תמונות בעמוד

And with the other dash'd the fawcy Waves,
That chrong'd and press’d to rob me of my Prize. Otw. Ven. PT!

Accoutred as we were, we both plung'd in
The troubled Tiber, chafing with his Shores:
The Torrent roar'd, and we did buffet it,
With lusty Sinews throwing it aside,
And Itemming it with Hearts of Controversy. Shak. Jul. C4

He stemm'd the stormy Tide, And gain'd by Stress of Arms the farther Side. Dryd. Vir

A sudden Tremblingfiez'd on all his Limbs,
His Eyes distorted grew, his Visage pale,
His Speech forfook him, Life it self seem'd fled. Otw. Orpi.

She faints;
Her Cheeks are cold, and the last leaden Sleep
Hangs heavy on her Lids.

Row. Uhh
A fickly Qualm his Heart afrail'd,
His Ears rung inward, and his Senses fail'd. Dryd. Pal. & Ar..

My Sight grows dim, and ev'ry Object dances And swims before me in the Maze of Death. Dryd. Au for Love.

Astonish'd at the Sighe, che vital Heat Forsakes her Limbs, her Veins no longer beat; She faints, she falls.

Dryd. Virg. Her Eyes are clos'd, and tho' with her 'tis Night, Her Beauty shines without the Help of Light. Nature begins to conquer in the Strife, And through her Lips fofc Whispers steal of Life : How fresh they fhew! the Roses almost gone For want of Air, by Breath seem newly blown. Her Eyes begin to move, and shine with Life, Now link again in Death's ungenele Strife: In doubtful Weather so the Sun resigns,

(Virg Sometimes his Light to Clouds, and sometimes shines. How. Vill

He therefore sent our all his Senfes,
To bring him in Intelligences;
Which Vulgars out of Ignorance,
Mistake for falling in a Trance ;
But those who deal in Geomancy,
Affirm to be the Strength of Fancy.

Then Ralpho gently rais’d the Knight,
And set him on his Bum upright:
To rowze him from lethargick Dump,
He tweak'd his Nose; with gentle Thump
Knock'd on his Breast, as if't had been
To raise the Spiries lodg'd within:
They waken' with the Noife did fly
From inward Room to Window Eye,


And gently op'ning Lid, the Casement,

Look'd out, but yet with some Amazement. Hud
SWORD. See Armour, Battel, Soldier War.

His puissant Sword unto his Side,
Near his undaunted Heart was ty’d;
The trenchant Blade, Toledo truity,
For want of fighting was grown rusty,
And ear into it felf for lack
Of somebody to hew and hack.
The peaceful Scabbard where it dwelt,
The Rancour of irs Edge had felt ;
For of the lower End two handful
It had devour’d, 'cwas so manful.

With his refulgent Sword he hew'd his Way.
From his broad Belt he drew a shining Sword,
Magnificent with Gold Lyacon made,
And in an iv'ry Scabbard fheath'd the Blade. · Dryd. Virg.

A Sword with glitt'ring Gems diversify'd, For Ornament, not Use, hung idly by his side.

Dryd. Virgo
SYBIL Sce Enthusiasm.
The mad prophetick Sybil you shall find
Dark in a Cave, and on a Rock reclin'd:
She sings the Fates, and in her frantick Fits,
The Notes and Names inscrib'd to Leafs commits :
What the commits to 'Leafs, in order laid,
Before the Cavern's Entrance are display'd ;
Unmov'd they lie, but if a Blast of Wind
Without, or Vapours issue from behind,
The Leafs are born aloft in liquid Air,
And she resumes no more her museful Care,
Nor gathers from the Rocks her scatter'd Verfe
Nor sets in order what the Winds disperse.
Thus many not fucceeding, most upbraid
The Madness of the visionary Maid,
And with loud Curses leave the mystick Shade. Dryd. Virg.

Have you been led chro’the Cumaan Cave,
And heard the impatient Maid divinely rave ?
I hear her now, I see her rowling Eyes,
And panting, Lo! the God! the God, she cries :
With Words not hers, and more ciran human Sound,

(Ground. Rofc. She makes ch'obedient Ghosts peep trembling thro' the

TEARS. See Funeral, Grief, Sorrow, Weeping.
I'll teach him a Receipt to make
Words that weep and Tears that speak;
I'll teach him Sighs like those in Death,
At which the Soul goes out too with the Breath.

A rising Scorm of Passion shook her Breast; Her Eyes a pireous Show'r of Tears let fall,

(Pa. And then she figh'd as if her Heare were breaking. Row, Fa:

Tears not squeez'd by Art, But shed from Nature like a kindly Show'r. Dryd. Don S.

She then lookid down and sigh'd, While from her unchang'd Face the silent Tears (for Loz Drop'd as they had not Leave, and stole their parting. Dryd. A.

Her Head reclin'd, as hiding Grief from view, Droops like a Rose surcharg‘d with morning Dew. Dryd. Aure.

He begg'd Relief With Tears, the dumb Petitioners of Grief With Tears fo tender as adorn'd his Love, And any Heart but only hers would move. Dryd, Tel.

Believe these Tears, which from my wounded Heart Bleed at my Eyes.

Dryá. Span, Fry Thy Heart is big, get thee apart and weep: Paffion I see is catching; for my Eyes Seeing those Beads of Sorrow stand in thine, Begin to water.

Shak. Jul. Ca. He chrice assay’d to speak, and thrice in spight of Scorn, Tears such as Angels weep burst forth : Ac last Words interwove with Sighs found out their way.

Milt. She a&ts the Jealous, and ar will the cries; For Womens Tears are but the Sweat of Eyes. Dryd. Fwu.

The waiting Tears stood ready for Command, And now they flow to varnish the false Tale.

Row. Amb. Step. I found her on the Floor In all the Storm of Grief, yet beautiful; Sighing fuch Breath of Sorrow, that her Lips Which late appear'd like Buds, were now o'erblown ; Pouring forth Tears at such a lavish Rate, That were the World on firt, they might have drown'd The Wrath of Heaven, and quench'd the mighty Ruin. Lee Mitk.

*Twould raise your Pity, but to see the Tears Force thro' her snowy Lids their melting Course, To lodge themselves on her red murm'ring Lips, That talk such inournful things; when strait a Gale Of starting Sighs carries those Pearls away, As Dews by Winds are wafred from che Flow'rs. Lee Mithr.

She mix'd her Speech with mournful Cries, And fruitless Tears came trickling from her Eyes. Dryd. Virg.

Mine is a Grief of Fury, nor Despair; And if a manly Drop or two fall down, . It fcalds along my Cheeks, like the green Wood, (Cleom. That sputt'ring in the Flames, works outward into Tears. Dr.


TENERIFF: From Atlas far, beyond a Waste of Plains, Proud Teneriff his giant Brother reigns. With breathing Fire his pitchy Nostrils glow, As from his Sides, he shakes the fleecy Snow. Around their hoary Prince, from watry Beds His subject Islands raise their verdant Heads: The Waves fo gently wash each rising Hill, The Land seems floating, and the Ocean ftill.

TEMPEST. See Storm.

Things that love Night,
Love not such Nights as these: The wrathful Skies
Gallow the very Wanderers of the Dark,
And make them keep their Caves. Since I was Man,
Such Sheets of Fire, such Bursts of horrid Thunder,
Such Groans of roaring Winds and Rain, I never
Remember to have heard. Man's Nacure cannot carry
Th'Amfiction, and not fear. Let the great Gods
That keep this dreadful Pother o'er, our Heads,
Find out their Enemies now. Tremble thou. Wretch,
That hast within thee undivulged Crimes
Unwhipp'd of Justice. Hide thee, thou bloody Hand,
Thou perjur'd, and thou Similar of Virtue,
That art incestuous : Caitiff, to Pieces shake
That under Covert and convenient Seeming,
Hast practis'd on Man's Life. Close pent-up Guile,
Rive your concealing Continents, and cry
These dreadful Summoners Grace.

Shok, K. Lear.
Let my Tears thank you, for I cannot speak;
And if I could,

(Don Seb. Words were not made to vent such Thoughts as mine. Dryd.

O my more than Father!
Let me not live, but at thy very Name
My eager Heart springs up and leaps with Joy.
When I forget the vast Debt I owe thee,
Forget! but 'tis impossible ; then let me
Forget the Use and Privilege of Reason,
Be driven from the Commerce of Mankind,
To wander in the Desart among Brutes,
To bear the various Fury of the Seasons,
The Night's unwholfom Dew, and Noon-day's Heat,
To be the Scorn of Earth, and Curse of Heaven, Rowo. Fair Pen.

My grateful Thoughts so throng co get abroad,
They over-run each other in the Crowd:
To you with hafty Flight they take their way,
And hardly for the Dress of Words will stay.


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G. 3

And now such Haste to tell their Message make,
They only stammer what they meant to speak.

Words would but wrong the Gratitude I owe you:
Should I begin to freak, iny Soul's fo full,
That I should talk of nothing else all Day.

Otw. Ori With what becoming Thanks can I reply, Not only Words lie lab'ring in my Breaft, But Thought it self is by thy Praise oppress'd. Dryd. To

Oh let me unlade my Breaft! Pour out the Fulness of my Soul before you, Shew ev'ry tender, ev'ry grateful Thought This wond'rous Goodness ftirs: But ’tis impossible, And Uit'rance all is vile; since I can only Swear you reign here, but never tell how much. Row. Fair Pa.

For should our Thanks a wake the rising Sun, And lengthen as bis' Jacest Shadows run,

(Dryd. That, tho' the longest Day, would foon, too soon be done.


Like a Thief,
A Pilferer, descry'd in some dark Corner,
Who there had lodg’d with mischievous Intent
To rob and ravage at the Hour of Rest,
And do a midnight Murther on the Sleepers. Row. Fair Pem

Oh wretched Man! whose too too busy Thoughts
Ride swifter than the galloping Heavens round,
With an eternal Hurry of the Soul:
Nay, there's a Time when ev'n the rolling Year
Seems co stand still ; dead Calms are in the Ocean,
When not a Breath difturbs the drowzy Waves:
But Man, the very Monster of the World,
Is ne'er at reft, the Soul for ever wakes.

Lee Oedip Thoughts fucceed Thoughts, like restless troubled Waves Dashing out one another.

Hom. D. of Lern.
Reftlefs Thoughts, that like a deadly Swarm
Of Hornets arm’d, in Throngs come rushing on me. Mill

I have been studying how to conpare,
The Prison where I live unto the World ;
And for because the World is populous,
And here is not a Creature but my self,
I cannot do it. Yet I'll hammer't out:
My Brain I'll prove the female to my Soul,
My Soul the Father; and these two beget
A Generation of ftill breeding Thoughts,
And these fame Thoughts people this little World,
In Humours like the People of this World,


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