Solomon de mundi vanitate: poema, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
E Theatro Sheldoniano, 1734

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עמוד 51 - And griefs, will find their shafts elanc'd in vain, And their points broke, retorted from the head, Safe in the grave, and free among the dead.
עמוד 25 - I tell thee, life is but one common care; And man was born to suffer, and to fear. " But is no rank, no station, no degree From this contagious taint of sorrow free...
עמוד 63 - O subject Reason ! O imperious Love! Whither yet further would my folly rove ? Is it enough that Abra should be great In the wall'd palace or the rural seat...
עמוד 73 - Forsakes his Joy to vindicate his Pride ; And changing Sorrows, I am only found Loos'd from the Chains of Love, in Thine more strictly bound.
עמוד 5 - And on the jasper steps to rear the throne : The spreading cedar, that an age had stood, Supreme of trees, and mistress of the wood, Cut down and carv'd, my shining roof adorns, And Lebanon his ruin'd honour mourns.
עמוד 49 - How mean the order and perfection sought In the best product of the human thought, Compar'd to the great harmony that reigns In what the spirit of the world ordains...
עמוד 73 - Judah's king, at thy tribunal try'd, Forsakes his joy, to vindicate his pride, And, changing sorrows, I am only found...
עמוד 13 - ... phantoms of the night, What had been said, I ask'd my soul, what done; How flow'd our mirth, and whence the source begun ? Perhaps the jest that charm'd the sprightly...
עמוד 13 - Their station changing with th' inverted year. How all with careful knowledge are endued, To choose their proper bed, and wave, and food: To guard their spawn, and educate their brood. Of birds, how each according to her kind Proper materials for her nest can find, And build a frame, which deepest thought in man Would or amend, or imitate in vain.

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