Lives of the Lord Chancellors and Keepers of the Great Seal of England: From the Earliest Times Till the Reign of King George IV, כרך 7

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John Murray, 1857 - 405 עמודים

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עמוד 191 - ... strange gods, and writing strange characters from right to left. The High Court of Parliament was to sit, according to forms handed down from the days of the Plantagenets, on an Englishman accused of exercising tyranny over the lord of the holy city of Benares, and over the ladies of the princely house of Oude.
עמוד 223 - the people have nothing to do with the laws but to obey them.
עמוד 191 - Every step in the proceedings carried the mind either backward, through many troubled centuries, to the days when the foundations of our constitution were laid; or far away, over boundless seas and deserts, to dusky nations living under strange stars, worshipping strange gods, and writing strange characters, from right to left.
עמוד 31 - I met him (said he) at Lord Clare's house in the country, and he took no more notice of me than if I had been an ordinary man.
עמוד 274 - The quality of mercy is not strained'; It droppeth as the gentle dew from heaven Upon the place beneath* : it is twice blessed* ; It blesseth him that gives', and him that takes*.
עמוד 77 - Mr. Speaker, I cannot prevail on myself to hurry over this great consideration. It is good for us to be here. We stand where we have an immense view of what is, and what is past. Clouds indeed, and darkness, rest upon the future.
עמוד 143 - ... to be applied to the relief of the widows, orphans, and aged parents of our beloved American fellow-subjects, who, faithful to the character of Englishmen, preferring death to slavery, were for that reason only inhumanly murdered by the king's troops at or near Lexington and Concord, in the province of Massachusetts, on the 19th of last April; which sum being immediately collected, it was thereupon resolved that Mr.
עמוד 76 - This nobleman, I say, is a prodigy ; for at eighty-five he has all the wit and promptness of a man of thirty ; a disposition to be pleased, and a power to please others beyond whatever I knew ; added to which, a man of learning, courtesy, and feeling.
עמוד 76 - Swifts have sung and spoken so much: I have lived my life with geniuses of that cast ; but have survived them ; and, despairing ever to find their equals, it is some years since I have...
עמוד 3 - ... for their perishable trash. It was not for gain that Bacon, Newton, Milton, Locke, instructed and delighted the world. . . . When the bookseller offered Milton five pounds for his Paradise Lost...

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