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report, which was published the latter end of May, contains no notice of any thing done or said to meliorate (the gentleman will pardon my unhallowed use of the term) the condition of their paper. In the beginning of June, after waiting a week, on making inquiry for Israel's Advocate

! the answer was, the paper was not yet published, and would not be published till the week following; however, the publisher politely sent me the first Yearly Report, for which he has my thanks. Intimation is about that time given me of there being War in the camp; that the Rev. Mr. W.Gray had resigned the editorship, and that the Rev. Mr. Rowan was appointed to the office; that still it was not certain but the Rev. Mr. Gray would be

persuaded to re-accept or continue the editorship; therefore I was advised to remain silent till No. VII. of the Adversary should be published. In July No. VII. is published, containing this notice, modestly put in, no doubt, by the Rev. Mr. Rowan, as editor. And now what does all this say? By the yearly report, page 22, it will be perceived that the editorship is worth twenty-five dollars per number, or 300 dollars per annum salary. For doing what? for cutting out extracts from publications, marking them, as also marking the communications, and sending them to the printer, who does all the rest (perhaps reading the proof!) a mere sinecure! and this, Mr. Gray has voluntarily resigned. The world will appreciate his motives ; for my own part, I give him credit for wisely and disinterestedly leaving the field he could no longer conscionably defend. I beg permission to extend to him the right hand of fellowship-he is no longer my opponent, he is my brother. .

As to you,(the Rev. Stephen N. Rowan,)I must take the liberty of concisely pointing out the work


have on hand: for of you I expect satisfactory answers to all my mumbers. I must state how my account current stands with Israel's Advocate.

Item First. No. 1 of the Jew, Containing the proof that the present order

of things in the world, the present reign called ...... endom, is part of the clay

Unanswered. kingdom represented by the legs and feet of the Image in Nebuchadnezzar's dream. and other matters therein contained.

Item Second. No. 2 of the Jew, Containing the explanation of the 14th verse of the 7th chapter of Isaiah, and proving that it has not the least reference to Jesus of Nazareth, also proving that the writer of St. Matthew has misquoted, Unanswered. misapplied, and perverted the words of the Prophet Isaiah; that the gospel according to St. Matthew will not stand the test of the testimony, consequently, that there is no light in it, and other matters therein contained.

Item Third. No. 3 of the Jew, Showing and proving that the .... ian religion is idolatry; that it is that idolatry spoken of by Isaiah the Prophet, chap. 65, Unanswered. that it is preparing the table to the Troop, and furnishing the drink offering to the Number, and other matters therein contained.

Item Fourth. No. 4 of the Jew, Showing and proving that the Jews are not without God; that they have, and worship the Lord their God only, and that Unanswered. they are not repudiated, but are the chosen of God; and other matters therein contained, &c.

Thus, sir, stands our account with your concern, with your establishment; and, sir, you must feel conscious that it is of you we are authorized to expect payment. Sorry indeed that we are under the imperious necessity of calling on you for our just due; but what can be done, you are likely to get considerably more in our debt, and which, I must take the liberty to remind and warn you, will finally overwhelm and crush you. You repeatedly acknowledge yourselves our debtors ; now sir, we will act generously with you, and freely forgive you all old scores, only pay the new; answer the numbers of the Jew satisfactorily, and you shall stand absolved from all other former obligations you consider yourselves under to us. Remember, Rev. sir, this is no vision, no dream; I am not a creature of your brain, a Greek, a man of Macedon, calling to you to come over to us, to help us, but a man as yourselves, whom you have unwarrantably attacked-a Jew! a citizen of the United States! and an inhabitant of New-York ! who, standing on the defence of his religion, on the defence of his people and kindred, which, and whom you have, and do unfairly, wantonly, and unmanly attack, calls on you to guard; for in truth he wishes not to hurt you, but still is resolved

you shall leave the field, if you have not sufficient arguments and reasons to support your cause.* now truly his debtor, nay, you are the debtor of all the Jews, you are pointedly the debtor of all ... ...ians, whose religion, whose hopes, whose dreams of happiness, you have drawn me out, by your attack on us, in my turn to attack, nay, you owe it to yourself to show the world that you can assign a reason for your standing, which, if

you do not satisfactorily, what will the Jews, (whom you want to convert to your faith) what will .. ... ians, (who are wounded by your transgressions against us) what will the world of lookers-on, who are neither Jews nor .....

.....ians, say of you ? will not all join me in saying you have overrated your abilities? You have undertook to build without counting the cost ? you beg an a war without considering whether you reasonably could expect to conquer with your five thousand ?

You are

* Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear,

1 Pet. 3.



This is

your situation, and (figuratively speaking)you must either die in the trench, or quit the field; there is no middle course for you pursue.

Silence shall not answer you any good purpose: I must goad and provoke you continually to the combat; our strife is the true strife of love, where the loser, the conquered, is certainly the gainer; for he comes away saving his soul alive, whilst the conqueror, as one of “ those who turn many to righteousness, will like the stars, shine for ever and ever.”

הסר ממך עקשות פה ולזות שפתים הרחק ממך :

6 Put off from thee a forward mouth, and

perverse lips put far from thee.”

Prov. iv. 24.

Without intending offence, I take the liberty to compare reports. Extracts from the report of Enlarged report of Mr.

the Rev. Mr. Frey, page Jadownicky, First Yearly 113, &c. of Israel's Advo

Report, page 15. &c. cate,

The Jews themselves on the Of Philadelphia he writes: other hand, are concerned to Several of my Jewish bre- destroy every rising germ

of thren attended on the preach- ian knowledge, they ing of the word, and with a abuse and vilify, not only in few I had an interesting reli- societies and public prints, gious conversation.

those who out from At Richmond.

among them, but associate The Jews themselves at- to buy up, and commit to tended on my preaching the flames, all writings of more numerously than at every description, prepared any other place since I and circulated among them, came to this country; but for their illumination and the enemies of the Cross, conversion. like the devil himself, roar- From an address to the ed like an angry lion whose ... ian public on beprey is to be torn from his half of the Board, written

go out


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devouring jaws.(a)

by the Rev. M. M*Leod, Of Georgetown. yearly report, page 16. Here I was receiv edby my

Upon expressing doubts Jewish brethren in a manner of the propriety of the serunexpected and unprece- vice of the synagogues, dented. After I had preach- they become suspected at ed but one sermon, which home, without the prospect was particularly addressed of gaining the respect of to the seed of Abraham,

ians. Upon prowe met at a private house, fessing ianity they where both Jews and must leave their father's

ians attended; whilst house, and people of their one of my brethren and my- kindred they are proscriself had a religious conver- bed by the Jews, without sation for about three hours, the prospect of being rewhich was resumed the ceived to the kindness and next day, for the same space confidence of those from of time. The whole of the whom they have been discussion was carried on so long separated; Say, with becoming spirit, and to however, that this is prethe last moment of my stay judice, still that prejudice in that place I was treated is a wall of brass. with BROTHERLY AFFECTION Again. The Jew who and ESTEEM.(b)

leaves the synagogue for

(a) The disjunctive, “but,” divides between the Jews, who it appears are represented by the Rev. Mr. Frey, as attending to his preaching, and the enemies of the cross, who did otherwise. Who then are those enemies of the cross?

(b) Mr. Frey only now has discovered that Jews may treat a fellow creature with affability, kindness, and sociality; he would seem to insinuate thereby that he is next to sure of converting them, because they visit him, &c. Has Mr. Frey forgotten that some two or three years since, I paid him a visit at his house, and spent the day with him, and (if I did wrong God forgive me,) eat bread with him; did he therefore, or does he yet think he converted me, although we were in instant conversation on the subject of religion, from after nine in the morning, till after three in the afternoon? Mr. Frey may remember we were by ourselves, as he excused himself from all other company during that time; I am happy to hear of him, that my affianced relatives at Georgetown have returned the compliment, and treated him as he says, although he may rest assured they think him a miserable sinner. Mr.

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