תמונות בעמוד

Give up; and to the south, Keep not back; bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth; even every one that is called by my name: for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him; yea, I have made him.' -Isa. xliii. 5, 6, 7.

It is needless to transcribe more passages declarative of these Great events of which the prophetic writings are full. From these and many other prophecies of the like nature, we may collect the office and character of the Messiah. But before we proceed, it is certainly necessary to define and explain the meaning of the word Messiah. n'vn Messiah or Mashiach, as pronounced in Hebrew, signifies annointed, or the annointed one. It is applied to Kings, Priests and Prophets, as they were annointed to their office. Jews, therefore, by way of eminence and emphasis, called, and continue to call, that person whom God should raise up, and make the instrument for the accomplishment of such prophecies, as particularly describe, and foretell the delivery and glory of the nation, by this name.

Now, if ......ians will prove that Jesus fulfilled these prophecies, they will then convert the Jews, for they require but little more..

(To be Continued.)

ABRAHAM'S LETTERS. To the Rev. Truman Marsh, Vice President of the Auxiliary Society at Litchfield" for meliorating the condition of the Jews.

Continued from page 143. Having in my last pointed out the inconsistent manner in which you treated the subject, when you addressed your audience relative to the conversion of the Jews to the religion you profess, I now take the liberty of offering a few remarks, for your consideration, on the particular topics introduced into your discourse.

You informed your hearers, although I cannot think you serious, " that the Jews have been preserved, as the awful monuments of Divine justice ; as an evidence of the truth of Christianity, and for the completion of the Holy prophecies.” How you can make it appear, that our preservation as a nation is a proof of the truth of that religion, the rejection of which, as you say, is the very

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cause of that preservation, is a species of logic that I am at a loss to comprehend. Preservation, in my apprehension of the word, means to save or deliver ; yet you wish to persuade your audience, that in our case, this saving or deliverance afforded, an “ awful monument of Divine justice." It is true, you also told them, “ that the hislory of the Jews furnishes one of those prodigies in the moral world, which we admire, but cannot comprehend ;" and that when "faith shall end in vision, the dealings of God will become more plain, and all his ways to the children of men shall be fully vindicated."

If, then, our history is incomprehensible, by what authority is it that you take on yourselves to assert that our preservation as a nation is an “awful monument of Divine Justice?" If you are now groping in the dark, and waiting till “ faith shall end in vision;" if the dealings of God are yet to become plain, and his ways stand in need of vindication, on what principle is it that you assume the right of not only speaking of the Jews in a language perfectly understood, but undertake to teach the world doctrines, which you acknowledge to be veiled in impenetrable mystery?" Either you know the mind and will of the Lord, or you do not know it. If you do know it, why tell us that it is incomprehensible? If you do not know it, of what avail is all your preaching, and of what use would it be to us Jews, were we with one consent to become your proselytes? We would then have given up the worship of the true God, and abandoned what even you adınit to be his divine and obvious law; for an inexplicable system, which we could not comprehend in this world, and which, it cannot be shown, we could ever comprehend in the next.

The fact is, when the Almighty communicated his will to Moses and the Prophets, he did this in a language which could not be mistaken. It was palpable to the weakest conception, and did not stand in need of men's wisdom or men's sophistry to make it understood. The miracles, too, which were wrought, although not in its confirmation, it requiring none, were such as carried with them internal evidence of their being of God. No juggling, no slight of land was employed to make them pass for reality. Even the magicians of Egypt, who were fully capable of detecting impositions of this kind, acknowledged to king Pharaoh, that the finger of the

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Lord God was obvious in the miglity works performed by Moses and Aaron. Hence the reason why our nation has for so many centuries continued to maintain that uniformity of character, to preserve itself from mixing with other nations, which you consider a mark of divine chastisement. Had we, on the contrary, verged into the common stock, and all traces of the law been obliterated, we should then, indeed, have been an “awful monument of Divine Justice;" and you, and all the world would have been entitled to point the finger of scorn against us. The very circumstance which you would adduce as a mark of the vengeance of Heaven, is a proof that we have hitherto been under the protection of God, and that although, for wise purposes, he has thought proper to scatter us among the nations, his guardian arm still hangs over us, and thus serves as a pledge that he will, in his own time, restore us to our former rank and prosperity.

I know it is one of the leading doctrines of your religion, that it derives great support from what you call our reprobation. Before, however, you can expect that we should listen to this doctrine, you must prove that we are in reality reprobates; and you must do this, too, not by referring to books, which we deny to be of divine authority, nor to the sayings of men who were no better acquainted with the subject than yourself. This is a point which can only be determined by reason, and by the evidence of facts. It is, as it were, the very threshold of the discussion between Jews and ians, and until it is made perfectly plain, until even every shadow of an obstruction is removed, it will be vain to expect that

you will make converts among our nation. If we have feally been altogether forsaken by the Almighty in fulfilment of the holy prophecies, in which we all believe alike, it can be no difticult matter in you to point out these prophecies. You have not done so in any part of your discourse. You have, therefore, done nothing for your system, which remains as questionable at this hour, as it did to our forefathers when it was first propagated, say nearly two thousand years ago.

Lest, however, you should suppose that, in taking this ground, I wish to evade the question, I have now to apprize you that it is my intention, in future letters, to investigate fully the religion which

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you profess, and which you offer for our acceptation. I shall iv this way have greater scope for pointing out the reasons which induce us to hold to the law and to the prophets, in preference to a system which appears to us utterly unworthy of, and wholly unauthorized by the Divine Being.

(To be Continued.)

From the New-YORK OBSERVER of Oct. 4th, 1823. “ We understand that the Rev. C. F. Frey, having finished his present engagement, as agent of the American Society for Meliorating the condition of the Jews, intends spending the ensuing winter, at the South, chiefly at Charleston, S. C. to teach the Hebrew language.”

Thus, then, the Rev. gentleman is resolved for Charleston ; nay, he threatens to throw up the Gown, and try to get an honest living by teaching Hebrew—(for the comuunicatian in the Observer is no doubt from the Rev.gentleman himself.) Well-I wish him success in all his honest undertakings. But I somewhat think “ the half has not been told.” The House is divided against itself, without doubt; for was not this the case, they never would have permitted the Rev. gentleman to leave them for a paltry trifle. I rather am inclined to think the A. S. M. C. J. will fall“ amicably into the hands of members of the Institution.” Gentlemen, do not let him go from you for the sake of one or even two hundred pounds! Let the poor man live! The labourer is worthy of his hire! You will not easily replace him; he is your only stay, your only hope. Consider, what were you before he undertook the Agency? What you are now is altogether his work; he has provided a feast of good things for you, and ye will not allow him a cover at the table: this is ingratitude. If you keep him with you, your hopes are small; if you let him go, they are extinguished. For

your interest (and his great love for his brethren according to the flesh) he gave up his living in Vandewater-street; and in one year has enriched you; nay, you owe your very existence to his plans from the beginning, as well as your present exalted standing ; and now, gentleman, you think you can do without him. True, "he wants to remove South :” he fears the West; you therefore have a fair chance to be rid of him, if you are so minded. But if you guarantee him the agency for another year, with an increased salary, and quiet bis mind in regard to the colony, his love for his Jewish Brethren will revive; he will not leave you. Assure him he shall not be called on to settle in the colony, but have the Agency of Itinerancy in perpetuity, at an increased salar'y, according to your means, he will not then be so very strenuous an advocate for manufactories. Let his present salary also be 2000 dollars and travelling expenses ; it is not too much, all things considered. Perhaps, gentlemen, your very existence as a society depends on his staying with you; preserve then your own existence, and retain the Reverend gentleman among you.

And you, the Rev. C. F. Frey, will not experience teach you wisdom ? have you suffered yourself to be dismissed the fourth time? nay, this will make the fifth dismissal you will have experienced! some honourable, as the present appears, and some but so so! what will be the end thereof ? can you possibly expect to support yourself by teaching ? and teaching Hebrew! is not half a loaf better than no bread? true, you have not been well used in many instances, but, you know you have thrown yourself into the arms of judges, who will make no allowance; as they imagine all partake of their own cold temperature, and have therefore been severe toward you. But think, reverend sir, and brother--according to the flesh! you must now be past the Ordeal; “ The heyday of youth,” must be tame; you might well, at this time of life, rest satisfied in your situation, and not seek to change. You have met with many disappointments in life, sufficient' to teach a man of

your wisdom content. Certainly you must have other views than merely teaching Hebrew, or you will starve. Remember, if you go south, your race is nearly run. All that is left to you now is to stay where you are, and join the Colonists. Do not quit the hold you have on the A. S. If you are wise ; they dare not leave you in your old age; but if you leave them, they will stand absolved trom all obligation

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