Annual Report of the Corporation of the Chamber of Commerce, of the State of New York, for the Year ...

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Press of the Chamber of Commerce, 1895

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Public Debt of the Stale of NewYork
Public Debt of the City of NewYork
Public Debt of the City of Brooklyn
Population of the United States the State of NewYork and the Cities of NewYork and Brooklyn from the year 1790 to the year 1892
Coinage of the United States from 1793 to June 30th 1894
Coinage of the Mints for the year ending June 30th 1894
Bars Manufactured at the Mints and Assay Ollices for the year ending June 30th 1894
Deposits and Purchases of Gold and Silver Bullion at the Mints and Assay Offices for the year ending June 30th 1894
Gold and Silver of Domestic Production deposited at the Mints and Assay Offices during the year ending June 30th 194
S3 Transactions of the NewYork Clearing House from October 11th 1853 to January 1st 1895
The National Banks in the City of NewYork
The National Banks in the State of NewYork
The National Banks of the United States
The Banks Incorporated by the State of NewYork in the City of NewYork
The Banks Incorporated by the State of New York
The Savings Banks in the City and County of NewYork compared with the Saving Banks in other Counties of the State of New York
The Marine Insurance Companies of the City of NewYork
Transactions of the NewYork Post Office 281
Range of Prices of Government Securities at NewYork during the year 1894
Foreign Exchange at NewYork during the year 1894
Comparative Prices of Leading Articles in the NewYork Market
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עמוד 143 - ... or thing to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding. In testimony whereof, we have caused these our letters to be made patent, and the great seal of our said province to be hereunto affixed, and the same to be entered on record in our Secretary's office, for our said province, in one of the books of patents there remaining.
עמוד 141 - ... manner and form, and upon such terms and conditions, as shall be directed, ordained and established for that purpose by any of the said by-laws, statutes, constitutions or ordinances of the said Corporation...
עמוד 147 - V icePresidents so elected shall meet and divide into four classes, by allotment, of three to each class. The first class to serve for one year ; the second class for two years ; the third class for three years, and the fourth class for four years ; after the expiration of their respective terms of office they shall be ineligible for reelection until one year has intervened.
עמוד 30 - State, or elsewhere within the United States, formed upon the plan known as Lloyds, whereby each associate underwriter becomes liable for a proportionate part of the whole amount insured by a policy...
עמוד 142 - Know ye, therefore, that We, of our especial grace, certain knowledge, and mere motion do by these presents, for us, our heirs and successors, give and grant unto the said...
עמוד 25 - The canals may be improved in such manner as the Legislature shall provide by law. A debt may be authorized for that purpose in the mode prescribed by section four of this article, or the cost of such improvement may be defrayed by the appropriation of funds from the state treasury, or by equitable annual tax.
עמוד 203 - It shall be lawful to charge and receive, within the City of New- York, wharfage and dockage at the following rates, namely...
עמוד 137 - IN AMERICA," and them, and their successors by the same name, we do by these presents really and fully make, erect, create, constitute and declare one body politic and corporate in deed, fact, and name for ever ; and will, give, grant, and ordain, that they and their successors, the...
עמוד 139 - Persons in whose place he or they shall be chosen might or could have done by Virtue of these Presents. And our Will and Pleasure is, and We do hereby for us, our Heirs and Successors, ordain, direct and require, that every President...
עמוד 94 - An act in relation to the inferior courts of criminal jurisdiction in the city of New York, defining their powers and jurisdiction and providing for their officers...

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