Transactions of the Royal Entomological Society of London, כרך 47;כרך 1899

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The Society, 1900

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עמוד 210 - ... examined about 25 skulls which belong to Symbos cavifrons. In all of these the exostoses of the horn-core meet across the forehead. If the Grand Rapids skull is the female of S. cavifrons, it is very remarkable that only one female should be discovered among 25 specimens. Among the skulls of S. cavifrons there is a good deal of variation in the size of the cores. It seems very probable that those specimens which have the more feebly developed cores are the females. Inasmuch as in the males of...
עמוד 200 - Expanse <$ 32 millim, $? 36 millim. One male specimen and two females from the province of Kwei-chow, taken in June or July. There is a very similar, unnamed, example from Pekin in the National collection at South Kensington, but this is without spots on basal area. Habitat. NORTH-WESTERN CHINA. 642. Setina griseata, sp. n. Pale brownish grey. Primaries have a black spot at the base and one at the outer extremity of the cell ; there are two transverse series Heterocera from China, Japan, and Oorea.
עמוד 107 - B 4.CM Fig. 3. Camellia tuberculata Chien. A. a flowering branch; B. and C. fruit; D. stamens; E. a pistil; F. a seed. Chu collected flowering specimens from the same place. It is distinguished from all other species of the genus by its conspicuously tuberculate fruits. Camellia villicarpa Chien, sp. nov. Sect. Theopsis. Frutex 2.5 m. altus; ramuli hornotini fulvosi, stricti, dense et patenter hirsuti, annotini brunnei, pilis persistentibus; gemmae oblongae, apice rotundatae, 2-3 mm. longae, squamis...
עמוד 291 - Wings vitreous with pitch'black neuration, except in the fore-wing the finer cross veinlets of the marginal and submarginal areas that precede the pterostigmatic region (which are deficient in colouring), and the roots of the stronger nervures interior to the humeral cross-vein, which are raw umber brown ; the membrane at the extreme roots is almost imperceptibly tinted raw umber or greenish. In the marginal area of the fore-wing, before the bulla, are usually about 6 faint cross-veinlets, and beyond...
עמוד xxxiii - England for some years. The President then delivered an Address, and at its conclusion a vote of thanks, proposed by Prof. Meldola and seconded by Mr. Blandford, was unanimously accorded to the President for his Address, and to the President and the other Officers for their services to the Society during the past year. Messrs. Verrall, McLachlan, Gahan and Champion spoke in reply.
עמוד xxxiii - Henry Verrall ; Treasurer, Mr. Robert McLachlan ; Secretary, Mr. Charles J. Gahan ; Librarian, Mr. George C. Champion. The election to fill two vacancies, one in the Council and one in the Office of Secretary, caused by the resignation of Mr. JJ Walker, RN, was adjourned to March 7th, the Council having signified their intention to announce at the Meeting on Feb. 7th, the name or names of the person or persons whom they shall recommend to be elected. The President read a letter from Mr. "Walker in...
עמוד 85 - Thorax and ecatellum without bristles ; the abdomen long and slender ; the anal segment (female) with some small spines. Legs moderately long, the hind pair scarcely longer and somewhat more robust than the others ; first tarsal Joint as long as the two or three following Joints together ; foot-claws long ; pulvilli absent In the wings all the posterior cells are open and not constricted ; the fourth posterior cell issues from the second basal cell ; the third basal cell is closed at the margin of...
עמוד 229 - Illustrations of specific characters in the armature and ultimate ventral segments of Andrena males.
עמוד xx - ... interest in its welfare. That this interest had up to the last continued unabated was manifested by the terms of his will, in which he had made a bequest to the Society, PROC.
עמוד 95 - ... rufous at the underside ; tibiae rufous with brownish tip ; tarsi brownish ; the legs are clothed with short, whitish hairs, on the fore coxae and on the underside of the fore femora these hairs become longer and more bristly ; tibiae with scattered, mostly black bristles ; those on the innerside of the fore tibiae are yellowish ; the bristles of the tarsi black, some only on the fore tarsi pale ; foot-claws black ; pulvilli yellow. Halteres yellow. Wings (PI.

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