תמונות בעמוד

I drank; I lik'd it not: 'twas Rage; 'twas Noise; An airy Scene of transitory Joys. In vain I trusted, that the flowing Bowl Would banish Sorrow, and enlarge the Soul. To the late Revel, and protracted Feast Wild Dreams succeeded, and disorder'd Rest; And as at Dawn of Morn fair Reason's Light Broke thro’ the Fumes and Phantoms of the Night, What had been said, I ask'd my Soul, what done; How flow'd our Mirth, and whence the Source begun. Perhaps the Jest that charm’d the sprightly Croud, And made the Jovial Table laugh so loud, To some false Notion ow'd it's poor Pretence, . To an ambiguous Word's perverted Sense, To a wild Sonnet, or a wanton Air, Offence and Torture to the fober Ear. Perhaps, alas! the pleafing Stream was brought From this Man's Error, from another’s Fault; From Topics which Good-nature would forget, And Prudence mention with the last Regret.

Add yet unnumber'd Ills, that lye unseen
In the pernicious Draught; the Word obscene,
Or harsh, which once elanc'd must eyer fly

Sæpius incauto pronum devolvier ore
Responsum torquetur atrox, spargitque vicissim
Insanas lites, alienaque jurgia Siccis.

Adde etiam exhaustas vini quòd largior usus Sanguinis attenuat vires, carpitque Salutem.

Ah miserum! rabies quem cæca atrique dolores Diverfis hinc inde malis involvere certant ! Heu! sperat Curarum haurire oblivia; nescit Intereà fævo confidere funditùs hauftu Morborum omne genus; lentæ intolerabile pondus Desidiæ, Errores Animi, Cerebrique natantis Somnia, quæ pafsu sequitur mors tarda filenti: . Nec videt innexis circùm cratera corollis Lethiferofque Angues, atrafque latere Colubras.

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Ecquid inexpertum reftat, quod pectoris ægri Mulceat infanos æftus, Curafque resolvat? Reftat Amor: propera, salientibus imbibe venis Spem lætam, blandosque accende Cupidinis ignes; Hanc tandem extremam ne parce adhibere medelam Liberiore animo, totafque exquirere vires.

Irrevocable? the too prompt Reply,
Seed of feyere Distrust, and fierce Debate;
What We should shun, and what we ought to hate.

Add too the Blood impoverish'd, and the Course Of Health suppress'd by Wine's continu'd Force.

Unhappy Man! whom Sorrow thus and Rage
To diff'rent Ills alternately engage.
Who drinks, alas! but to forget; nor sees,

That melancholy Sloath, severe Disease,
Mem’ry confus’d, and interrupted Thought,
Death's Harbingers, lye latent in the Draught:
And in the Flow'rs that wreath the sparkling Bowl,
Fell Adders hiss, and poys’nous Serpent roll.

Remains there Ought untry'd, that may remove Sickness of Mind, and heal the Bosom? --- Love, Love yet Remains : Indulge his genial Fire, Cherish fair Hope, folicit young Defire, And boldly bid thy anxious Soul explore This last great Remedy's Mysterious Pow'r.

Why Quis malus hic languor? vel quæ tam sera moratur. Segnities? rapienda Animus cur gaudia differt? Quin agite ô fidi citius properate ministri, Lætitiæque alacres optata adducite dona. Omnis Amicarum cætus Sponsæque frequentes Indutæ nitidos, celebrent convivia, cultus; Quas plaga nostra tulit, quas extera regna, volentum Munera seu Regum fuerint, seu præmia Martis. Ordine quæque suo noftri ftudiofa favoris Prodeat, & meritam referet Pulcherrima palmam.

Hæc ubi dicta, onerant menfas, cyathofque coronant; Unà omnes ftudiifque favent, fremituque secundo; Nec mora, progreditur Nympharum fplendidus Ordo: Ante alias Una arripuit tenuitque morantes, Ardentesque oculos: memori quàm pectore servo Semina nascentis flammæ, dulcesque dolorum Primitias! Virgo plenis jam nubilis annis, Gentis erat Phariæ: quæ læti gratia vultûs Spirabat! quæ forma ! ut mollia membra movebat, Incessu facili gressus ornata decoros ! Pectore candenti teretes tumuere papillæ, Nec Zona cohibente: fluebat nigra foluto Cæsaries nodo, multoque errabat in orbe Per nitidos diffufa humeros & lactea Colla.


Why therefore hesitates my doubtful Breast?
Why ceases it one Moment to be blest?
Fly swift, my Friends; my Servants, fly; imploy
Yourinstant Pains to bring your Master Joy.
Let all my Wives and Concubines be dress’d:
Let them to-night attend the Royal Feast;
All ISRAEL's Beauty, all the foreign Fair,
The Gifts of Princes, or the Spoils of War.
Before their Monarch They shall fingly pass ;
And the most Worthy shall obtain the Grace.

I said : the Feast was serv’d: the Bowl was crown'd: To the King's Pleasure went the mirthful Round: The Women came: as Customs wills, they paft: On One (O that diftinguish'd One !) I caft The fav’rite Glance: O! yet my Mind retains That fond Beginning of my infant Pains. Mature the Virgin was of EGYPT's Race : Grace shap'd her Limbs; and Beauty deck'd her Face: Easy her Motion seem'd, ferene her Air: Full, tho’unzon'd, her Bosom rose: her Hair Unty'd, and ignorant of artful Aid, Adown her Shoulders loosely lay display'd; And in the Jetty Curls ten thousand CUPIDS play'd.)

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