תמונות בעמוד

Without a Crime my Passion had aspir'd,
Found the lov'd Prince, and told what I defir’d.

Then I had come, preventing SHEBA's Queen,
To see the comeliest of the Sons of Men;
To hear the charming Poets am'rous Song,
And gather Honey falling from his Tongue;
To take the fragrant Kiffes of his Mouth,
Sweeter than Breezes of her native South;
Likening his Grace, his Person, and his Mien
To all that Great or Beauteous I had seen.
Serene and bright his Eyes, as solar Beams
Reflecting temper'd Light from Crystal Streams;
Ruddy as Gold his Cheek; his Bosom fair
As Silver; the curld Ringlets of his Hair
Black as the Raven's Wing; his Lip more red,
Than Eaftern Coral, or the scarlet Thread;
Even his Teeth, and white, like a young Flock
Coeval, newly fhorn, from the clear Brook
Recent, and blanching on the Sunny Rock.
Iv'ry with Saphirs interspers'd, explains
How white his Hands, how blue the Manly Veins.
Columns of polifh'd Marble firmly set
On golden Bases, are his Legs, and Feet.

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Ut toto attollit se corpore ! surgit in auras
Palmæ inftar, pinuque caput fublimior effert.
Suavè crocum redolent Vestes Myrrhamque fluentem,
Et caput ambrofii circùm jactantur odores..
Quid loquor aut ubi sum? heu! infelix, inscia Virgo!
Quin morere ô! morere Abra; eheu nimis ausa fateri
Quam Tibi Cor ardens afpirat Principis alto
Misceri amplexu, serosque beare nepotes;
Plaudente ut populo Te illuftret regia Proles,
Felicemque novis jactes SolomoNIB.Us alyum.

Hic lacrymis lingua interrupta filescit obortis; Curarum ô tristis series! malesana Puella! Cor mihi, multa dolens nuper, nova spicula temnit; In me fruftrà alii meditentur vulnus ocelli. Hei mihi! adhuc altè cruciatis fenfibus hæret Hærebitque diu vetus atque horrenda Cicatrix, Et Pharium yinc'lum spretique injuria voti.

: Quum penitùs (dixi) poterit volventibus annis. Principis opprobrii vanescere triftis Imago;. . Alta iterum in fummâ Ratio dominabitur arce, Atque iterum SOLOMON lapsos revocabit honores.


. [45]. His Stature all Majestic, all Divine, . Strait as the Palmtree, strong as is the Pine. Saffron and Myrrhe are on his Garments shed: And everlasting Sweets bloom round his Head. What utter I? where am I? wretched Maid ! Dye, ABRA, dye: too plainly haft Thou said Thy Soul's Desire to meet His high Embrace, And Blessings stamp'd upon thy future Race; To bid attentive Nations bless thy Womb, With unborn Monarchs charg’d, and SOLOMONS to come.

Here o'er her Speech her flowing Eyes prevail..
O foolish Maid! and O unhappy Tale!
My suff'ring Heart for ever shall defy
New Wounds, and Danger from a future Eye.
O! yet my tortur'd Senses deep retain
The wretched Mem'ry of my former Pain,
The dire Affront, and my EGYPTIAN Chain.

As Time, I said, may happily efface:
That cruel Image of the King's Disgrace;
Imperial Reason shall resume her Seat;
And SOLOMON once fall'n, again be great.

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Luserit Affectus, seu Marte subegerit Hoftis,
Cautior intendat totos Sapientia nervos,
Servatâque femel metuat virtute relabi.

Abra sed intereà ---- quæfita accedere ad ora Sæpiùs indulsi; nam fic Clementia suafit Ancillæ miseros paulùm lenire dolores. .. Verus Amor vultuque animoque ardente patebat; Tangimur & veros ultrò miferescimus ignes. Affiduam blandâ spectavi fronte ministram;

Et semper ftudiofam accedere, fæpe vocavi. · Inque dies jam Nympha magis dilecta magisque

Paulatim in venas tacitum infinuavit amorem.

Sera ubi fæmineis agerem convivia tectis,
(Jam tum fola dedi leviuscula tempora Nymphæ)
Illius à dextrâ pomorum gratia major,
Illius à dextrâ meliùs fapuere Placentæ.
Sed pomis deceflit odor, dulcedo placentis,
Constructas nifi blanda epulas ornaverat Abra:
Necquicquam vinum rutilanti ardebat in auro,
Ridentem nisi blanda admoverat Abra liquorem.
Carmina miscerent cum vespertina Puellæ
Æquantes parili citharæ modulamina cantu;


Betray'd by Passion, as subdu'd in War,
We wisely should exert a double Care,
Nor ever ought a second time to Err.

This A BRA then ------
I saw Her; 'twas Humanity: it gave
Some Respite to the Sorrows of my Slave.
Her fond Excess proclaim'd her Paffion true;
And generous Pity to that Truth was due.
Well I entreated Her, who well deserv'd;
I call'd Her often; for She always serv'd.
Use made her Person easy to my Sight;
And Ease infenfibly produc'd Delight.

· Whene'er I revell’d in the Women's Bow'rs
(For first I fought Her but at looser Hours)
The Apples She had gather'd smelt moft sweet:
The Cake She kneaded was the fav’ry Meat:
But Fruits their Odor loft, and Meats their Taste;
If gentle A BRA had not deck'd the Feast.
Dishonor'd did the sparkling Goblet stand:
Unless receiv'd from gentle Abra's Hand:
And when the Virgins form’d the Evening Choir,
Raising their Voices to the master-Lyre;


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