תמונות בעמוד

May not, I ask, the Natives of these Climes
(As Annals may inform succeeding Times)
To our Quotidian Change of Heav'n prefer
Their own Vicissitude, and equal Share
Of Day and Night, difparted thro’the Year?
May they not scorn our Sun's repeated Race,
To narrow bounds prescrib'd, and little space,
Haft’ning from Morn, and headlong driv’n from Noon,
Half of our Daily Toil yet scarcely done?
May they not justly to our Climes upbraid
Shortness of Night, and Penury of Shade:
That e'er our weary'd Limbs are justly blest
With wholesom Sleep, and necessary Reft;
Another Sun demands return of Care,
The remnant Toil of Yesterday to bear?
Whilft, when the Solar Beams salute their Sight,
Bold and secure in half a Year of Light,
Uninterrupted Voyages they take
To the remoteft Wood, and farthest Lake;
Manage the Fishing, and pursue the Course
With more extended Nerves, and more continu'd Force.
And when declining Day forsakes their Sky;
When gath’ring Clouds speak gloomy Winter nigh;
With Plenty for the coming Season blest,

Undique, sex totos ducunt ex ordine menses,
Discursu atque opera, strepitu & mærore soluti,
Queis noftra assidui vexatur Scena laboris :
Instaurant lautas, multa cum lampade, mensas,
Et facili hofpitio lætis gratantur Amicis;
Aut dulces narrant Venerés (ea cura quietis
Unica) dum pendent faciles circum ora puellæe;
Deliciis aut elati, requieve supini,
(Jucundis vicibus folidæ inter munera pacis)
Diffusam celebrant longa caligine noctem
Plena super poc'la & lecti genialis honores.

Plurima qua Nautis audacibus Insula longè Panditur, hanc latam procul ultra dissita terram, Urfa rigens, maculisque aspersæ corpora Lynces Prædantur valles, sylvamque horroribus implent: Esuriens Crocodilus & Hydræ sibila colla Flumine turbato latitant, dumisque sub udis: Nec rudis ipfe minùs brutis Homo, nec minùs asper Vallesque & sylvam, veprefque & flumina vexat. Hisne Viris atque his animalibus exit origo Ilicis à ftirpe, aut fæta telluris ab alvo? Unde igitur vetus illa fides venit, omnia nasci Frondifera in Paradiso, ortuque unius ADAMI?

Six solid Months (an Age) they live, releas'd
From all the Labor, Process, Clamor, Woe,
Which our fad Scenes of daily Action know:
They light the shining Lamp, prepare the Feast,
And with full Mirth receive the welcome Guest:
Or tell their tender Loves (the only Care
Which now they suffer) to the list’ning Fair;
And rais'd in Pleasure, or repos d in Eafe
(Grateful Alternates of substantial Peace)
They bless the long Nocturnal Influence shed
On the crown'd Goblets, and the Genial Bed.

In foreign Isles which our Discoy'rers find, Far from this length of Continent disjoin'd; The rugged Bears, or spotted Lynx's Brood, Frighten the Vallies, and infest the Wood: The hungry Crocodile, and hissling Snake Lurk in the troubld Stream and fenny Brake: And Man untaught, and rav'nous as the Beast, Does Valley, Wood, and Brake, and Stream infest. Deriv'd these Men and Animals their Birth From Trunk of Oak, or pregnant Womb of Earth? Whence then the Old Belief, that All began In Eden's Shade, and one created Man?


Vel ratibus primas, concede, legentibus oras
Hanc istuc fobolem propiori à littore vectam:
An populus, quorum à patria fluxisse putemus,
Gentibus innocuis cædemque venenaque ferrent?
An fecum veherent Ursas Lyncasque carinis ?
Fæcundamne alerent Hydram, gravidamque Colubram?
Nempe fore, ut fætam Crocodilen hofpita tellus
Acciperet, lætoque finu nova monftra foveret:

Et quando agreftis penitus ducenda propago
Servato à Noa, clarisque nepotibus exit;
Unde patrum poterant labi de mente suorum
Quas artes Noe vel quæ præcepta docebat,
Condere femen humo, generosas ponere vites,
Thuriferisque pias fanis advolvere flammas?
Dum vivit magni proles infausta Parentis,
Inscia vel Bacchum premere aut invertere glebam,
Per valles clivosque famis folatia quærens,
Arte carens omni, virtutem indocta Deumque.

Deinde super maria ac terras quo more fequemur Mirificis renovata inodis quæcunque videmus? Omnia permutata, eadem licet omnia durant; Particulæ rerum fluitant, ftat Summa manetque.


Or grant, this Progeny was wafted o'er
By coafting Boats from next adjacent Shoar:
Would Those, from whom We will suppose they spring,
Slaughter to harmless Lands, and Poyson bring?
Would they on Board or Bears, or Lynxes take,
Feed the She-Adder, and the brooding Snake?
Or could they think the new Discover'd Isle
Pleas'd to receive a pregnant Crocodile?

And fince the Savage Lineage we must trace From Noah say'd, and his distinguish'a Race; How should their Fathers happen to forget The Arts which Noah taught, the Rules He fet, To fow the Glebe, to plant the gen'rous Vine, And load with grateful Flames the Holy Shrine? While the great Sire's unhappy Sons are found, Unpress’d their Vintage, and untilld their Ground, Stragling o'er Dale and Hill in quest of Food, And rude of Arts, of Virtue, and of God.

How shall We next o'er Earth and Seas pursue
The vary'd Forms of every thing we view;
That all

. is chang'd, tho'all is ftill the same, Fluid the Parts, yet durable the Frame?



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