תמונות בעמוד

be used.

We thy sinful people do here mongit us: for these thy great fall down before thee, confess. mercies we glorify thy Nane, ing that thy judgements were through Jerus Chiit our blessright, in permitting cruel men, ed Saviour. Amen. fons of Belial, as on this day, Immediatıly after the Colleet to imbrue their hands in the blood of thine Anointed ; we

(Lighten our darkness, &c.]

jbali these three next following having drawn down the same upon ourselves by the great and long provocations of our

O Lord, we beseech thee, &c. fins against thee. For which

O molt mighty God, &c. we do therefore here humble

Turn thou us, O good Lord, &c. ourselves before thee; beseech. .

as before, a: Morning Prayer. ing thee to deliver this Nation 1 Immediately before the Prayer from blood guiltiness (that of of St. Chryfoftom fball ibis this day especially ;) and to Collect, wbicb next followeth be turn from us and our pofterity * used. all those judgements which we by our síns have worthily de Almighty and everlasting

God, whose righteousness served : Grant this, for the all- is like the strong mountains, fufficient merits of thy Son our and thy judgements like the Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

great deep; and who, by that Bler Leffed God, juft and pow. barbarous murder, as on this

erful, who didft permit thy day, committed upon the fa. dear servant, our dread So- cred person of thine Anointed, vereign King Charles the First, haft taught us, that neither the to be, as upon this day, given greatest of kings, nor the best up to the violent outrages of of men, are more secure from wicked men, to be despitefully violence than from natural ufed, and at last murdered by death: Teach us also hereby them: Though we cannot re- so to number our days, that fect upon so foul an act, but we may apply our hearts tinto with horror and astonishment; wisdom. And grant, that nej. yet do we moft gratefully com- ther the splendor of any thing memorate the glories of thy that is great, nor the conceit grace, which then fined forth of any thing that is good in us, in thine Anointed; whom thou may withdraw our eyes from waft pleased, even at the hour looking upon ourselves as finof death, to endue with an emi. ful duit and ashes, but that nent measure of exemplary pa. according to the example of tience, meekness, and charity, this thy blessed Martyr, we before the face of his cruel ene- may press forward to the prize mies. And albeit thou didft of the high calling that is besuffer them to proceed to such fore us, in faith and patience, an height of violence, as to kill humility and meekness, mortifihim, and to take poffeffion of cation and self-denial, charity his Throne : yet didit thou in and constant perseverance unto great mercy preserve his Son, the end : And all this for thy whose right it was; and at Son our Lord Jesus Chrift his length by a wonderful provi- fake; to whom with thee, and dence bring him back, and set the Holy Ghost, be all honour him thereon, to restore thy true and glory, world without end. religion, and to fecule peace a. Amen,


Almighty God, for having put an end to the Great
Rebellion, by the Restitution of the King and Royal
Family, and the Restoration of the Government after
many years interruption: which unspeakable mercies
were wonderfully completed upon the Twenty-ninth
of May, in the Year 1660; and in memory thereof,
that day in every year is by Act of Parliament ap-
pointed to be for ever kept holy.
The Ax of Parliament made in the twelfth, and confirmed in the
thirteenth year of King Charles the Second, for the observation of the
Twenty-ninth Day of May

, yearly, as a day of Publick Thanksgiving,
is to be read publickly in all Churches at Morning Prayer, immediately
after the Nicene Creed, on the Lord's day next before every such
Twenty-nin h of May, and notice shall be given for ibe due observa-

tion of the said Day.
9 The Service shall be the same witb the usual Office for Holy-days ;

except where it is in this Office ot berwise appointed.
1 If this Day, all bappen to be Afcenfion-day, or Whit-Sunday, the

Colleets of ibis Office are 10 be added to tbe Offices of those Festivals in
their proper places; if it be Monday or Tuesday in Whitsun-week,

or Trinity-Sunday, ibe Proper, Pfalms appointed for this Day, instead 02. Of uboje of ordinary course, jhall be also used, and the Colle&is added as

before and in all these cases the rest of this Office shall be omitted :
But if it fall bappen to be any ot ber Sunday, ibis wbole Office Mall
be used as it follorverb entirely. And what Festival foever fall bappen
to fall upon tbis solemn Day of Thanksgiving, the following Hymn
appointed infead of Venite exultemus, shall be constantly used.
T Morning Prayer shall begin I ever be rhewing forth his truth,

with these Sentences. from one generation to another. T pa bo miesto

long mercies and forgive The merciful and gracious Lord netfes, though we have rebelled bath so done bis marvellous works : against him: neither have we that they ought to be had in re

obeyed the voice of the Lord our membrance. Pral. 111.4.

God, to walk in his laws, which Who can express the noble the he set before us. Dan. 9.9, JO. acts of the Lord or thew forth It is of the Lord's mercies all

his praise ? Pfal. 106.2. ins that we were not confumed : The works of tbe Lord are great :

because his compassions fail not. fought out of all them that bave Lam. 3. 22.

pleasure therein. Pfal. 111. 2. 7 Inftead of Venite exultemus, The Lord fetteth up the fhall be said or jung bis Hymn meek and bringeth the un. following, one verje by the godly down to the ground. Pfal. Priell, and another by the Clerk 147.6.

The Lord executeth righteousM .

Y song thall be always of nofs and judgement : for all them the Lord: with my mouth will Psal. 193. 6.)


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and people.

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ver. 13.

For he will not always be the Lord : "borb small and great. chiding : neither keepetht he his anger for ever. ver. 9.

O that men would therefore He hath nor dealt with us after praise the Lord for his goodness : our fins : nor rewarded us accords and declare the wonders that ing to our wickedneft. ver. 10. he doeth for the children of

For look how high the heaven men ! Psal. 107. 25. is in comparison of the earth : That ibey would offer unto him fo great is his mercy toward tbe sacrifice of thanksgiving and them that fear him. Wwer. 11. teli' cut bis works witb gladness!

Yea, like as a fatber pitieth ver, 22. bis own children : even so is the And not hide them from the Lord ul unto them ibat fear children of the generations to bim. ver. 13

come : but Thew the honour of Thou, o God, hast proved the Lord, his mighty and won. u$ : thou also halt tried us, even derful works that he hath done. as filver is cried. Psal. 66. Psal. 78.4.

Tror sufferedfi men to ride or er That our pofterity mdy also know our beads, we went through fire them, and ibe children ibat are yet and water : but thou baft-Erongot unborn : and not be as their foreus out into a wealtby place. ver. ir. farbers, a faitbless and pubborn

Oh, how great troubles and generation. ver. 6. 9. adverhities halt thou thewed us ! Give thanks, Israel, into and yer didnt thou turn and re- God the Lord, in the congrega. freth us : yea, and brougınca tions : from the ground of the us from the deep of the earth heart. Plal. 68.26. again. Pjel. 71. 18.

Praised be the Lord daily: even Thor didft remember us in our the God wbo helpeth us, and pour. low effate, and redecm us from our eth bis benefits upon us, ver. 19. enemies : for thy mercy endureth o let the wickedness of the for ever. Pral. 136. 23, 24.

wicked come to an endbut Lord, thou art become gra- establish thou the righteous. cious unto thy land : thou haft Pfal. 7.9. turned away the captivity of Let all those that seek tbee, be Jacob, Pfal. 85. 1.

joyful and glad in thee : and let God båth jewed us his good. all such ús love thy faluation xefs plenteously

, : and God barb fay alway, The Lord be praised. ier. us fee our defire upon our ene- Pral 40. 19. mies. ç'fal. 59. 10.

Glory bé to the Father, &c. They are brought down, and As it ruas in the beginning, &c. fallen ? but we are rifen, and

1 Proper Psalms. Mand upright. Pfal. 20. 8.

124. 126, 129. 118. There are they fallen, all that : work wickednes, they are, cafi The First. 2 Sam. 19. ver. g. or

9 Proper Lesions. doruit, and fhall not be able to

Numb. 16. Te Deum, Hand. Pfal. 36. 12.

The Second. The Epiftle of The Lord hath been mindful of us, and he mall bless us : even

S. Jude. Yubilate Deo. hie shall bless the house of Israel

, 1 I be Suffrages next after the Creed he mall blefs the house of Aaron.

mall fand thus. Psal. 115. 12.

Priest, O Lord, Mew thy mer. He pall blefs obem that fear. cy upon us ;

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a timswer. And grant us thy fala O Lord God of our efalection varion.

Prieft. O Lord, save the King; ly gracious unto this land, and

Answer. Wbo puttesh. bis truft by thy miraculous providence in thee,

didit deliver us out of our misePries. Send him help from rable confusions, by restoring to thy holy place;

us, and to his own just and unAnswer. And evermore migbtily doubted rights, out then most defend bim.

gracious Sovereign Lord King Prief. Let his enemies have Charles the Second, notwithno advantage against him; standing all the power and ma

Answ. Le not the wicked ap- lice of his enemies: and by pla. proach to burt þim.

cing him on the throne of these Priet. Endue thy ministers kingdoms, didît restore also unwith righteousness;

to us the publick and free proAnswer. And make tby chosen feffion of thy true Religion and People joyful.

Worship, together with our forFrient. Give peace in our time, mer peace and prosperity, to O Lord;

the great comfort and joy of Answer. Because tbere is none our hearts : We are here now met bor obar fig beth for us,' but only before thee, with all due thank. sbou, o God.

fulness, to acknowledge thine 01 Priest, Be unto us, O Lord, a unspeakable goodness herein, as Arong tower;

upon this day thewed unto us; Ord Answer. From the face of out and to offer unto thee our satnemies.

crifice of praise for the same; Prieft. O Lord, hear our prayer; humbly beseeching thee to ac

Answer. And let our cry come cept this our unfeigned, though xate thee.

unworthy oblation of ourselves :

vowing all holy obedience in Infead of the forf Colleet at thought, word, and work, unto Morning Prayer, Jhall these two thy Divine Majesty,; and prowbich follow be used.

mising all loyal and dutiful alO

Almighty God, who art a legiance to thiné Anointed Ser.

Atrong tower of defenceun- vant now set ovet us, and to his to thy fervants, against the face Heirs after him whom te be

of their enemies; We yield thee feech thee to bless with all in- praise and thanksgiving for the crease of grace, honour and hap

wonderful deliverance of these piness in this world, and to kingdoms from THE GREAT crown him with immortality REBELLION, and all the mise- and glory in the world to come, ries and oppreffions consequent for Jesus Christ his fake, our thereupon, under which they only Lord and Saviour. Amen. had fo long groaned. We ac- q In the end of the Litany, / which knowledge it thy goodness, that shall always this day be used) we were not utterly delivered after the Colleet (We humbly over as a prey unto them: Be. beseech thee, &c.] Scall tbis be feeching thee ftill to continue said, which next followeth, such thy mercies towards us, that all the world may know Almighty God, who haft in

all ages shewed forth thy that thou art our Saviour and power and mercy in the mira mighty Deliverer, through Jesus culous and gracious deliverChrif our Lord. Amen.

ances of thy Church, and in the

movement the Lord : tab fmall and great xus ver. 13.

that men would there 32 pise the Lord for his goodne 27- 200 declare the wonders

det for the children In a P 21. 107.25.

has seld efarmer Softbanklaring tesat e seres with glau

And not hide them from crea of the generatio

: bor these the hon Gehe ich, his mighy and sta Forks that he hath


erkers, e fechos de

Grve thanks, 6 Ira
God be Lord, in the or

ses: from the groun, u bert. FZ. 63. 26.

Per ketee La ti Gui ees eozbas, cesort

O k: she wickedne

sted come to aa en Rre et tou the ri

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