Symmetries in Science VII: Spectrum-generating Algebras and Dynamic Symmetries in Physics

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Bruno Gruber, Takaharu Otsuka
Springer, 1993 - 632 עמודים
Dynamical Symmetry Breaking and the Onset of Chaos in the Interacting Boson Model of Nuclei; Y. Alhassid. Generating the Spectrum of Nonlinear Hamiltonians; L.Ya. Baranov, R.D. Levine. Dynamical Symmetry and String Theory; I. Bars. U(7) Spectrum Generating Algebra for Rotations and Vibrations in Triatomic Molecules; R. Bijker, et al. Algebraic Treatment of Collective Excitations in Baryon Spectroscopy; R. Bijker, A. Leviatan. Can Iachello's Idea of a Spectral Supersymmetry be Extended into the Relativistic Domain; A. Bohm, L.C. Biedenharn. Low Lying Electric Dipole Excitations and the Interacting Boson Model; P. von Brentano, et al. Effective Charges, the Valence pn Interaction, and the IBM; R.F. Casten, A. Wolf. Dynamical Symmetries in Superdeformed Nuclei; J.A. Cizewski. Dynamical Algebras and Syperalgebras for Interacting Itinerant Many-Electron Systems; A. Danani, M. Rasetti. Number and Isospin Dependence of the IBM3 Hamiltonian; J.P. Elliott, et al. 43 additional articles. Index.

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Introductory Remarks on the Occasion of the Puplic Lecture
U15 SU6 Description of the SDG Boson Model
Dynamical Symmetry Breaking and the Onset of Chaos in
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