Prophet and Historian: John and Josephus

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I think the Four Winds and Three Woes in the Apocalypse took place long ago. Nero sent Vespasian to subdue Judea. His son, Titus, destroyed the Temple. I quote Josephus, Tacitus, and Suetonius describing this. This destruction fulfills the Four Winds and Two of the three Woes. The Third Woe takes place in A.D. 131-5 when Bar Kochba is accepted as the Messianic King, organizes the Judeans, and liberates Judea. He establishes "The First Jewish Commonwealth." The present Israeli government is "The Second Jewish Commonwealth." Hadrian sent Severus to destroy Bar Kochba' army and Judea. The Judeans not killed are deported to other lands and foreign people are brought in. For many centuries the Jews were a small minority in their ancestral homeland. I contend that Judea's destruction by Severus is the historical fulfillment of the Third Woe in Revelation.

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Chapter oneIntroduction5
Chapter twoThe First Woe23
Chapter threeThe Second Woe37
Chapter fourAwaiting the Third Woe65
Chapter sixThe Land Beast91
Chapter sevenThe Elect Gathered105

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