Annual Report of the Corporation of the Chamber of Commerce, of the State of New York, for the Year ...

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Press of the Chamber of Commerce, 1895

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עמוד 201 - Newfoundland ; and a duty of six cents per ton, not to exceed thirty cents per ton per annum, is hereby imposed at each entry upon all vessels which shall be entered In the United States from any other foreign ports, not, however, to include vessels In distress or not engaged in trade.
עמוד 141 - ... persons to be members of the said corporation, as they shall think beneficial to the good designs of the said corporation.
עמוד 147 - ... necessary in each instance to elect. At the first regular meeting in May, 1894, all of the foregoing Officers shall be chosen, and they shall hold office for one year, except as hereinafter provided. As soon as convenient after the election aforesaid, the VicePresidents so elected shall meet and divide into four classes, by allotment, of three to each class. The first class to serve for one year; the second class for two years; the third class for three years, and the fourth class for four years;...
עמוד 201 - An Act to remove certain burdens on the American merchant marine and encourage the American foreign carrying trade, and for other purposes,
עמוד 30 - State, or elsewhere within the United States, formed upon the plan known as Lloyds, whereby each associate underwriter becomes liable for a proportionate part of the whole amount insured by a policy...
עמוד 142 - And we do further, of our special grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion, for us, our heirs and successors, grant and...
עמוד 139 - May then next ensuing, and until other or others be legally chosen in his or their place and stead, as fully and amply, to all intents and purposes whatsoever, as the person or persons in whose place he or they shall be chosen might or could have done bv virtue of these presents.
עמוד 204 - These certificates, as a matter of accounts, arc treated as a part of the public debt, but being offset by notes held on deposit for their redemption, should properly be deducted from the principal of the public debt in making comparison with former years.
עמוד 94 - An act in relation to the inferior courts of criminal jurisdiction in the city of New York, defining their powers and jurisdiction and providing for their officers...
עמוד 93 - An act to amend chapter one hundred forty-seven of the laws of eighteen hundred forty-four, entitled 'An act to incorporate the Protestant Episcopal Church Missionary Society for Seamen in the city, and port of New York...

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