Maitland of Lethington: And the Scotland of Mary Stuart, כרך 2

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W. Blackwood, 1888 - 772 עמודים

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עמוד 171 - So they left her with her ladies and gentlewomen. " The gates being locked, the King being in his bed, the Queen walking in her chamber, the Lord Ruthven took charge of the lower gate and the privy passages; and David was thrown down the stairs from the Palace where he was slain, and brought to the Porter's lodge, who taking off his clothes, said, This was his destiny. For upon this chest was his first bed when he came to this place, and now he lieth a very niggard and misknown knave.
עמוד 37 - I have communicated my judgment to the world. If the realm finds no inconvenience from the regiment of a woman, that which they approve shall I not further disallow than within my own breast, but shall be as well content to live under your Grace as Paul was to live under Nero...
עמוד 217 - Majesty, which being given to me by the said persons, as God shall be my judge, was no other than these words, " Schaw to the Earl Morton that the Queen will hear no speech of that matter appointed unto him...
עמוד 194 - Then Lethington, taking the speech, said : ' Madam, fancy ye not : we are here of the principal of your Grace's nobility and Council, that shall find the means that your Majesty shall be quit of him without prejudice of your son ; and albeit that my Lord of Murray here present be little less scrupulous for a Protestant than your Grace is for a Papist, I am assured he will look through his fingers thereto, and will behold our doings, saying nothing to the same.
עמוד 316 - The first, I think, will hardly be attempted for two causes : the one, for that if her adverse party accuse her of the murder by producing of her letters she will deny them, and accuse the most of them of manifest consent to the murder, hardly to be denied ; so as, upon the trial on both sides, her proofs will judicially fall best out, as it is thought.
עמוד 43 - Such stinking pride of women as was seen at that Parliament, was never seen before in Scotland. Three sundry days the Queen rode to the Tolbooth. The first day she made a painted oration ; and there...
עמוד 220 - Bothwell, after taking the queen's bridle, " boasted to marry the queen, who would or who would not ; yea, whether she would herself or not.
עמוד 219 - I abhorred and detested that marriage, because it was odious and scandalous to the world ; and, seeing the best part of the realm did approve it, either by flattery or by their silence...
עמוד 167 - I know that there are practices in hand, contrived between the father and son, to come by the crown against her will. I know that if that take effect which is intended, David, with the consent of the King, shall have his throat cut within these ten days. Many things grievouser and worse than these are brought to my ears; yea, of things intended against her own person, which, because I think better to keep secret than write to Mr. Secretary, I speak not of them but now to your lordship.
עמוד 47 - And because he had tarried an hour and more longer than the time appointed, the king, sitting in a throne made for the occasion, was so moved at this sermon that he would not dine; and being troubled, with great fury, he passed in the afternoon to the hawking.

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