תמונות בעמוד

(Points which We rather may dispute, than know)
Come on, Thou little Inmate of this Breast,
Which for Thy Sake from Passions I divest:
For these, Thou say'ft, raise all the stormy Strife,
Which hinder Thy Repose, and trouble Life.
Be the fair Level of Thy Actions laid,
As Temp'rance wills, and Prudence may perswade:
Be Thy Affections undisturbd and clear,
Guided to what may Great or Good appear; ■;
And try if Life be worth the Livers Care.

Amafs'd in Man there justly is beheld
What thro' the whole Creation has excel'df:
The Life and Growth of Plants, of Beasts the Sense,
The Angel's Forecast and Intelligence:
Say from these glorious Seeds what Harvest flows:
Recount our Blessings, and compare our Woes.
In it's true Light let clearest Reason see
The Man dragg'd out to Act, and forc'd to Be;
Helpless and Naked on a Woman's Knees
To be expos'd or rear'd as She may please;
Feel her Neglect, or pine from her Disease.
His tender Eye by too direct a Ray .. .
Wounded, and flying from unpractis'd Day;

Cor tenerum, multumque tremit, pulsuque frequenti
Æstuat. Ut varia perculsus imagine rerum
Obstupet! ut pavet attonitus! Membra irrequieta
Luctantem interius produnt augentque dolorem:
Et gemitu queritur molli lacrymisque misellis,
Dum nondum fractas voces mutilataque verba
Eftari didicit, quibus intima senfa laborans
Exprimat, occultosque enarret pectoris æstus.
Mox ut paulatim assurgit puerilibus annis,
Garrulitate rudi crepitat, vanosque timores
Concipit a nugis: cum firma adoleverit ætas,
Publica scena vocat, populisque frequentibus insert
Implicitum; longo curarum ibi volvitur orbe;
Et tacitæ fraudes & aperta pericula cingunt
Infelix latus: hinc Hostis vindicta ferocis,
Hinc fieri magis amplexus fallacis Amici.
Quin facta inquirit Populus; laudesque maligno
Ore filet; minimam gaudet diffundere labem.
Nee cætu in turpi maculis aspergere famam
Derisor parcit mordax, quique audet apertis
Virtutem opprobriis petere, invisamque fateri.
Si vero his lasius turbis secreta ferarum
Lustra petat solus, populosque urbesque relinquat;


His Heart assaulted by invading Air,
And beating fervent to the vital War, •
To his Young Sense how various Forms appear;
That strike his Wonder, and excite his Fear?
By his Distortions he reveals his Pains;
He by his Tears, and by his Sighs complains;
'Till Time and Use assist the Infant Wretch,
By broken Words, and Rudiments of Speech,
His Wants in plainer Characters to show,
And paint more perfect Figures of his Woe,
Condemn'd to sacrifice his childish Years
To babling Ign'rance, and to empty Fears:
To pass the riper Period of his Age,
Acting his Part upon a crowded Stage;
To lasting Toils expos'd, and endless Cares,
To open Dangers, and to secret Snares;
To Malice which the vengeful Foe intends,
And the more dangerous Love of seeming Friends.
His Deeds examin'd by the People's Will,
Prone to forget the good, and blame the ill: ! ;F1 .
Or sadly cenfur'd in their curs d Debate,
Who in the Scorner s, or the Judge's Seat
Dare to condemn the Virtue which They hate. jb. ,
Or would he rather leaye this frantic Scene; fa?;

B And


Mens tamen umbrarum in latebras tacitosque receflus
Addit fe comitem; innumeris Mens usque secuta
Turbat Imaginibus: palantemque implicat Error,
Ceu nemorum ambage illusum; aut torrentis iniqui
More ruens, rapido premit acrior impete Cura.
Multa animo versans, varioque exercitus æstu,
Dulce miser Socii alloquium defiderat; audit
Attonitus mæstos saxa ingeminare dolores,

Seque fugit trepido deserta per avia cursu.

..•it . • .

Hinc adeo, variæ quocunque in tramite vitæ, Vexamurcæcis animorum AfFectibus: atris Jam cincti nebulis^ Gut spem foveamus inanem, Fulsuros olim meliori lumme Soles? Instabiles Hominum Sensus, trepidantia utÆgri Somnia, prosiliunt volucres; curfuque citato Semper amant amota sequi, fugientiaque ardent'' Arripere: usque adeo, somni fallacisImages,' Spes malefuada levi vigilantes decipit umbra. Sed flex is post terga oculis, ut dira dolorum Agmina respicimus, trepido formidine Sensus Horrescunt, rmscramque viam remeare recusant. Accedurtf etiris curæ, scenaque priori Scena supemftiens magis & magis atra videtur; U\ k Nec

And Trees and Beasts prefer to Courts and Men?
In the remotest Wood and lonely Grott . • » .
Certain to meet that worst of Evils, Thought; '.
DifTrent Ideas to his Mem'ry brought:
Some intricate, as are the pathless Woods;
Impetuous some, as the descending Floods:.
With anxious Doubts, with raging Passions torn,
No sweet Companion near, with whom to mourn
He hears the Echoing Rock return his Sighs;
And from himself the frighted Hermit flics.

Thus, thro' what Path soe'er of Life We rove,
Rage companies our Hate, and Grief our Love:
Vex'd with the present Moment's heavy Gloom,
Why seek We Brightness from the Years to come?
Disturb'd and broken like a sick Man's Sleep,
Our troubled Thoughts to distant Prospects leap:
Desirous still what flies us to o'ertake:
For Hope is but the Dream of Those that wake:
But looking back, We see. the dreadful Train
Of Woes, a-new which were We to sustain,
We mould refuse to tread the Path again.
Still adding Grief, still counting from the First;
Judging the latest Evils still the worst;

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