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nation, is the least excusable ; for if the worshippers of Jesus of Nazareth really believe in the divine nature of his mission, in his power over all hearts, and in the immaculate purity of his doctrines and morality, they would require nothing more, in order to give these credence with mankind, than to present them to their sight, and leave their operation to the Almighty, who turneth the hearts of his creatures as to Him seemeth meet. But instead of pursuing this course, we find the ministers of the gospel every where tacitly acknowledging the weakness of their cause, by attacking the tenets of others, while they forget that, notwithstanding what they say about the incontrovertible truths which they profess to believe, nearly 2000 years have elapsed since these pretended truths were first promulgated, without a tenth part of the present population of the globe having assented to them ;* and even of that small proportion, there are not two to be found who agree on all the points of christian doctrine.

In the number of Israel's Advocate" for this month, there is a striking instance of the spirit to which I allude. The number commences with“ an extract from a sermon, delivered in Litchfield, on the 14th of April, 1823, to the Auxiliary Society for meliorating the condition of the Jews, by the Rev. Thomas Marsh, vice president of the society ;”. in which this gentleman, after making a great parade about the necessity of christian union, charity, and the imperious duty of contributing for the purpsse of converting our nation, undertakes to give his hearers a statement of what he calls “real facts in regard to the Jews.” One of these “real facts" is, according to him, that“ in no part of Europe are they allowed to hold estates in fee simple.Where this reverend gentleman got his information, is of little consequence ; for it is a notorious fact, that in no kingdom or state in Europe, except in a small district of Saxony, where Jews are to be found, but they hold real estate in fee simple. For the information of this matter of “fart” teacher of christianity, I shall furnish, bim with a few names of individuals belonging to our nation, who are so situated. In Amsterdam there are Boas, Coffi, Herring, Davies, S. Judah, Asser, Prince, Aamerford, S. S. Israels : In Alkmaar, Isaac Prince, I. B. Rapper, De Yong, Cohen, Hays, Simpson, Polak : in the Helder, there are 600 houses, about 360 of which belong to the Jews in fee simple: in Naarden, in Muyen, in Schedam, and in almost every other town and village in Holland, hundreds of Jews reside, who hold estates on the same tenure that they are held by the other subjects of the Dutch Monarch. I confine myself to these places, because I lived in the country

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* Our correspondent ought also to have noticed, that of this tenth part there is not a tithe of even nominal believers; and of this tithe there is not a hundredth professing church members; and this hundredth are perpetually reminded by their pastors of the insecurity of their state, that there are even wolves among them. E. J..


for many years, and have a perfect knowledge of the facts. To enumerate other places on the continent of Europe, would only be showing the same result ; and in England it is well known that the Jews who hold estates in fee simple are numerous.

The motives of these Fathers in Israel, as they are pleased to be called, are no way difficult of discovery. The Missionary and Bible Society systems having been less productive of late than formerly, they found it necessary to resort to some other scheme by which to bring supplies to their exhausted coffers. Hence the formation of the Society in NewYork for the pretended purpose of “meliorating the condition of the Jews ;" and hence the number of auxiliary societies, starting up in various parts of the Union, in aid of the “parent institution.” On a future occasion, with your permission, I shall go more fully into the statements set forth by the Rev. Truman Marsh, every one of which are founded on erroneous data, and as little entitled to attention as I have shown are his * Real Facts in regard to the Jews.”


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* I would notice to correspondents, whether it is safe and prudent to be particular or personal in any regard. The Jews in Holland are numerous and powerful. They are not all rich, but are, as in all the world, in regard to worldly property, as the people among whom they dwell, and of whose population they form a part. Those who are rich, and have a confidence in the stability of the government, if they choose to purchase and hold fast property in many parts of the world besides the united states, are undoubtedly at liberty so to do. “ We are commanded to plant vineyards,” &c. and “to seek the peace of the city wherein we dwell,” &c.; but I would ask, is it prudent in us to point them out to the rapacious cupidity of the adversary? True, they just now talk very flatteringly; Jews are all in all with them, at present. But have we not every reason to mistrust their sudden pretensions of amity? Do they not acknowledge they have hitherto acted the part of the ravenous wolf? Is their nature, then, changed in reality, or do they join the cunning of the fox and serpent to their old nature? Are they not obliged to alter their tone, in consonance with the liberal mindedness of the world, which outmarches them? Such sudden flattery, after so much cruel usage and virulent abuse, is very questionable. Why will the ministers of the gospel of these states identify themselves with the wicked persecutors of Israel in Europe? Jews have never been abused in this country since its discovery; here they have never been despoiled or maltreated. All the former preaching concerning them has done them but little harm, and nine tenths of the people did not know they even belonged to the human family, supposing they were a kind of Anthropophagi. Why will the preachers of the gospel charge themselves and the people with crimes of which they are entirely innocent? Will it not rather tend to lead to the commission of those very crimes, than in the least meliorate the condition of either party? If the American Society for meliorating the condition of the Jews are serious in their purpose of converting the Jews, they are called on to come forward manfully. We will fairly consider all they have to say in favour of that religion they wish us to embrace, and let the world judge between us. But if they will not come forward, even to defend their own religion, the world will pronounce them to be “blind, greedy dogs, loving to slumber," while I shall accuse them of being convicted sinners, sinning against great light and knowledge.

Ed. Jew. Published by L. Emanuel, 265 Broadway.






קרוב מצדיקי מי-יריב אתי נעמדה יחד מי בעל משפטי יגש אלי :

He that justifieth me is near; who will contend with me? Let us stand forth together; who is my opponent, let him come near to me.”—Ps. xcix. 7.

Vol. I.

3d day of the seventh month,TISHREE, Sept. 5584.

No. 7.

Examination and answer to a Sermon, delivered by the Rev. George

Stanley Faber, Rector of Long Newton, Preached before the London Society for promoting ......vanity amongst the Jews, on the 18th April, 1812, at the Parish Church of St. Paul's, Covent Garden.*

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The text taken by the reverend gentleman for this Sermon is from Isaiah lx. 1-5, which treats of the glory of Jerusalem, on the redemption of the children of Israel, after the destruction of Gog.

He sets out by stating, that ......ianity, for the first 300 years, was very flourishing; that it increased in the north even after that term; was accepted by the barbarian nations who overran the Roman empire; that the victories of the cross were arrested in mid-career by Mahomedanism, by, which the greatest part of ......endom was lost; that ......ianity never since could raise its head. That the progress of the gospel has for many ages been almost completely arrested ; not for want of exertion, for he allows all that could be done has been done. That in the holy warfare the Mexicans and Peruvians have been half EXTERMINATED,

* The above work has been reprinted by John D. Toy, for the Baltimore Auxiliary Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews, and since, either out of compli." ment to said auxiliary society, or for want of other matter, introduced into the periodical religious publications of this city.

and half FORCED into a SEMBLANCE of ......ianity; and that, on better principles, the petty Islands in the Pacific ocean have been nationally converted. He, at last, allows that Romanists, Protestants, and Greeks, are obliged to acknowledge, just NOTHING has been done. I cannot but remark here, that this EXTERMINATING and FORCING into SEMBLANCE is nothing to boast of: however the hot enthusiastic religionist may palliate, or even approve of such doings, I trust the enlightened ......ian shudders in horror at the heart-rending report. Why does the reverend gentleman throw all the blame of that diabolical work on the ......ian religion? But I am not to defend ......ianity. Great exertions have been made to convert the heathen islands of the Pacific ocean. But at what a price! Have not the enlightened Europeans been neglected ? Is it not a fact as palpable as any the reverend gentleman has stated, that ......ianity is losing ground at home, in a serious ratio—at least ten to one for every conversion abroad? And what do they embrace in the room of it? Infidelity! deism! or worse, materialism! atheism! Oh! that men will be so blind! They spend their strength to fit the teacher to convert poor weak-minded Indians. They have made that kind of study the rage, and thereby unfit, disable themselves from preaching with effect to the enlightened Europeans.

In regard to the Jews, the missionaries who are sent to them, before they can have, or even expect to bave, the least chance of maintaining their ground, must first unlearn all they have been taught; nay, they of all men are the most improper. The apostate will never persuade Jews, however correct his walk may be, that he is serious; they will say, and do say, You teach the apostates in order to teach us; if we are to be taught, let the masters teach us, not the poor scholars. We will examine your productions in our closets. *

* The A. S. M. C. J. have given a public promise, No. 1. p. 8. of Israel's Advocate, in these words : "The Society will keep distinct funds for general purposes ; for the education and employment of Jewish missionaries, and for distributing among the Jews the Hebrew Testament, and other religious publications. And in an N. B. immediately following, they seem to hint what the publications are to treat of, for they require donations of such books as relate to the subject of the controversy between Jews and .....ians. As to that fund for teaching missionaries, we have nothing to do with it. If the books are needed and intended to teach them on the subject of the


To return to the sermon, (lest, like the preacher, I drop my text.) He proceeds to show that all this has been explained and prophecied of in Scripture. Dan. ii. 34, 35, 44, 45. Ib. vii. 7–14. 19--27.

This our preacher calls figured prophecy, because, I presume, he disfigures it. He does not even quote it; he only alludes to it. We will examine both prophecies of Daniel, by at least transcribing a part of each; for he merely refers us to them. The first is, Dan. ii. 34, 35;" Thou sawest till that a stone was cut out without hands, which smote the image upon his feet that were of iron and clay, and brake them in pieces. Then was the iron, the clay, the brass, the silver, and the gold, broken to pieces together, and became like the chaff of the summer threshing-floor; and the wind carried them away, that no place was found for them; and the stone that smote the image became a great mountain, and filled the whole eartb." Ib. 45. “And in the days of these kings shall the God of Heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed : and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever." Now, if there is any meaning in language; if words are supposed to convey ideas, nothing could possibly have been plainer than the words spoken by the prophet, without trope or figure.

“ In the days of those kings,” that is, in the days of the kings before spoken of, “ will the God of Heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed.” Here, we may note, it is the God of Heaven who is to set up this kingdom; the former kingdoms are not the kingdoms of the God of Heaven, and this he will set up in opposition to them; all the former will be destroyed, but this kingdom will never

controversy between Jews and .....ians, their conversion is only pretended; it is, in that case, only FABERIAN- -a SEMBLANCE of ......ianity. In regard to the promise of Hebrew Testaments, the Society had better save their fund for some other general purpose, for they will be useless. I can assure them there are very few Jewish families without both the English Bible and Testament. The other religious publications, particularly if treating on the controversy between Jews and .....ians, are much inquired after. As to Israel's Advocate, it has truly become a DEAD LETTER. Perhaps there will be a resuscitation, and it will" arise and sing," when the controversial books come to hand, or when those "heads and hearts” he so emphatically and lamentably calls on, come out with their communications on the prophecies. Neither are they, it seems, intended for Jews. I understand they are invariably refused, unless they will become subscribers. I hope the Society do not intend to fulfil their promise with grammatical truth, that is to say, KEEP the funds.

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