The Temple anecdotes, by R. and C. Temple, כרך 2

כריכה קדמית

מה אומרים אנשים - כתיבת ביקורת

לא מצאנו ביקורות במקומות הרגילים


מהדורות אחרות - הצג הכל

מונחים וביטויים נפוצים

קטעים בולטים

עמוד 73 - Though I have drawn my sword in the present generous struggle for the rights of men, yet I am not in arms as an American, nor am I in pursuit of riches. My fortune is liberal enough, having no wife nor family, and having lived long enough to know that riches cannot ensure happiness.
עמוד 249 - The people now dragged us above forty yards on the sand : it was the first and last time I was ever on a cayman's back. Should it be asked how I managed to keep my seat, I would answer, I hunted some years with Lord Darlington's fox-hounds.
עמוד 301 - Some came for presents, and others for information of our object in coming to the country ; now and then, one would dart up to the tent on horseback, jerk off his trappings, and stand silently at the door, holding his horse by the halter, signifying his desire to trade. Occasionally a savage would stalk in with an invitation to a feast of honor, a dog feast* and deliberately sit down and wait quietly until I was ready to accompany him.
עמוד 158 - I observed four men at the top of their speed. The foremost of them, as soon as he got ahead of the boat, threw himself from a considerable height into the water. He struggled across the channel to the sandbank, and in an incredibly short space of time stood in front of the savage against whom my aim had been directed. Seizing him by the throat, he pushed him backwards, and forcing all who were in the water upon the bank, he trod its margin with a vehemence and an agitation that were exceedingly...
עמוד 82 - I naturally had recourse to my hands to sustain my weight, but they found no better support, so that I sunk altogether among the broken mummies, with a crash of bones, rags, and wooden cases, which raised...
עמוד 304 - ... than the previous one, and our position was rather a bad one. To go back was impossible ; before us the cataract was a sheet of foam ; and, shut up in the chasm by the rocks, which in some places seemed almost to meet overhead, the roar of the water was deafening. We pushed off...
עמוד 73 - I have sacrificed not only my favorite scheme of life, but the softer affections of the heart, and my prospects of domestic happiness, and I am ready to sacrifice my life also with cheerfulness, if that forfeiture could restore peace and goodwill among mankind.
עמוד 301 - ... the fire, in the middle of the lodge, and immediately on our arrival was dished up in large wooden bowls, one of which was handed to each. The flesh appeared very glutinous, with something of the flavor and appearance of mutton. Feeling something move behind me, I looked round and found that I had taken my seat among a litter of fat young puppies.
עמוד 303 - ... like shore disappeared, and the vertical wall came squarely down into the water. He, therefore, waited until we came up. An ugly pass lay before us. We had made fast to the stern of the boat a strong rope about fifty feet long ; and three of the men clambered along among the rocks, and with this rope let her down slowly through the pass.
עמוד 395 - I doubt whether we could do much work on them and the nardoo alone. Nothing now but the greatest good luck can save any of us ; and as for myself, I may live four or five days if the weather continues warm. My pulse is at forty-eight, and very weak, and my legs and arms are nearly skin and bone. I can only look out, like Mr. Micawber, "for something to turn up.

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