תמונות בעמוד

O mighty Love! from thy unbounded Pow'r
How shall the human Bosom reft fecure?
How shall our Thought avoid the various Snare?
Or Wisdom to our caution d Soul declare
The diffrent Shapes, Thou pleasest to imploy,
When bent to hurt, and certain to destroy ?

The haughty Nymph in open Beauty drest, .
To-Day' encounters our unguarded Breaft:
She looks with Majesty, and moves with State;
Unbent her Soul, and in Misfortune great,
She scorns the World, and dares the Rage of Fate.

Here whilft we take stern Manhood for our Guide, And guard our Conduct with becoming Pride; Charm’d with the Courage in her Action shown, We praise her Mind, the Image of our own. She that can please, is certain to perswade : To-day belov'd, To-morrow is obey'd. We think we see thro’ Reason's Optics right; Nor find, how Beauty's Rays elude our Sight: Struck with her Eye, whilft We applaud her Mind; And when we speak Her great, We wish Her kind.


Improbe Amor, Nymphæ cras altera tela ministras, Mærorem effusum & passos fine lege capillos : Voce querens humili ducit miserabile carmen, Hærentisque vicem fupplent Suspiria linguæ. Concipit hinc generosa incendia pectus honeftum; Tollimus afflictam fuftentamufque jacentem: Dumque animo facili properamus molle levamen, Et lenit miserum Pietas humana dolorem; Curarum intereà nobis contagia furtìm Obrepunt, fimilique jubent languescere luctu; Cingimus ah! sero munimine ductile pectus, Cedere lacrymulæ gemituque liquescere pronum.

Intimus hic, quo nec propior neque fævior alter, Quâ fraude elusus, quâ vi turbabitur Hoftis ? Unde tibi auxilium, fragilis Natura, ciebis, Nunc facili ingenio, nimio nunc prodita fastu? An licet externam fperare aliunde medelam, Cum Pectus fallax internum admiserit hoftem? Ille intùs domitam Rationem illudere gaudet, Palantisque Ducis cæcus vestigia flectit.

Jamque animæ viatrix peramabilis Abra catenis Colla mihi captiva coercuit; Illa repletum

PofTo-morrow, cruel Pow'r, Thou arm'ft the Fair With flowing Sorrow, and disheveld Hair: Sad her Complaint, and humble is her Tale, Her Sighs explaining where her Accents fail. Here gen'rous Softness warms the honest Breast: We raise the fad, and succour the distress’d: And whilft our Wish prepares the kind Relief; Whilft Pity mitigates her rising Grief: We ficken foon from her contagious Care; Grieve for her Sorrows, groan for her Despair; And against Love too late those Bofoms arm, Which Tears can foften, and which Sighs can warm.

Against this nearest cruelest of Foes, What shall Wit meditate, or Force oppose? Whence, feeble Nature, shall We summon Aid; If by our Pity, and our Pride betray'd? External Remedy shall We hope to find, When the close Fiend has gain’d our treach'rous Mind; Insulting there does Reasons Pow'r deride; And blind Himself, conducts the dazld Guide ?

My Conqueror now, my lovely A BR A held My Freedom in her Chains: my Heart was fill'd

Poffedit mihi cor, Illa unica; Spesque voluptasque
Omnis in Illâ affixa pependit: ut abfuit Illa,
Multa moram incusans gemitus lugubrè profudi;
Ocyus Illa redux gemitus luctusque fugavit :
Nox orta est, abeunte; Dies, veniente, refulfit.

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Ordine Conventus, Scenæ, ludique fequuntur
Laryati: facit Illa melos, facit Illa choreas:
Tot formas habitufque noyos induta nitescit,
Fingere quot nôrit vario mens prodiga luxu.

In campo dominata hodiè fub tegmine palmæ.
Vestra arma & vestros fibi, Debora, sumit amictus;
Vi&tricique sedet frontem circumdata lauro:
Ipfe inftar Baraci veftigia pronus adoro:
Turba Illi fi&tos canit obsequiosa triumphos,
Illam effert clademque Hofti Patriæque columnam.

Cras mitem induitur faciem moresque ferenos, Splendenti Martis pompa & terrore relictis; Molliùs incedens Mulier jam ruftica, Villa Egreditur, Regemque adducto munere vifit. Depofitis Agmen juvenile micantibus armis Collatum certant cantando rependere munus;


With Her, with Her alone: in Her alone .
It fought it’s Peace and Joy: while She was gone,
It figh’d, and griey'd, impatient of her Stay:
Return’d, She chas'd those Sighs, that Grief away:
Her Absence. made the Night: her Presence brought

[the Day.}
The Ball, the Play, the Mask by Turns fuccede.
For Her I make the Song: the Dance with Her I lead.
I court Her various in each Shape and Dress,
That Luxury may form, or Thought-express.

To-day beneath the Palm-tree on the Plains
In DEBORAH's Arms and Habit A BRA reigns :
The Wreath denoting Conquest girds her Brow:
And low, like BARAK, at her Feet I bow.
The Mimic Chorus fings her prosp'rous Hand;
As She had Nain the Foe, and sav'd the Land.

To-morrow She approves a softer Air;
Forsakes the Pomp and Pageantry of War:
The Form of peaceful ABIGAIL assumes;
And from the Village with the Present comes :
The Youthful Band depose their glitt'ring Arms;
Receive her Bounties, and recite her Charms;

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