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the first seven weeks of this year Mr. friendly remembrance of former times, R. Gunton conducted the worship of the and also as a memorial of his deceased Society, and kindly carried on a corre- father, who, not an attendant at the spondence with various ministers of the church, yet numbered some of its leadNew Church, to obtain their services ing members among his most valued each for a week or two, with a view to friends. Another contribution to the the election of a minister to fill the beauty of the church has been made in vacant post. The Rev. W. Westall the shape of a stained glass window for preached on the last two Sundays of the aisle. It will be placed in the north February, and the Rev. · W. C. Barlow aisle, and will consist of two single has undertaken the services for the figures, with suitable decorative work in present month of March. Subjects of completion. In the left hand compartan interesting character have been ment will be a figure of our Lord in a selected by these gentlemen, and con- corn-field, holding ears of wheat in His siderable interest has been excited by hand; and on the right, our Lord in a the discourses, many of which have vineyard, holding a cluster of grapes. been on the always attractive topics of The text underneath the one will be, heaven, hell, the resurrection, and the “I am the Bread of Life,” and under the future life. The Secretary would be other, “I am the True Vine." Ears of glad to receive offers of service (for re- corn and leaves, and clusters the muneration) for two or three Sundays vine, will form the subjects of decorative from any minister. Address-Mr. J. treatment for the remainder of the winYoung, 17 Northumberland Place, dow, the whole design being of remarkBath.

able quality, both as to colour and

arrangement. BIRMINGHAM.—We commend to the attention of the members of our several HEYWOOD.—The annual meeting of congregations the following suggestion, this Society was held in the Girls' which we extract from the Manual of Schoolroom, on the 23rd of February. this Society : -“How very delightful it The attendance was good, though not so would be if every attendant at Church numerous as was hoped, the inclement joined audibly in the 'Amens' and the state of the weather having prevented Lord's Prayer ? Softly and quietly as some from leaving their homes. The each might please, but always in an minister, who was in the chair, opened audible tone of voice, should these be the business of the meeting with a short uttered by every one,

If this were done address, in which he noticed some of the the sphere of worship would be more features in the Society's history during impressive, and a step in advance would the past year. During the year the be taken by our Society. It would be a work of the Society had gone on with practical acknowledgment of personal extreme quietness, and little external duty in little things, above mere whim progress had been accomplished. The or ease, and tend to exalt our religious uses of the Society had been carried on services both in our own esteem and in during the greater portion of the year that of strangers who might visit us. with difficulty, from the unavoidable Fathers and mothers should set the absence of the minister. Hopes were example to their children, and teachers entertained that the coming year might to scholars, and soon all would catch be one of increased prosperity, both as the pleasing enthusiasm of unanimity, to the spiritual life of the members and and be gladdened by its joy.” We learn the increase of their numbers. The f.om this Manual that the reports pre- business of the meeting was conducted sented to the annual ineeting of the with harmony and good feeling. The Society gave evidence_of continued Treasurer's report showed a very small growth and prosperity. The new church balance in favour of the Society, but a in course of erection has continued to strong feeling was expressed that a larger make progress. The Committee have sum should be in the Treasurer's hands received the handsome offer of a friend for the commencement of the financial to provide at his own cost the whole of year. The retiring officers were, with the pendants, coronas, brackets, etc., trifling exceptions, re-elected to their required for lighting the church, vestries, offices. The number of deaconesses was and ante-rooms. This offer is made in increased, and they were made, with the


minister and a number to be appointed falfil their immediate purpose of announfrom the Sunday School, the managers cing the lectures. Reports of the lecof the Benevolent Fund, which is raised tures appeared in the Leicester Daily in the Society. One new member was Mercury, and these were collected and admitted, and others were proposed ; published in their weekly issue. interesting, encouraging, and hopeful these reports we give the first, from addresses were made during the evening which we gain information of the attendby Messrs. Isherwood, Fairbrother, the ance and the sentiments of the reporter: Secretary, and others, and a pleasant “In Leicester, lately, the public meeting was brought to a close with the attention has been drawn by various usual devotional service.

persons to the subject of the Bible, and

its claims on the belief of mankind as LEEDS. —We learn from a correspon- the Word of God. Mr. Bradlaugh and dent that this Society is progressing others associated with him have been under the ministry of Mr. O'Mant. doing their best to discredit those claims; The short engagement first made having while other lecturers and teachers have come to an end, the Society met on the been equally zealous in their efforts to evening of February 29th, to consider the maintain the authority and value of the question of a permanent appointment. Scriptures as a Divine revelation. Among The meeting was well attended, and was the latter are the representatives of the pervaded by a unanimous feeling of New Church, who accept and advocate warm appreciation of Mr. O'Mant's the teachings of the celebrated theologian services. Not one word, not one vote, and scholar, (Emanuel Swedenborg, on appeared on the contrary. By a great this subject, which stand out from those effort, involving on the part of some of ordinarily presented to the public in the members considerable self-denial, it their complete and systematic outline. was determined to largely increase the In relation also to the future life, the minister's stipend. "It will be,” says Swedish philosopher has a system equally our correspondent, “a great effort, but definite, positive, and complete, from we hope and trust we shall be able to do which modern spiritualism has been deit, for it is a work of love.” During the rived ; though his followers strongly months of February and March Mr. deprecate the ordinary and indiscriminO'Mant has given a course of Sabbath ate practices of its modern professors as evening lectures, which have been made undesirable, and indeed dangerous. public by small handbills. The subjects other important points, besides the auhave been respecting the Scripture thenticity of the Scriptures and the meaning of the devil, demoniacal pos- existence of a spiritual world, the New session, the duration of future punish- Church has its distinct utterances ; but ments, and the doctrine of life as taught on the foregoing it is perhaps most by Paul. The advertisements have been likely at the present time to obtain the successful, the congregations having im- notice of religious inquirers, persons of proved numerically since the plan has unsettled convictions, and the religious been adopted.

public generally.

“Last evening a lecture was delivered LEICESTER.--A course of lectures has by R. Gunton, Esq., of London, one of been given at this town by Mr. Gunton, the missionaries of the New Church, in under the general title of “ New Truths the Lecture Hall, Silver Street, Leicester. on Old Subjects." The lectures were The room was quite full, and the given in the Lecture Hall, and were made audience listened attentively to public by a small handbill, the back of address of something over an hour in which is fully occupied with an extract length, on 'The State of Men after from the paper of Mr. C. G. Ames on Death' in the Spiritual World.' The Swedenborg, an abridgment of which lecturer presented his conclusions in the was published in our last number, and language. of Scripture; showing first, another extract on the Atonement from that in the beginning God created not Dr. Bayley's “ Discourses on Essays and only the earth, but also heaven : thus, Reviews.' The bills were thus made to that at the beginning the Almighty circulate some knowledge respecting our created two distinct worlds-one maAuthor, and respecting one of the leading terial and the other spiritual ; the first doctrines of the Church, as well as to suited to the abode of men while in their




6. The

natural bodies, and the other suited to and many books explanatory of the New the same beings after they leave their Church doctrines were sold. natural bodies, but continue to live in the spiritual world, which was created LIVERPOOL.—A course of Sabbath expressly to receive them, in spiritual evening lectures, by the minister, are in bodies. The spiritual world, the lec- progress in this Society, extending from turer argued, is as real and substantial March 19th to May 28th.

The subjects as this world, indeed more so, because include “ The Bible the Word of God,” consisting of pure substances; and he The Doctrine of Instantaneous Salvaadded that man has even in this life a tion,” “The Blood of Christ," body within the material one, composed Harmony between Science and Religion,” of substances belonging to the spiritual 'Judgment,” and “ Marriage.”. These world, and that he continues to live in subjects are interspersed with others of that body, which is vastly more perfect an expository kind, and are published than his material one, in the spiritual by small handbills and advertisements world ; and, if he has been good, he be- in the local papers. The latter describe comes an angel of heaven, and dwells the lectures as “On the Doctrines of with the angels in their world. The the New Christian Church, as drawn lecturer adduced passages from Scripture from the Holy Word, and explained in to show that angels were once men; as, the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.' for instance, the angel whom John was Up to the present the attendance of about to worship, as recorded in Rev. strangers has been most gratifying, and xxii. 9, who said to John, “See thou do we may reasonably hope that the results it not, for I am thy fellow-servant and will be beneficial both to the Society of thy brethren the prophets : worship and to those outside its pale. God. This angel had manifestly dwelt on earth, a man.

Mention was also LONDONArgyle Square.—We learn made of the one hundred and forty-four from the Manual of this Society that thousand who had been redeemed from during the month of March and the bethe earth; and the multitude which ginning of the present month the Rev. no man could number' of all nations, John Presland is giving a course of leckindreds, peoples, and tongues, who had tures on Prominent Religious Questions

come out of great tribulation.' Moses of the Day, which will occupy the Sun. also, who died, as to his body, many day evenings until Easter. The subjects centuries before, was seen with the Lord will be as follows:—“ Is there a Personal at His Transfiguration. The Lord also Devil ?” “Do the Scriptures teach that said that the dead ARE raised, even the wicked will be annihilated ?” “If Moses showed at the bush, when he God is love, why does Hell exist ?” “The called the Lord the God of Abraham, Divine Providence, especially in relation and the God of Isaac, and the God of to calamities, evil, &c.,' Miracles,' Jacob; for He is not a God of the dead, and “The Higher Christian Life." To but of the living;' that is, of those who obviate the inconvenience arising from are alive-living in the spiritual world. the length to which some of the aboveThe lecturer further showed that the mentioned lectures owing to the imspiritual world has inhabitants of two portance and comprehensiveness of their distinct classes, and mentioned the fact subjects -may be expected to extend, it that the Lord who is good to all, and is proposed, during their delivery, to whose tender mercies are over all His substitute for the ordinary evening works, neither originated evil nor created services one of the two responsive serhell; but that man originated evil, by vices on pages 117 and 123 of the Liturgy. perverting that which was good, as given The congregation will thus have an op by the Lord, and so created his own hell portunity of experimentally testing the of wicked principles in his own nature ; new responsive services adopted by the

of selfishness, tyranny, revenge, Conference, and recommended for occahatred, malice, cruelty. All these sional use to the various societies of the principles, which are perversions of Church. The musical arrangements powers given for good, make hell in employed, at any rate in the first inman.'

stance, will be those published by Mr. At the close of the several lectures Round, of Liverpool, and sold at 36 questions were asked by persons present, Bloomsbury Street by Mr. Speirs.


RAMSBOTTOM.—A course of Sunday with marked attention by the audience, evening lectures, on the leading doctrines which was a fairly numerous one. of the New Church, has recently been At the close of the lecture, a member delivered in the new place of worship in of the Christadelphian body, a sect this town. Since the opening of the whose opinions have attracted much church in August last there has been a attention lately in Stockport, desired to frequent attendance of strangers at the question the lecturer. Believing platservices; and it was thought that for form controversy to be of an unprofitthe information of these, and others who able nature, Mr. Ramage and the Stockmight respond to an invitation to attend, port friends had decided beforehand a course of lectures should be given. that, in such an event, the questioner Accordingly, at the request of the Com- should be referred to the members of the mittee, the minister of the Society drew Society, and to our books (of which a up a list of nine subjects, with a long selection was offered for sale at the doors synopsis under each, compiled from the by Mr. Henshall, the colporteur) for Articles of Faith; and the bills were any further information, or for the thus made to answer the double purpose resolution of any difficulty he might see of announcing the lectures and supply. in our views, and this was accordingly ing the public with a concise statement done. This, however, did not suit the of some of the most important doctrines. questioner, who was evidently desirous of About 1000 of these bills were distributed a wordy debate, and he announced that amongst the shops and dwellings in the the subject would be treated at their neighbourhood of the church, and the synagogue on the following Sunday result has been that a considerable evening. number of strangers belonging to various Mr. Ramage has himself consented to Christian communities attended the lec- deliver two other lectures on kindred tures to the end of the course. These topics on the 14th and 21st March, and were followed by a second course on the the Stockport Society hope to increase in Life after Death, delivered on Sunday numbers and usefulness, by thus being evenings in the month of January, in the enabled to set before the public the following order:-“Death, Resurrection, views of the New Church. The Society and Judgment,” by the Rev. S. Pilking- are of opinion that, by persevering in ton; Heaven: where is it, what is it, giving lectures of this nature, thoughtand what are its Joys ?" by the Rev. W. ful minds will be led to further inquiry, Westall; “Heaven: how shall we be and to joining the ranks of the Church; employed there?” by the Rev. S. Pil- and it is earnestly hoped, that the memkington; “Heaven: our friends there; bers of the Lancashire Society will aid shall we know them ?” by the Rev. P. them in bringing into prominence in so Ramage. A good number of strangers important a town as Stockport the were present at each of these lectures, views which they hold in common. and seemed deeply interested in the treatment of the subjects. There is

Births. now a much better attendance at the services and at the classes in the Sunday Tulse Hill, London, the wife of Mr.

On 29th February, at Ennore House, school. Within the last two months about 30 new scholars have been ad- Alfred Braby of a daughter.

On the 18th March, at 82 Barnsbury mitted into the day school, which has now for its head-master Mr. George Road, London, the wife of Mr. Willian Washington, of Salford, who entered Spear, prematurely, of twin-sons, upon his duties here immediately after still-born, and the other surviving only the Christmas holidays.

two days.

On March 22nd, at No. 1 Pemberton STOCKPORT.--A lecture on the “lm- Road, Upper Holloway, London, the

wife of Mr. C. A. Faraday of a daughter. mortality of the Soul” was delivered at the Oddfellows' Hall in this town, on the 7th March, by the Rev. P. Ramage

Obituary. of Kearsley, Francis Smith, Esq., of Removed to the spiritual world on Manchester, in the chair. The sub- February 4, 1876, George Bent Olliject was handled with the lecturer's vant, Esq., of Sale Moor, Cheshire, accustomed ability, and was listened to aged 72. `In his childhood and youth



Ollivant attended St. John's gregation and amongst his large circle of Church, Manchester, where, with the friends. He had many amiable traits of rest of his family, he sat under the minis- character which endeared him to all who try of the Rev. John Clowes. In the made his acquaintance, but he delighted latter years of his ministry Mr. Clowes most in the company of his fellow-memselected our deceased friend as his bers, especially when the subject of conamanuensis, he being no longer able to versation was any part of the Scriptures write for himself. Mr. Ollivant and or of the writings of the New Church. family continued at St. John's Church From a youth he had been inured to up to the end of Mr. Clowes' ministry habits of assiduous industry, and to perthere, when they removed to the New form the duties of his occupation to the Jerusalem Church, Peter Street. He satisfaction of all concerned in them worshipped for several years at that seemed to be the greatest delight of his church, under the ministry of the late life. When he was made aware that Revs. R. Jones and J. H. Smithson, there was no hope of his recovery, he when he removed to the New Jerusalem replied that it was a matter of indifferTemple, Salford, where he has been a ence to him whether he should recover member and seat. holder ever since. He or not, as he had no desire to remain in was for several years Treasurer of the this world any longer than he could be Manchester New Church Printing So- useful to others as well as to himself. ciety, retaining that office up to its He patiently awaited his dissolution, amalgamation with the Manchester New which took place apparently without the Church Tract Society a year or two ago. least pain, and he passed away into He was also a Trustee of Conference, and eternity as in a sweet sleep. On the was Secretary to the Trustees North of Sunday evening but one following, the Trent up to his decease. He was very Rev. S. Pilkington improved the occadeeply attached to the New Church, à sion by a suitable discourse, which was regular attender at worship and at the attentively listened to by a large consacrament of the Holy Supper. He en- gregation. joyed excellent health, being removed at On February 16th last, Jane, the belast by an attack of heart disease, after loved wife of Thomas Presland of Kenta few weeks' sickness. As his end drew ish Town, London, was called home by near he looked forward to it with calm Him who doeth all things well. She resignation and trust. He recited por. had been long a sufferer from bronchitis, tions of the Psalms and of the hymns and, on the accession of general dropsy, from our Hymn Book, showing that his her already debilitated constitution mind reposed itself upon the rich pro- gradually succumbed. She bore her mises of the Word. He gave words of long illness with exemplary patience, comfort and counsel to his sorrowing ever thinking more of others than of wife and family, exhorting them to look herself. Unselfishness, indeed, characabove, where they might go to him, but terized her whole life. Mother of one he could never return to them. That New Church minister (the Rev. J. Pres. good which he has acquired here is a land, of Argyle Square, London), and good which, when judgment has done its mother-in-law of another (Mr. E. Pulswork, will find its place in heaven above; ford, of St. Helier's, Jersey), she conwhere he will mingle in the harmonies sidered herself highly favoured : she of angelic life, and enter into the full could also number among her friends fruition of his angelic powers.

many members of the Church in LonOn the 24th of February, Mr. Peter don, Derby, Brightlingsea, and Jersey, Nuttall, of Ramsbottom, departed this who will long remember her for her life at the age of 49 years. The removal amiable_and Christian qualities as of Mr. · Nuttall, who from his earliest Friend, Wife, and Mother. But for the years has been connected with the hope of a happy reunion with her hereSociety at Ramsbottom, has caused after, her husband and children would great sorrow and regret both in the con- be inconsolable at her loss.

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