תמונות בעמוד

And darting Scorn, and Sorrow from her Eyes,
What means, said She, King Solomon the Wise?

This wretched Body trembles at your Pow'r:
Thus far could Fortune: but She can no more.
Free to her self my potent Mind remains:
Nor fears the Victor's Rage, nor feels his Chains.

'Tis said, that Thou canst plausibly dispute,
Supreme of Seers, of Angel, Man, and Brute;
Can st plead, with subtil Wit and fair Discourse,
Of Passion's Folly, and of Reasons Force.
That to the Tribes attentive Thou canst mow,
Whence their Misfortunes, or their Blessings flow.
That Thou in Science, as in Pow'r art great;
And Truth and Honour on Thy Edicts wait.
Where is that Knowledge now, that Regal Thought,
With just Advice, and timely Counsel fraught?
Where now, O Judge of I s R A E L, does it rove —
What in one Moment dost Thou offer? Love —
Love? why'tis Joy or Sorrow, Peace or Strife:
'Tis all the Color of remaining Lise:
And Human Mis'ry must begin or end,
As He becomes a Tyrant, or a Friend.


Ille pius sanctusque excelfi D A V I D I S Hæres \
Ancillam, Ignotamque, & sacra aliena colentem,
Ad summi veneranda Tori fastigia ducet?
Aut concede tua periifle hæc nomina flamma^
Atque instar lethi discrimina tollere Amorem;
Dum tamen indomitas miscro sub pectore vires
Exercet, Tu sola Deum per vulnera sentis;
Sæviet implacatus adhuc; frontem usque severam
Contrahet, atra mei nisi vincant nubila Risus.

Sponte sua surgens Amor, ut radicibus Arbos
Partitis, gemino vires de pectore ducit,
Æqua utrinq; alimenta trahens; dum pectora flammas
Utraque dant similes, & mutua gaudia miscent.
Donee Spes soveat jucunda & læta Voluptas,
Germina fe expandunt viridantia, prodiga multis
Floribus, & circum suaves funduntur odores.
Pabula sin blanda hæc desint, hie mutuus ardor
Deficiat; languet "collapfo vertice Planta,
Nudaque Spe, lento confecta dolore, recumbit.

Vi sæva vin'clisque immitia corda ferarum

Vincimus: expugnant Humanum Mollia pectus. ,-

Nil profecturas age fortiter exere vires,

Would David's Son, religious, just, and grave,
To the first Bride-bed of the World receive
A Foreigner, a Heathen, and a Slave?
Or grant, Thy Passion has these Names destroy'd;
That Love, like Death, makes all Distinction void;
Yet in his Empire o'er Thy abject Breast,
His Flames and Torments only are exprest:
His Rage can in my Smiles alone relent;
And all his Joys solicit my Consent.

Soft Love, spontaneous Tree, it's parted Root
Must from two Hearts with equal Vigour (hoot:
Whilst each delighted, and delighting, gives
The pleasing Ecstasy, which each receives:
Cherisli'd with Hope, and fed with Joy it grows:
It's chearful Buds their opening Bloom disclose; I
And round the happy Soil diffusive Odor flows. j
If angry Fate that mutual Care denies; 1
The fading Plant bewails it's due Supplies: >
Wild with Despair, or sick with Grief, it dies. j

By Force Beasts act, and are by Force restrain'd:
The Human Mind by gentle Means is gain'd.
Thy useless Strength, mistaken King, employ:

D Sated

Ira animum satians; nec inania gaudia fperes
Virgine ab invitS; spolies licet invidus arva,
Non messem referes optatam. En! aspice regni
Quam tibi fint arcti fines: Te torva tuentem
Judeei metuant, patriaque superbus in Aula
Se jactet Solomon: fed læta fronte petendus
Mollis Amor; folium lentis accede verendum
Paffibus; utque abeas felix, assuesce placere.

Nil tamen hic artes poterunt præstare placendi:
Est mini, qui dudum fibi me devinxit; amores
Abstulit Ille meos: nec Jufia minæque feroces
Abrumpent fœdus, patriis quod carus in oris
Mecum iniit Juvenis: junxit data dextra viciffim
Concordes; neque vana animos fiducia fallet.
Ad fuperas arces fe mutua vota ferebant,
Cælituumque Conors libratam utrinque bilanci
Spectavere fidem, lætiam plaudentibus alis,
Fæderaque æternis fervarunt condita faftis.

Quin age, jam gladius præcordia tranfeat; aufer
His oculis dudum contemptæ munera lucis:
Me moriente tui malefanos pectoris ignes
Extinguas, fævæque odium immutabile Nymphæ;


Sated with Rage, and ignorant of Joy,
Thou shalt not gain what I deny to yield;
Nor reap the Harvest, tho' Thou spoil'st the Field.
Know, Solomon, Thy poor Extent of Sway;
Contract thy Brow, and Israel shall obey:
But wilful Love Thou must with Smiles appease;
Approach his awful Throne by just Degrees;
And if Thou would'st be Happy, learn to please.

Nor that those Arts can here successful prove:
For I am destin'd to another's Love.
Beyond the cruel Bounds of Thy Command,
To my dear Equal, in my Native Land,
My plighted Vow I gave: I His receiv'd:
Each swore with Truth: with Pleasure each believ'd.
The mutual Contract was to Heav'n convey'd:
In equal Scales the busy Angels weigh'd
It's solemn Force, and clap'd their Wings, and spread
The lasting Roll, recording what We said. •

Now in my Heart behold Thy Poynard stain'd:
Take the sad Life which I have long disdain'd:
End, in a dying Virgin s wretched Fate,
Thy ill-starr'd Passion, and My steadfast Hate.

D 2 For

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