תמונות בעמוד

The Master saw the Madness rise,
His glowing Cheeks, his ardent Eyes ;
And while he Heav'n and Earth defy'd,
Chang'd his Hand, and check'd bis Pride:

He chose a mournful Muse

Sofc Pity to infuse ;
He sung Darius great and good,

By too severe a Fate
Fall'n, fall'n, fall'n, falfn,
Fall’n from his high Estate,

And welt'ring in his Blood;
Deserted at his utmost Need
By those his former Bounty fed: :
On the bare Earth expos'd he lies,

With not a Friend to close his Eyes.
With down-caft Looks the joyless Victor fate,

Revolving in his alter'd Soul

The various Turns of Chance below,
And now and then a Sigh he stole,

And Tears began to flow.
The mighty Master smil'd to see
That Love was in the next Degree;
'Twas but a kindred Sound to move,
For Pity melts the Soul to Love.
Softly sweet, in Lydian Measures,
Soon he sooch'd his Soul to Pleasures:
War, he sung, is Toil and Trouble,
Honour but an empty Bubble;
Never ending, still beginning;

Fighting still, and still destroying:
If the World be worth thy winning,

Think, O think it worth enjoying!
Lovely Thaus fits beside thee;

Take the Good the Gods provide thee:
The Many rend the Skies with loud Applause,
So Love was crown’d, but Musick won the Cause.
The Prince, unable to conceal his Pain,

Gaz'd on the Fair

Who caus'd his Care,
And figh'd and look'd, figh'd and look d,

Sigh'd and look'd, and ligh'd again.
At length with Love and Wine at once oppress’d,
The vanquish'd Vi&or funk upon her Breaft.

Now strike the golden Lyre again,
A louder yet, and yet a louder Strain ;

Break his Bands of Sleep asunder,
And rouze him like a rattling Peal of Thunder.


Hark, hårk, the horrid Sound
Has rais'd up, his Head ;
As awak'd from the Dead,

And amaz'd, he starès round.
Revenge, Revenge, Timotheus cries,

See the Furies arise !
See the Snakes that they rear,

How they biss in their Hair,
And the Sparkles that flash from their Eyes!

Behold a graftly Band,

Each à Torch in his Hand!
These are Grecian Ghosts that in Battel were slain,

And unbury'd remain
Inglorious on the Plain;
Give the Vengeance due

To the valiant Crew :
Behold how they toss their Torches on high,

How they point to the Persian Abodës;
And glitt'ring Temples of their hostile Gods.'.

The Princes applaud with a furious Joy;
And the King liez'da Flambeau with Zeal to deftroji

Thais led the Way,,

To light him to his Prey, And like another

Hellen, fir'd another Troy.

Thus long ago,
E'er heaving Bellows learn to blow,

While Orgáns yet were mure ;
Timotheus to his breathing Flute,

And sounding Lyre,
Could swell the Soul to Rage, or kindle loft Desire. Drgå

Thus David's Lyre did Saul's wild Rage controul;
And tune the harsh Disorders of his Soul.
His Sheep would scorn their Food to hear his Lay;
And savage Beasts stand by as came as they.
Rivers whore Waves rould down aloud before,
Mute as their Filh, would listen tow'rds the Shoré. Corin
· The Groves rejoyc’d the Thracian Verse to hear,

In vain did Nature bid them ftay:
When Orpheus had his Song begun,
They call'd their wondring Roots away,

And bade them silent to him run.
For Orphens Lute could soften Steel and Stone,
Make Tigers tame, and huge Leviathans
Forsake unfounded Deeps, and dance on Sands. Shak, the-ful

(Gems of Verona &


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Th'unhappy Husband, Husband now no more, Did on his tuneful Harp his Lofs deplore, And fought his mournful Mind with Mufick to reftore. On thee, dear Wife, in Desarts all alone, He calld, fighd, fung: His Griefs with Day begun, Nor were they finish'd with the setting Sun. Ev'n to the dark Dominions of the Night He took his Way, thro’ Forests void of Light; And dar'd amidst the trembling Ghosts to ling, And stood before th'inexorable King. Th'infernal Mansions nodding seem to dance; The gaping three-mouth'd Dog forgets to snarl, The Furies harken, and their Snakes uncurl: Ixion seems no more his Pains to feel, But leans attentive on his ftanding Wheel. Dryd. Virs

MYRRHA. Mean while (*) the mif-begotten Infant grows, And ripe for Birch, distends with deadly Throws The swelling Rind, with unavailing Strife, To leave the wooden Womb, and pushes into Life. The Mother-Tree, as if opprefs'd with Pain, Writhes here and there to break the Bark in vain ; And, like a lab'ring Woman, would have pray'd, But wants a Voice to call Lucina's Aid. The bending Bole sends out a hollow Sound, And trickling Tears fall thick upon the Ground, The mild Lucina came uncall'd, and stood Beside the struggling Boughs, and heard the groaning Wood; Then reach'd her Midwife-hand to speed the Throws, And spoke the pow'rful Spells that Babes to Birth disclofe. The Bark divides, the living Load to free,

Dryd. Ovid. And safe delivers the convulsive Tree.

NATURE and ART: See Painting.
Let Art use Method and good Husbandry;
Art lives on Nature's Alms, is weak and poor;
Nature her self has unexhausted Store;
Wallows in Wealth, and runs a turning Maze,

That no vulgar Eye can trace ;

Art instead of mounting high, About her humble Food does hov'ring ily:

(*) The Poets feign that Myrrha was got with Child by her Father, and deliver'd after she was chang'd into a Tree.

Like the ignoble Crow, Rapine and Noife does love ;
While Nature, like the sacred Bird of Jove,
Vow bears loud Thunder, and anon with silent Joy,

The beauteous Phrygian Boy :
Defeats the strong, o'ertakes the flying Prey;
And sometimes basks in th'open Flames of Day,

And somecimes too he shrowds
His soaring Wings among the Clouds.

Him have I seen (on Ister's Banks he stood,
Where last we winter'd) bind the headlong Flood
In sudden Ice; and where most swift it flows,
In chrystal Nets the wondring Fishes close;
Then, with a Moment's Thaw, the Stream enlarge,
And from the Mesh the twinkling Guests discharge.
In a deep Vale, or near some ruin'd Wall,
He would the Ghosts of slaughter'd Soldiers call;
Who slow to wounded Bodies did repair,
And loath to enter; shiver'd in the Air:
These his dread Wand did to short Life compell,
And forc'd the Fates of Battles to foretel.
In a lone Tent, all hung with black, I saw
Where in a Square he did a Circle draw:
Four Angels, made by that Circumference,
Bore holy Words inscrib'd of mystick Sense:
When first a hollow Wind began to blow,
The Sky grew black, and belly'd down more low;
Around the Field did nimble Lightning play,
Which offer'à us by Fits, and snatch'd the Day.
'Midst this was heard the shrill and tender Cry
Of well-pleas'd Ghosts, which in the Storm did fly;
Danc'd to and fro, and skim'd along the Ground,
Till to the magick Circle they were bound. Dryd. Tyr. Love.

By my rough Magick I have oft bedim'd
The Noon-tide Sun, callid forth the mutinous Winds ;
And 'twixt the green Sea and the azur'd Vault
Set roaring War: To the dread rattling Thunder
Have I giv’n Fire, and rifted Jove's stour Oak
With his own Bolt. Graves at my Command

Have wak'd their Sleepers, op'd and let them forth - By my so potent Art.

Let the dark Mysteries of Hell begin. 3

Chuse the darkest Part o'th' Grove,
Such as Ghosts at Noon-day love.
Dig a Trench, and dig it nigh
Where the Bones of Laius lię :

Shak. Temp

Alcars rais d of Turf or Stone,
Will th'infernal Pow'rs have none.
Is the Sacrifice made fit?
Draw her backward to the Pit:
Draw the barren Heifer back;
Barren let her be, and black.
Cut the curled Hair that grows
Full between her Horns and Brows:
Pour in Blood, and blood-like Wine,
To Mother Earth and Proserpine.
Mingle Milk into the Stream,
Feast the Ghosts that love the Steam.
Snatch a Brand from fun'ral Pilc,
Toss it in to make 'em boil.
And turn your Faces from the Sun.
Answer me if all be done ?

Pryd. Oudis
His finny Train Saturnian Neptune joins;
Then adds the foamy Bridles to theirJaws,
And to the loosen'd Reins permits the Laws.
High on the Waves his azure Car he guides,
Its Axles thunder, and the Sea fubfides,
And the smooth Ocean rouls her silent Tides.
The Tempests fly before their Father's Face,
Trains of inferiour Gods his Triumph grace ;
And Monster-Whales before their Master play,
And Quires of Tritons crowd the watry Way.
The marshald Pow'rs in equal Troops divide
To Right and Left; the Gods his better Side (Virg:
Inclose, and on the worse the Nymphs and Nereids ride. Dryd.

When thus the Father of the Flood appears,
And o'er the Seas his sov'raign Trident rears,
Their Fury falls; he skims the liquid Plains,
High on his Chariot, and with loofend Reins (Virg.
Majestick moves along, and awful Peace' maintains. Dryd.

Darkness now rofe, and brought in louring Night,
Her shadowy Offspring, unfubftantial both,
Privation meer of Light, and abfent Day.

The Night descends
With her black Wings to brood o'er all the World. Lee L. 7.
And now from End to End

(Brut. Night's Hemisphere had veil'd th'Horizon round.

Mili, Now Night advancing, draws her fable Train Along the Air, and shades th'ethereal Plain.

Bla: The Night began to spread her gloomy Veil, And call'd the counted Sheep from ev'ry Dale :



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