תמונות בעמוד
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THE SECOND BOOK. T RY then, O Man, the Moments to deceive,

That from the Wombattend Thee to the Grave:

For weary'd Nature find some apter Scheme: Health be thy Hope; and Pleasure be thy Theme: From the perplexing and unequal Ways, Where Study brings Thee; from the endless Maze, Which Doubt persuades to run, forewarn'd recede, To the gay Field, and flow'ry Path, that lead To jocund Mirth, soft Joy, and careless Ease: Forsake what may instruct, for what may please : Eslay amusing Art, and proud Expence; And make thy Reason subject to thy Sense.

I commun'd thus: the Pow'r of Wealth I try'd,
And all the various Luxe of costly Pride.
Artists and Plans reliev'd my folemn Hours:
I founded Palaces, and planted Bow'rs.
Birds, Fishes, Beasts of each Exotic Kind

Quicquid alit Tellus, fpatiofa in Claustra recepi.
Quin noftro peregrina solo viget Arbor, & umbram
Miratur Judæa novam; quà Sylva virebat,
Squamigeri ludunt pisces; æquantur opaci
Montes, ut major se exporrigat area campo.
Flumina ducuntur cursus oblita priores,
Docta novos; grato seu præcipitata tumultu
Defuper Unda cadit, five eluctatur in altum
Sculptile per marmor, vivoque erumpit ab auro.
Visceribus latè fpoliatis, ultima mittit
Africa marmoreas rupes; jamque ardua Turris
Attingit coelos, ftant vafta mole Columnæ
Suppositæ fpiffo nemori, & pendentibus hortis.

Instant Artifices operi; Pariesque nitescit
Illufus Calamo, Turrique inducitur Aurum:
Discolor hic variis nitet intertexta lapillis
Area; substrata hìc folio calcatur Jaspis.
Ipfa etiam Cedrus, centum quæ viderat Annos
Vertice sublimi, nemoris Regina, peritam
Artificis confeffa manum, laquearia fingit;
Et raptos Lebanus sylvarum mæret honores.

Mille Fabri coeunt, & eburnam ad fydera turrim

I to the Limits of my Court confin'd.
To Trees transferr'd I gave a second Birth;
And bid a foreign Shade grace JUDAH's Earth.
Fish-ponds were made, where former Forrests grew;
And Hills were levell’d to extend the View.
Rivers diyerted from their Native Course,
And bound with Chains of Artificial Force,
From large Cascades in pleafing Tumult roll'd;
Or rose thro' figur'd Stone, or breathing Gold.
From furtheft AFRICA's tormented Womb
The Marble brought, erects the spacious Dome,
Or forms the Pillars long-extended Rows,
On which the planted Grove, and penfile Garden grows.

The Workmen here obey the Master's Call,
To gild the Turret, and to paint the Wall;
To mark the Pavement there with various Stone;
And on the Jasper Steps to rear the Throne :
The spreading Cedar, that an Age had stood,
Supreme of Trees, and Mistress of the Wood,
Cut down and cary'd, my shining Roof adorns;
And LEBANON his ruin'd Honor mourns..

A thousand Artists shew their cunning Pow'r,

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Mirum opus, educunt: percurrunt pectine telas
Mille fimul Nymphæ, fucataque vellera carpunt,
Dulce tori thalamique decus; dum murice rapto
Non habet ipsa Tyrus mentitos unde colores
Lana bibat: Montesque Afri, Pariique queruntur
Marmoris avulsas usque à penetralibus imis
Radices; nec jam ulterius fua Saltibus Indis
Bellua jactatur, niveique Superbia dentis.

Jamque aderam immensi cupidis miracula Sumptus Percurrens oculis ---- vidi, indoluique videndo, Ponituit moles nimium accelerâffe superbas; . Namque Opere extructo fugit ambitiofa Voluptas.

Anxietas infefta novas volitavit ad Ædes, Et Dolor auratum circà Laqueare pependit. Quid juvat ah! Thalami Splendor? quid purpura?

grandi Sæpe toro insomnis membra irrequieta rotabam: Hæfit adhuc inala Cura, animum comitata fugacein, Limitis impatiens, & certæ nescia sedis, . s Noctes atque dies vexans ; lentoque per hortos Incedens paffu, vestigia pressit eunti, Ambagesque viarum, altosque fecuta receffus.

To raise the Wonders of the iv'ry Tow'r. '
A thousand Maidens ply the purple Loom,
To weave the Bed, and deck the Regal Room;
'Till TYRE confeffes her exhausted Store,
That on her Coaft the Murex is no more;
'Till from the PARIAN Isle, and LIBYA's Coast,
The Mountains grieve their hopes of Marble loft;
And INDIA'S Woods return their juft Complaint,
Their Brood decay'd, and want of Elephant.

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My full Design with vast Expence atchiev'd,
I came, beheld, admir'd, reflected, griev'd. .
I chid the Folly of my thoughless Haft:
For, the Work perfected, the Joy was paft.

To my new Courts fad Thought did still repair; And round my gilded Roofs hung hov'ring Care. In vain on filken Beds I fought Repose; And restless oft from purple Couches rose: . . Vexatious Thought still found my flying Mind, Nor bound by Limits, nor to Place confin'd; Haunted my Nights, and terrify'd my Days; Stalk'd thro' my Gardens, and pursu'd my Ways, Nor shut from artful Bow’r, nor loft in winding Maze..


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