תמונות בעמוד

And boast returning Leaves, and blooming Woods?

That each successive Night from opening Heav'n

The Food of Angels should to Man be .giv'n;

Is this more strange, than that with common Bread

Our fainting Bodies every Day are fed;

Than that each Grain and Seed consum'd in Earth,

Raises it's Store, and multiplies it's Birth;

And from the handful, which the Tiller sows,

The labour'd Fields rejoice, and future Harvest flows?

Then from whateer We can to Sense produce Common and plain, or wondrous and abstruse, From Nature s constant or Eccentric Laws, "j The thoughtful Soul this gen'ral Inf'rence draws, r That an Effect must presuppose a Cause. ... J And while She does her upward Flight sustain, Touching each Link of the continu'd Chain, At length she is obligd and fore'd to fee A First, a Source, a Life, a Deity;. . ,. *

What has for ever been, and must for ever be. j

This great Existence thus by Reason found, Blest by all Pow'r, with all Perfection crown'd:: How can we bind or limit His Decree,

By Limitibus nostri audemus comprendere senses?

Ergone congestis volvuntur cuncta sub undis

Ultra explorati confinia diffita mundi?

An Deus, b tenebris nostrum qui sustulit orbem,

Hos fluctus aliam juslit secernere terram;

Venturis olim scindenda laboribus arva, .

Et nondum natis condcndas gentibus urbes?

Ante revolventis quam cursus lubricus ævi

Exactis stadiis ter mille peregerit orbes;

Forte ruent nostri imperium doctrinaque Mundi,

Occiduasque artes fascesque serentur ad oras.

Qua feror ingenti perculsus imagine?" quæLux Tanta serit sensus? quo sacro rapta furore Quo te, anima, attollis? quid magnum albescere cerno Æquora per longe subjecta? En! Insula, sedes Imperii; gens dives opum, intractabilis armis; Justitia, & blando Clementia mollior ore Hic sedes posuere suas; hæc maxima amatæ Plenius Omnipotens indulsit munera terræ. Ad Zephyros etiam ulterius magnam Insula famam Occidua effundit; classes victricibus armis Instructas, nondum exploratas mittit ad oras, Et terras, quas nos fluctus cœlumque putamus.

By what our Eat has heard, or Eye may fee?
Say then: Is all in Heaps of Water lost,.
Beyond the Islands, and the Mid-land Coast?
Or has that God, who gave our World it's Birth,
Sever'd those Waters by some other Earth,
Countries by future Plow-mares to be torn,
And Cities rais'd by Nations yet unborn?
E'er the progressive Course of restless Age
Performs Three thousand times it's Annual Stage;
May not our Pow'r and Learning be supprest;
And Arts and Empire learn to travel West?

Where*, by the Strength of this Idea charm'd,
Lighten'd with Glory, and with Rapture warm'd,
Ascends my Soul? what fees She White and Great
Amidst subjected Seas? An Isle, the Seat
Of Pow'r and Plenty; Her Imperial Throne,
. For Justice and for Mercy sought and known;
Virtues Sublime, great Attributes of Heav'n,
From thence to this distinguish^ Nation giv'n;
Yet farther West the Western Isle extends
Her happy Fame: her Armed Fleets She fends
To Climates folded yet from human Eye;
And Lands, which We imagine Wave and Sky.

Inter utrosque polos audit resonantia facta,
Imperiumque regit, nullum quod terminat æqupr;
Intrepidas ducit naves, & carbasa pandit
Intra alios secura fades Orbemque secundum.

Albion ante omnes (illo fe nomine quondam
Jactabit) belloque dia famaque vigebit;
Magna diu, satis dilecta Mcnarchia franget
Invidiæ dentes, & iniquas temporis tras:
Extensos felix venerandaque stabit in annos,
Incertasque vices rerum immutata videbit.
Cedent cuncta tamen communi fubruta fato;
Ipsa augusta, ingens* morti, licet ultima, coder.

Jamque oculos humili nimium in tellure morantes Cærulei Coeii magna in convexa levemus: En! quale aulei fluitantis more patescit, Nunc matutino pictum variumque rubore; Luce super media flavo velamine fulgens, Nigro indutum horrore per alta silentia noctis. r Unde umbra & lumen certo diserimine surgunt Alternis? unde hos varios trahit Æthra colores? Quid dux ilia animi Ratio plus reddere poflit, Quam Solem rutilo diffundere lumina Cœlo,

From Pole to Pole She hears her Acts resound,
And rules an Empire by no Ocean bound;
Knows her Ships anchor'd, and her Sails unfurl'd
In other Indies, and a second World.

Long (hall Britannia (That must be her Name)
Be first in Conquest, and preside in Fame:
Long shall her favor'd Monarchy engage
The Teeth of Envy, and the Force of Age:
Rever'd and Happy She shall long remain,
Of human Things least changeable, least vain.
Yet All must with the gen'ral Doom comply;
And this Great Glorious Pow r, tho' last, must dye.

Now let us leave this Earth, and lift our Eye To the large Convex of yon' Azure Sky: Behold it like an ample Curtain spread, Now streak'd and glowing with the Morning Red; Anon at Noon in flaming Yellow bright, And chusing Sable for the peaceful Night Ask Reason now, whence Light and Shade were giv'n, And whence this great Variety of Heav'n: Reason our Guide, what can She more reply, Than that the Sun illuminates the Sky; yy-: F i Than

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