תמונות בעמוד

Pleasures on Levity's stnooth Surface flow:
Thought brings the Weight, that sinks the Soul to Woe.
Now be this Maxim to the King convey'd,
And added to the Thousand He has made.

Sadly, O Reason, is thy Pow'r express'd,
Thou gloomy Tyrant of the frighted Breast!
And harm the Rules, which We from Thee receive;"
If for our Wisdom We our Pleasure give; >
And more to think be only more to grieve.
If Judah's King at thy Tribunal try'd,
Forsakes his Joy, to vindicate his Pride;
And changing Sorrows, I am only found [bound
Loos'd from the Chains of Love, in Thine more strictly

But do I call Thee Tyrant, or complain,
How hard thy Laws, how absolute thy Reign?
While Thou, alas! art but an empty Name,
To no Two Men, who e'er discourse!, the fame;
The idle Product of a troubled Thought,
In borrow'd Shapes, and airy Colors wrought;
A fancy'd Line, and a reflected Shade;
A Chain which Man to fetter Man has made,
By Artifice impos'd, by Fear obey'd.

K Yet,

Sis tamen invifum nomen seti vera potestas,
Te quacunque libet'deducere origine, vires
Agnosco, sæva præcordia cuspide fixus.
Te sensere intus luctantia pectora, Fatis
Decretam dare jura, & debita sceptra tenentem.
Cedo equidem; supplex edicta superba saceflam;
Unica erit merces Virtus sibi: Cedo, rebellis
Judæa! infelix a nostra mente Puella
Exulet æternutn: Hoc plebi turbæque remittb.
Corde ægro dulcis Furor extorquebitur; Abrœ
Vincula nec patiar, populo servire paratus;
Seque anima imbellis sorti submittet iniquæ:
Pro dolor! audebo miser else viriliter, ut Rex
Incedam, multaque in Majestate gemiscam.

Hæc dixi, immodico certus me involvere luctu
Altius, ut foret una quies Spes nulla quietis.
Mandavi chartis, timui quæ dicere, amatæ,
Linquendæ tamen æterniim, portanda puellæ.
Exposuit multis verborum ambagibus atrox
Littera, Majestas quantum pugnaret Amori:
Add id it, & Ny mphæ memorem fore, dum memor essem
Ipsemei; longumque Vale: compesceret ignes


Yet, wretched Name, or Arbitrary Thing, Whence ever I thy cruel Efience bring, I own thy Influence; for I feel thy Sting. Reluctant I perceive thee in my Soul, Form'd to command, and destin'd to controul. Yes; thy insulting Dictates (hall be heard: Virtue for once shall be Her own Reward: Yes; Rebel Israel, this unhappy Maid Shall be dismiss'*: the Crowd shall be obey'd: The King his Passion, and his Rule shall leave, No longer A Bras, but the Peoples Slave. My Coward Soul (hall bear it's wayward Fate: I will, alas! be wretched, to be great; And sigh in Royalty, and grieve in State.

I said: resolv'd to plunge into my Grief At once so far, as to expect Relief

From my Despair alone

I chose to write the Thing I durst not speak,
To Her I lov'd; to Her I must forsake.
The harsh Epistle labor'd much to prove,
How inconsistent Majesty, and Love.
I always should, It said, esteem Her well;
But never see her more: It bid Her feel

Heu male conceptos, juffi; connubia votis
Appeteret magis apta suis, thalamofque minores:
Atque humili vitæ cursu, paribufque Hymenæis
Dedita, transigeret reliquos felicior annos.

Perlegit, extemploque ad Me fe CQrripit amens,
Ad Me, præsentem curas lenire priores:
Soil icitans flex is genibus, luctata, minasque
Et lacrymas dedit alternis; jam languida jamque
Ardescens: tandem ulterius data nulla dolendi
Copia; corripitur, nostroque miserrima Virgo
(Ilia meos potuit quæ sola inflectere sensus)
Fertur ab aspectu; mox exspes, fracta dolore,
EfFudit miseram properato funere vitam,
Et vana imperia infaustosque reliquit Amores.

Fare age si poteris, Mensconscia, quanta dolorum
Agmina opes in Te simul effudere coactas:
Quas Furias & quos ignes, quæ sæva tulisti
Spicula; Curarum quam multa oppreffit Imago!
Me quoties regni a strepitu in scereta removi, •
Nequicquam tacitum paseens sub pectore vulnus?
O quoties labente die, blanda oseula, amores
Præteritos reputans, in Nympha absente morabar


No future Pain for Me; but instant wed
A Lover more proportions to her Bed;
And quiet dedicate her remnant Life
To the just Duties of an humble Wife.

She read; and forth to Me She wildly ran,
To Me, the Ease of all her former Pain.
Shekneel'd, intreated, struggfd, threatens, cry'd, .
And with alternate Passion liv'd, and dy 'd:
'Till now deny'd the Liberty to mourn,
And by rude Fury from my Presence torn*
This only Object of my real Care,
Cut off from Hope, abandon'd to Despair,
In some few posting fatal Hours is buriel
FromWealth/rom Pow r,from Love4&from theWorld.

Here tell Me, if Thou dar'st, my conscious Soul, What difTrent Sorrows did within Thee roll? What Pangs, what Fires, what Racks didst Thou sustain? What sad Vicissitude of smarting Pain? How oft from Pomp and State did I remove, To feed Despair, and cheristi hopeless Love? How oft, all Day, recall'd I A Bra's Charms> Her Beauties pressd, and panting in my Arms?


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