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To lib'ral Arts enlarg‘d the narrow-foul'd,
Soften'd the Fierce, and made the Coward bold.Dryd. Cym.&lph.

Ye niggard Gods! ye make our Lives too long :
Ye fill 'em with Diseases, Wants, and Woes,
And only dash 'em with a little Love ;
Sprinkled by Fits, and with a sparing Hand: Dryd. Ampbit.

Life without Love is Load, and Time stands ftill : What we refuse to him, to Death we give, And then, then only, when we love, we live.Cong. Mourn.Bride.

Love's an heroick Passion, wbich can find
No Room in any base degen'rate Mind :
It kindles all the Soul with Honour's Fire,
To make the Lover worthy his Delire. Dryd. Cong. of Gran. p. 2.

Love is not Sin, but where 'tis sinful Love :
Mine is a Flame fo holy and so clear,
That the white Taper leaves no Soot behind,
No Smoke of Luft.

Dryd. Don Seb.
What art thou, Love, thou great mysterious Thing?
From what hid Stock does thy strange Nature spring ?
'Tis thou that mov'st the World thro' ev'ry Part ;
And hold'st the vast Frame fast that nothing start.
From the due Place and Office first ordain'd:
By Thee were all things made, and are sustain'd.

Cowl. The Pow'r of Love, In Earth, and Seas, and Air, and Heav'n above, Rules unresisted with an awful Nod: By daily Miracles declar'd a God; He blinds the Wife, gives Eye-light to the Blind : And moulds, and stamps anew the Lover's Mind.Dryd.Pal. Arse

No Law is made for Love: Law is to things which to free Choice relate; Love is not in our Choice, but in our Fate : Laws are but positive ; Love's Pow'r we see Is Nature's San&tion, and her first Decree. Each Day we break the Bond of human Laws For Love, and vindicate the common Cause. Laws for Defence of civil Rights are plac'd; Love throws the Fences down, and makes a gen'ral Waste. Maids, Widows, Wives, without Distinction fall: (Pal. Ara The sweeping Deluge, Love, comes on, and covers all. Dryd.

In Hell, and Earth, and Seas, and Heav'n above, Love conquers all, and we must yield to Love: Dryd. Virg.

For Love the Sense of Right and Wrong confounds : Strong Love and proud Ambition have no Bounds. Dryd.

The Faults of Love by Love are justified : With unresifted Might the Monarch reigns, It raises Mountains, and he levels Plains : Dryd. Sig. do Guisc.


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Kings fight for Kingdoms, Madmen for Applaufe,(Pal. & Arc But Love for Love alone, that crowns the Lover's Cause. Dryd,

Love gives Esteem, and then he gives Defert :
He either finds Equality or makes it ;
Like Death, he knows no Difference in Degrees,
But plains and levels all.

Dryd. Mar. A-la-modra
By Heav'n, I'll tell her boldly that 'cis fhé :
Why should the afham'd, or angry be,

To be belov'd by me ?
The Gods may give their Altars o'er,

They'll smoke but seldom any more,
If none but happy Men muft them adore.
The Lightning which tall Oaks oppose in vain,

To strike sometiines does not disdain
The humble Furzes of the Plain.
She being so high, and I so low,

Her Pow'r by this does greater shew,
Who at such Distance gives so sure a Blow.
If there be Man who thinks himself fo higla

As to pretend Equality,
Hé deferves her less than 1;
For he would cheat for his Relief,

And one would give with lesser Grief
T'an undeserving Beggar than a Thief.

I knew 'twas Madness to declare this Truth,
And yet 'twere Bafeness to deny my Love.
'Tis true, my Hopes are vanishing as Clouds,
Lighter than Children's Bubbles blown by Winds :
My Merit's but the rafh Refulc of Chance,
My Birth unequal: All the Stars against me;
Pow'r, Promise, Choice, the Living and the Dead
Mankind my Foes, and only Love to friend me :
But such a Love, kept at such awful Distance,
As what ic loudly dares to tell, a Rival
Shall fear to whisper there. Queens may be lov'd;
And so may Gods, else why are Altars rais'd ?
Why shines the Sun but that he may be view'd ?
But oh! when he's too bright, if then we gaze, (Frys
'Tis but to weep, and close our Eyes in Darkness.

Love various Minds does variously inspire,
He stirs in gentle Natures gentle Fires,
Like that of Incense on the Alcars laid;
But raging Flámes tempestuous Souls invade;
A Fire which ev'ry windy Passion blows,

Pride it mounts, and with Revenge it glows. Dr. Tyr. Lovas
So like the Chances are of Love and War,
That they alone in this diftinguish d arc;

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bryd, Spár,

In Love the Vi&tors from the Vanquish'd fly;
They fly that wound, and they pursue that die.

The Fate of Love is such,
That ftill it sees too little or too much. Dryd. Ind. Emp.

The Proverb holds, That to be wise, and love, Is hardly granted to the Gods above. A gen'ral Doom on all Mankind is pass'd, And all are Fools and Lovers first or laft: This boch by others and my self I know, For I have ferv'd their Sov'raign long ago; Oft have been caught within the winding Train Of female Snares, and felt the Lover's Pain ; (Pal. & Arce? And learn’d how farthe God can human Hearts constrain. Dryd.)

Love is the pleasant Frenzy of the Mind ; And frantick Men in their mad Actions show A Happiness that none but Madinen know.

Love is that Madness which all Lovers have;
But yet 'tis sweet and pleasing so to rave:
'Tis an Enchantment where the Reason's bound,
But Paradise is in th’enchanted Ground;
A Palace void of Envy, Cares and Strife,
Where gentle Hours delude so much of Life.
To take chose Charms a way, and set me free,
Is but to send me into Misery ;
And Prudence, of whose Cure you so much boast, (Gton.
Restores the Pains which that sweet Folly lost. Dryd. Cong. of

I have no Reason lefe that can assist me,
And none would have! My Love's a noble Madness,
Which shews che Cause deserves it. Mod'rate Sorrow
Fits vulgar Love, and for a vulgar Map ;
But I have lov'd with such transcendent Passion,
I foar'd at first quite out of Reason's View,
And now am loft above it.

Dryd. All for Lrus
In Love what use of Prudence can there be ?
More perfect I, and yet more pow'rful She!
One Look of hers my Resolution breaks ;
Reason it self turns Folly when the speaks ;
And aw'd by her whom it was made to sway,
Flatrers her Pow'r and does its own betray. Dryd. State of Inn,

Does the mute Sacrifice upbraid the Priest?
He knows him not the Executioner.
On! she has deck'd his Ruin with her Love;
Led him in golden Bands to gaudy Slaughter,
And made Perdirion pleasing

Dryd. All for Love
Wirness ye Pow'rs!
How much I suffer'd and how much I strove:
But mighty Love who Prudence does despise,


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For Reason shew'd me Indamora's Eyes:
What would you more, my Crime I fadly view,
Acknowledge, am afham'd, and yet pursue. Dryd, Aurers,

For Love does human Policy despise,
And laughs at all the Counsels of the Wife. Dav. Circe.

For Lovers Hearts are not cheir own Hearts,
Nor Lights, nor Lungs, and so forth, downwards. Hud,

I came, I saw, and was undone!
Lightning did chro' my Bones and Marrow run;

A pointed Pain pierc'd deep my Heart, i A swift cold Treribling seiz'd on ev'ry Part ;

My Head turn'd round, nor could it bear

The Poyson that was enter'd chere.
À Change to Twift what Heart did ever feel!
It rush'd upon me like a mighty Stream,
And bore me in a Moment far from Shore !
I've lov'd away my self in one shorc Hour;
Already I am gone an Age of Pallion.
Was it his Youth, his Valour, or Success?
These might perhaps be found in other Men :
'Twas chat Respect, that awful Homage paid me
Thac fearful Love which crembled in his Eyes,
And with a silent Earthquake shook his Soul:
But when he spoke, what tender Words he said ?
So softly, that, like Flakes of feather'd Snow,
They melted as they fell.

Dryd. Sper, Fry,
Thus anxious Fears already liez’d the Queen;
She fed within her Veins a Flame unseen:
'The Heroe's Valour, Aets, and Birth inspire
Her Soul with Love, and fan the secret Fire.
His Words, his Looks, imprinted in her Heart,
Improve the Passion, and encrease the Smarc.

Dryd. Ving I am not what I was since Yesterday; My Food forsakes me, and my needful Rest: I pine, L languish, love to be alone, Think much, speak little, and in speaking figli: When I see Torrifmond I am unquiet, And when I see him nor I am in Pain. They brought a Paper to me to be sign’d, Thinking on him, I quite forgot my Name, And wric for Leonora, Torrismond. I went to Bed, and to my self I thought That I would think on Tórrismond no more; Then shut my Eyes, but could not shut out him, I curn'd, and try'd each Corner of my Bed To find if Sleep was there, but Sleep was loft.


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Feav'rish for want of Rest, I rose, and walk'd,
And by the Moonshine to the Windows went ;
There thinking to exclude him from my Thoughts,
I cast my Eyes upon the neighb'ring Fields,
And e'er I was aware ligh'd co my self,
There fought my Torrismond.

Dryd. Span, Fry.
I'm pleas'd and pain'd since first her Eyes I saw,
As I were ftung with some Tarantula :
Arms and the dusty Field I less admire,
And soften ftrangely in some new Desire ;
Honour burns in me not fo fiercely bright,
But pale as Fires when master'd by the Light.
Ev’n while I speak and look, I change yet more,
And now am nothing that I was before.
I'm numb'd and fix'd, and scarce my Eye-balls move;
I fear ic is the Lethargy of Love!
'Tis he ! I feel him now in ev'ry Part;
Like a new Lord he vaunts about my Heart ;
Surveys in State each Corner of my Breast :
And now I'm all o'er Love !

Dryd. Cong. of Gran,
He'd got a Hurt
On th'Inside of a deadly fort,
By Cupid made, who took his Stand
Upon a Widow's Jointure Land;
Drew home his Bow, and aiming right,
Ler fly an Arrow at the Knighe:
The Shaft against a Rib did glance,
And galld him in the Purtenance.

O Love! O cursed Boy!
Where art thou that torment'st me thus unseen,
And ragest with thy Fires within my Breast
With idle Purpose to inflame her Heart,
Which is as inaccessible and cold
As the proud Tops of those aspiring Hills
Whofe Heads are wrapt in everlasting Snow,
Tho' the hot Sun roul o'er 'em ev'ry Day :
And as his Beams, which only shine above,
Scorch and consume in Regions round below;
So Love, which chrows such Brightness thro' her Eyes,
Leaves her cold Heart, and burns me ac her Feet.
My Tyrant, but her flatt'ring Slave chou art, (Valent.
A Glory rourd her lovely Face, a Fire within my Heart. Roch.

That proud Dame for whom his Soul
Was burnt in's Belly to a Coal,
Us'd him so like a base Rascallion,
That old Pys (what d'y' call him) malion,

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