תמונות בעמוד

Nor why again the changing Oak should shed
The Yearly Honour of his stately Head;
Whilst the distinguish'd Yew is ever seen,
Unchang'd his Branch, and permanent his Green.
Wanting the Sun why does the Caltha fade?
Why does the Cypress flourish in the Shade?
The Fig and Date, why love they to remain
In middle Station, and an eyen Plain;
While in the lower Marsh the Gourd is found;
And while the Hill with Olive-shade is crown'd? ::
Why does one Climate, and one Soil endue
The blushing Poppy with a crimson Hue;
Yet leave the Lilly pale, and tinge the Violet

Why does the fond Carnation love to shoot :
A various Colour from one Parent Root;
While the fantastic Tulip strives to break
In two-fold Beauty, and a parted Streak;
The twining Jasmine, and the blushing Rose,
With lavish Grace their Morning Scents disclose::
The smelling Tubrose and Junquele declare,
The stronger Impulse of an Evening Air.
Whence has the Tree (resolve me) or the Flow'r,
A various Instinct, or a diff'rent Pow'r?

B Why

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Cur eadem tellus, cælum, amnis, spiritus idem
Ad vitam levat hunc, ad funera deprimit illum?

Queis oritur Caufis, Animatæ ut nomine Plantæ Sensus ineft? sese unde movet, tactumque refugit? Unde sequi imperium faciles didicere capilli, Et tremere admotam celeri formidine dextram?

Per Ripam æstivam vel aquofi gramina prati Diversam jactant foliorum millia formam: Natali contenta Solo securaque florent; Texere nec discunt, operamve insumere curant; Illa tamen clarè ardefcunt, ridentque superbam Pauperiem noftræ veftis, luxumque minorem. Cincta magis nitido flavent Verbascula cultu, Quàm Velum, pectus quod adultæ Virginis ambit; Fulgidiorque Rubor clarefcit in ore Rofarum, : Quàm fluitante novi fuffufus fyrmate Sponfi. Alpice Liliolum, cui fplendor humillimus agris; Cedere fi poffit Ratione Superbia victa, . . Ipfe etiam facto certamine DAVIDE natus, Ipse minùs fulget, folio sublimis in aureo, Indutus Trabeam & veneranda Insignia regni, Quæsitumque decus; quàm Flosculus ifte, decora Simplicitate nitens, nudoq; illuftris honore. InWhy should one Earth,oneClime,one Stream,oneBreath Raise this to Strength, and ficken That to Death?

Whence does it happen, that the Plant which well We name the Sensitive, should move and feel? Whence know her Leaves to answer her Command, And with quick Horror fly the Neighb’ring Hand?

Along the Sunny Bank, or watry Mead, Ten thousand Stalks their various Blossoms spread: Peaceful and lowly in their native Soil, They neither know to spin, nor care to toil; Yet with confess’d Magnificence deride Our vile Attire, and Impotence of Pride. : The Cowslip similes, in brighter yellow dress’d, Than That which veils the nubile Virgin's Breast A fairer Red stands blushing in the Rose, Than That which on the Bridegroom's: Vestment flows. Take but the humbleft Lilly of the Field; And if our Pride will to our Reason yield, S It must by sure Comparison be shown, That on the Regal Seat great David's Son, wi..!? Array'd in all his Robes, and Types of Pow'r, :;'? Shines with less Glory, than that simple Flow'r.

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· Indigenam undarum gentem scrutemur, Amici,
Quo generet more & respiret muta Caterva;
A plebe exigua, quæ lubrica labitur amne
Jordani, fine honore natans, fine nomine turba,
Ipfam ad Balænain, quæ vexans æquora faltu,
Mole ruens ingenti immania corpora volvit,
Irridetque Notum, exercetque in Turbine lusus.
Protinus, inverso mutatis sedibus anno,
Ut migrant omnes audaciter, agmine facto,
Fluctibus ex strictis, rigidique horroribus Axis,
Tendentes illuc, ubi ridet amicior aer.
Sollicitam ut stimulat fua cuique Scientia curam
Conciliare finus aptos, lymphafque, cibosque,
Semina complecti, teneramque attollere prolem.

Explorem aerias Gentes, ut quæque ftruendo
Colligit inftrumenta fuis accommoda Nidis; ..
Fingit opus, quale humani vis summa cerebri
Mutabit fruftrà, vanaque imitabitur arte.
Ut brevibus sobolem tentare volatibus audent,
Discipulo implumi cantus referente paternos..
Cur hoc planitie, sylva Genus illud oberrat:
Cur Tellus proprium fortita eft fingula fætum.
Ardua Grus, finuansque fugam quò cèdit Hirundo,


Of Fishes next, my Friends, I would enquire, How the mute Race engender, or respire; From the small Fry that glide on JORDAN's Stream Unmark'd, a Multitude without a Name, To that Leviathan, who o'er the Seas Immense rolls onward his impetuous Ways, And mocks the Wind, and in the Tempest plays. ] How They in warlike Bands march greatly forth From freezing Waters, and the colder North, To Southern Climes directing their Career, Their Station changing with th’inverted Year. How all.with careful Knowledge are indu'd, To chuse their proper Bed, and Wave, and Food: To guard their Spawn, and educate their Brood.

Of Birds, how each according to her Kind Proper Materials for her Nest can find; And build a Frame, which deepest Thought in Man Would or amend, or imitate in vain. How in small Flights They know to try their Young, And teach the callow Child her Parent's Song. Why these frequent the Plain, and those the Wood, Why ev'ry Land has her specific Brood. . Where the tall Crane, or winding Swallow goes;


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