תמונות בעמוד

To the cold shaking paralytic Hand,

Senseless of Beauty's Touch, or Love's Command,

Nor longer apt, or able to fulfill

The Dictates of it's feeble Master's Will.

Nought shall the Pfaltry, and the Harp avail,

The pleasing Song, or well repeated Tale;

When the quick Spirits their warm March forbear;

And numbing Coldness has unbrac d the Ear.

The verdant Rising of the flow'ry Hill, j

The Vale enamelsd, and the Crystal Rill,

The Ocean rolling, and the shelly Shore,

Beautiful Objects, shall delight no more;

When the lax'd Sinews of the weaken'd Eye

In wat'ry Damps, or dim Suffusion lye.

Day follows Night; the Clouds return again

After the falling of the later Rain:

But to the Aged-blind shall ne'er return

Grateful Vicissitude: He still must mourn

The Sun, and Moon, and ev'ry Starry Light

Eclips'd to Him, and lost in everlasting Night.

Behold where Age's wretched Victim lies:
See his Head trembling, and his half-clos'd Eyes:

C . FreAspice! ut infirmos quatit æger anhelitus artus!

Sensibus obrepunt incerti Oblivia somni,

Solaque percipitur per acutos Vita dolores. • .

Tempore prædanti cedent argentea vitæ Vincula, diffilientque; ruet volventibus annis Urna levis, longoque ævo labefacta peribit. Scilicet hæc fati lex est: moriemur honoris Expertes, & vana erimus sine nomine turba. Ulque aliam ex alia stirpem manet exitus idem; Gens cadit hæc; nova furgit, a bit, sequiturq; priorem; Ævi quæque brevis, terraque exorta parente, Mox reditura iterum in veteris primordia terræ.


Sed vultu eniteat meliori Scena; coronet
Alma salus Hominem, & lætos vigor excitet artus.
En! vix exsuperans operosæ longa diei
Tædia, fessus adit jam sole cadente penates:
Sole oriente iterum prodit; labor usque recurrit,
Arcentique famem & vitam siidore merenti
Perpetuum redeunte die redit actus in orbem.
Forsitan ad noctem reduci fjpectacula præbet
Atra domi moriens puer, aut viduata marito

Frequent for Breath his panting Bosom heaves: To broken Sleeps his remnant Sense He gives; And only by his Pains, awaking finds He Lives.

Loosd by devouring Time the silver Cord Dissever'd lies: unhonor'd from the Board The Crystal Urn, when broken, is thrown by; And apter Utensils their Place supply. These Things and Thou must share One equal Lot; Dye and be lost, corrupt and be forgot; While still another, and another Race Shall now supply, and now give up the Place. From Earth all came, to Earth must all return; Frail as the Cord, and brittle as the Urn.

But be the Terror of these Ills suppress'd: And view we Man with Health and Vigor blest. Home He returns with the declining Sun, His destin'd Task of Labour hardly done; Goes forth again with the ascending Ray, Again his Travel for his Bread to pay, And find the III sufficient to the Day. Haply at Night He does with Horror shun A widow'd Daughter, or a dying Son:

C %

Filia: Vicinum eras luxuriante beatum
Prole videt, nudusque sibi magis inde videtur.
Utque dies pergunt, lacrymabile funus Amici
Ducitur, hostilisve occurrit pompa triumphi:
Quo se cunque ferat miser, aut Mala publica turbant
Sollicitum, aut proprii laris Insortunia tangunt:
Virtutis clarae meritis haud præmia solvi
Digna videt; læsamque fidem & temerata pudici
Jura tori queritur, pravo sub Judice litem
Protractam, inversasque haud æquo Interprete leges;
Aut nigras fraudes Magnatum & turpia damnat
Arcana imperii, arbitriumque immane Potentum;
Mordacemvedolet linguam, quam pectore cauto
Nec fugiat Sapiens, monitis nec frænet amicis.

Hæccine credantur casu volvente sinistro
Enasci Mala? num pariunt vaga Semina motu
Confuso implicita; an potius fert ordine certo
Lex stabilis fati, rerumque immobile sædus?
Quin age, si poteris, nodum mihi Musa resolve;
Anne, inquam, casu eveniunt, satone jubenti?
At quacunque genus ducunt de stirpe, catenis
Heu miseram involvunt animam, variasque coactam
In partes rapiunt, & mille timoribus urgent;


His Neighbors Off-Spring He To-morrow fees;
And doubly feels his Want in their Increase:
The next Day, and the next he must attend
His Foe triumphant, or his buried Friend.
In ev'ry Act and Turn of Life he feels
Publick Calamities, or Household Ills;
The due Reward to just Desert refus'd,
The Trust betray'd, the Nuptial Bed abus'd,
The Judge corrupt, the long depending Cause,
And doubtful Issue of misconstru'd Laws.
The crafty Turns of a dishonest State,
And violent Will of the wrong.doing Great:
The Venom'd Tongue injurious to his Fame,
Which nor can Wisdom shun, nor fair Advice reclaim.

Esteem We these, my Friends, Event and Chance,
Produc'd as Atoms form their flutt'ring Dance?
Or higher yet their Essence may We draw
From destin'd Order, and Eternal Law?
Again my Muse, the cruel Doubt repeat:
Spring they, I fay, from Accident, or Fate?
Yet such, We find, they are, as can controll
The servile Actions of our wav'ring Soul;

; . Can

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