The Red Cross of Gold I : The Knight of Death

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Lulu Press, Inc, 22 ביוני 2014
If anything can go wrong... it will and does in the Book One of the Assassin Chronicles. Mark Ramsay has never had so much trouble executing a simple extraction/assassination mission. Are the years getting to him? Eight centuries in the same job is a long, long time. Maybe he needs a vacation. Maybe he needs a new occupation. But maybe he just needs to get his head on straight before he loses it. (This is the first book of the thirty installment, epic fantasy series.) Todd Barselow, Editor: "Writing is an art form and Brendan is a true master in all senses of the word."

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This is the first of a many-volume series which, smartly, was given away free on Kindle. It's a great marketing technique - and it looks like the concept worked since I've purchased the inexpensive ... קרא סקירה מלאה


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