or of those who have studied what he has unfolded in his marvellous books, without gaining a clearer insight

into the Divine purpose of the incarnation of our Lord, and a more comprehensive grasp of the whole cycle of Christian doctrine. I believe too that there are many like myself in all branches of the Christian Church.” “It would be discourteous not to acknowledge your circular respecting Swedenborg's Apocalypse Revealed. I return best thanks for the kind offer, but I have possessed the book for some twenty years, as well as the whole of Swedenborg's writings, which I almost know by heart, and the doctrines of which I have consistently preached ever since I came upon his explanation of the ark. Also I have had the privilege of reading some of his works in his own handwriting.

With best wishes for the success of your invaluable Society," etc.

[blocks in formation]

The theological works disposed of are 2292 less than last year. The Committee had hoped to begin the issue of the Apocalypse

. Revealed shortly after the last Annual Meeting, but the proper revision of the work, and the seeing it through the press, the preparation of the stereotype plates, and the printing and binding, occupied a much longer time than was at first expected. The issue of the 36,000 circulars, therefore, offering it, did not commence until the 9th March, and was not completed until the 15th June. On the 30th April 2930 copies of the Apocalypse Revealed had been disposed of, since which date an additional 1772 copies have been sent out. Of these, 569 vols. have been sold.


The following have been made to Clergymen and others, to Free Public Libraries, and Institutions :-Mr. Xavier Field (Courier, and East London Advertiser)True Christian Religion, Heaven and Hell, and Athanasian Creed. Rev. S. Pilkington, Ramsbottom-13 vols. (in Latin). Rev. F. R. Young, Swindon-True Christian Religion, Apocalypse Revealed, 2 vols., and New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine. Rev. W. J. Bain, Leamington-Arcana Coelestia and Index. U. S. E.—Arcana Cælestiu and Index. Rev. W. Karfoot, Church, near Accrington (for Library of Sunday School)-True Christian Religion. Rev. James Smith, Wisbeach—True Christian Religion. Rev. Oswin, Wisbeach,True Christian Religion. Rev. Satterby, Long SuttonTrue Christian Religion. Rev.

Jordan, Long Sutton— True Christian Religion. Rev. J. Woods, Leamington-Apocalypse Revealed, 2 vols., and White Horse. Rev. F._S. Attenborough, Leamington--- True Christian Religion. Rev. T. E. Frankly, Leamington-Heaven and Hell. S. T. Wackrill, Esq., Mayor of Leamington-Four Leading Doctrines, and Last Judgment. Councillor Flavel, Leamington-New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine. Councillor Francis, Leamington-Intercourse, Brief Exposition, and Earths in the Universe. J. H. Hawley, Esq.Economy of the Animal Kingdom, and Outlines of the Infinite. Rev. W.C. E. Jamieson, Edinburgh-Arcana Coelestia and Index. Wm. Atkinson, Esq., J.P., D.L., Southport-True Christian Religion. Rev. R. R. Suffield, Croydon—True Christian Religion, Heaven and Hell, Divine Love and Wisdom, and Divine Providence, for the Chapel Free Library. Dr. Sexton-Arcana Coelestiu and Index. Rev. S. T. Gibson, Sandon, near ChelmsfordTrue Christian Religion, Divine Love and Wisdon, Heaven and Hell, and Athanasian Creed. A review of this gentleman's work on “Religion and Science" appeared in the Intellectual Repository for April and May. Alfred Smee, Esq., F.R.S., author of “The Mind of Man”—True Christian Religion. Rev. F. Wainwright, Altrincham--Arcana Cælestia and Index. The Editors of the Doncaster Reporter, Peterborough Standard, and the Coventry Herald, copies of the True Christian Religion.

FREE PUBLIC LIBRARIES.–Bradford, 31 vols.; Hinckley, 39 vols.; Leamington, 8 vols.; Leeds (Lending Department), 52 vols.; Macclesfield, 47 vols.; Plymouth, 47 vols.; Sheffield (Highfield Branch), 46 vols.; Stockport, 48 vols.; Swansea, 48 vols.

INSTITUTIONS, ETC. -London, Library, St. James Square, 46 vols.; London, Stepney Temperance Hall, 2 vols.; Frankwell, Shrewsbury, Working Men's Club, 6 vols.; Wednesbury, Mechanic's Institute, 13 vols.

The Birmingham New Church Sunday Schools have been supplied with three sets of the Apocalypse Explained at half price.

In the last Report the rejection of the works by the Committee of the Free Library at Leamington was recorded, but we expressed a hope that time would work a change. The battle has been fought over again with a result certainly favourable but somewhat peculiar. The Library Committee decided to reject the Society's offer, and to purchase copies of the True Christian Religion and Heaven and Hell as representative works. The Library Committee was congratulated by the Leamington Chronicle “ upon its having so far seen the error of its ways,” stating also that “The Protestant religion is based on the maintenance of the right of private judgment as against priestly authority and papal infallibility; and yet there are Protestants of Protestants—Protestants two and three removes from the Protestant Church -who would still desire to prevent the introduction into a Free Public Library of all religious teaching except that which they may happen to approve of. . . . . The name of Emanuel Swedenborg is enrolled in the catalogue of the world's illustrious men, and his writings are amongst the most remarkable that the Reformation of Luther has permitted to see the light, and therefore to voluntarily exclude them from a Free Public Reference Library, is an act of blind intolerance and utter disregard for the interests of free inquiry, and of the purposes for which such an institution is required.” The Leamington Committee has since accepted the philosophical and scientific works, and also four publications of the Missionary and Tract Society—the latter without a dissentient voice. This triumph over prejudice has been gained to a large extent by the force of public opinion, not only expressed by Leamington papers, but by those of Birmingham and other towns in the neighbourhood. The theological works rejected by the Leamington Committee, we may state, were offered to several of the influential residents in Leamington, who accepted them freely and thankfully. Their names will be found in the list of presentations.

The following works were advertised in the undermentioned papers during the months of November and December of last year, and January, February, and March of the present year:True Christian Religion, Heaven and Hell, The Athanasian Creed, and The Nero Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine and the Doctrine of Charity :

Guardian, Church Times, Evangelical Christendom, Oxford University Guardian, Oxford Herald, Cambridge Chronicle, Christian World, Christian Globe, English Independent, Nonconformist, Baptist, Methodist Recorder, Primitive Methodist, Inquirer (Unitarian), Friend (Quaker).

The following gentlemen formed the Revision Committee for the year :- Mr. R. Applebee, Rev. W. Bruce, Mr. S. N. Bruce, Rev. J. Presland, Dr. Stocker, Dr. Tafel, Dr. Bayley, Secretary,

The works revised and printed are the following : True Christian Religion, 2000; Heaven and Hell, 1000; Apocalypse Revealed, one vol., 5400; Conjugial Love, 1000; Four Primary Doctrines, 1000.

In November last Mr. Watson reported to the Committee the death of Captain Beazeley at the advanced age of 86. Captain Beazeley was an old member of the Society, and has shown his interest in its welfare by leaving to it a life policy of £1000 in the Scottish Widows' Fund, subject to certain life interests.

Library. - The Rev. H. Wrightson has kindly presented a copy of

The Sibylline Oracles, translated from the best Greek copies by Sir John Flayer Knight. London: Printed by R. Bruges for J. Nicholson, Little Britain, 1713.

Legucies, etc.— A list of the legacies and gifts now enjoyed by the Society, and which form an important part of the means at its disposal, will be printed with this Report.

COLONJAL AND FOREIGN. The presentations are :–Edward Kenyon, Pueblo de Dumaing, Isla de Cebu, Islas Fillipinas, True Christian Religion; Rev. A, E. Ford, for Sig. De Caro, 3 vols. in Latin ;-W. Mather, Esq., 7 vols. in Russian. And the 1st vol. Documents to the following libraries :-Upsal University, Stockholm Royal Library, Stockholm Academy of Sciences, Stockholm Royal Archives, Stockholm College of Mines, New Church Society, Lund University, and to Dr. Kahl. The Stockholm Royal Library has also received 16 vols. of various works required to complete its sets.

Italy.- Professor Scocia has completed the translation of the Divine Love and Wisdom. This will shortly forni a fourth work in the Italian language, by means of which ample preparation is being made to meet the wants of a noble nation, whose onward progress to liberty of thought and wise action is one of the most striking facts of the age. The seed sown last year by the presentation of the translated works to 120 public libraries will, there is every reason to believe, bear fruit in due season.

Dr. John Jackson of Oregon has again contributed £10 towards the expenses of translating and publishing the works in Italian. The stock of books belonging to the Society, but in the custody of Professor Scocia, is as follows :—Heaven and Hell, 604 vols.; Divine Providence, 561 vols.; New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine, 457 vols.—total, 1622.

In a communication to the Secretary, dated June 4, Professor Scocia writes :—“All the public libraries have written to me thanking your Committee for the much-prized gift of the works of Swedenborg, and which they at once placed at the disposition of the public. The librarian of the · Anteneo Siculo di Catania' wrote to me especially that the works have given great satisfaction to the persons who frequent that library. The subscribers to the Nuova Epoca are very much pleased with the Divine Providence, which they tell me they have read with much interest, and they send their thanks through me to the Committee. From the 177 priests who willingly accepted the works, I have not yet received letters of thanks, but some of them sent me their cards on New Year's Day.”

Russia.—The first fruits of the late Mr. Toustanovsky's bequest appears in an edition of 500 copies of the Divine Providence in Polish. The MS. was carefully compared with the original, and the style has been brought more in accord with the modern form of the language. That indefatigable friend of the New Church, Mr. Mitnacht of Stuttgart, has generously undertaken the distribution of the work, through


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