The three voyages of Captain James Cook around the world

כריכה קדמית
Printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1821

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עמוד 271 - ... itself, with which it must be wholly covered. I, who had ambition not only to go farther than any one had been before, but as far as it was possible for man to go, was not sorry at meeting with this interruption ; as it, in some measure, relieved us ; at least, shortened the dangers and hardships inseparable from the navigation of the southern polar regions.
עמוד 290 - It is extraordinary that the same nation should have spread themselves over all the isles in this vast ocean, from New Zealand to this island, which is almost one-fourth part of the circumference of the globe. Many of them have now no other knowledge of each other, than what is preserved by antiquated tradition ; and they have, by length of time, become, as it were, different nations, each having adopted some peculiar custom or habit, &c. Nevertheless, a careful observer will soon see the affinity...
עמוד 294 - They are built, or rather faced, with hewn stones of a very large size ; and the workmanship is not inferior to the best plain piece of masonry we have in England. They use no sort of cement ; yet the joints are exceedingly close, and the stones morticed and tenanted one into another, in a very artful manner.
עמוד 272 - Ocean, with a good ship expressly sent out on discoveries, a healthy crew, and not in want either of stores or of provisions, would have been betraying not only a want of perseverance, but of judgment, in supposing the south Pacific Ocean to have been so well explored, that nothing remained to be done in it.
עמוד 174 - ... his trowsers, and struck him several times with his own hanger, but happily did him no harm. As soon as they had accomplished their end, they made off; after which another of the natives brought a piece of cloth to cover him, and conducted him to the trading place, where were a great number of the inhabitants. The very instant Mr Sparrman appeared in the condition I have just mentioned, they all fled with the utmost precipitation.
עמוד 276 - When I began to recover, a favourite dog belonging to Mr. Forster fell a sacrifice to my tender stomach. We had no other fresh meat whatever on board ; and I could eat of this flesh, as well as broth made of it, when I could taste nothing else. Thus I received nourishment and strength from food which would have made most people in Europe sick ; so true it is, that necessity is governed by no law.
עמוד 248 - Oedidee (who came on board with me), was so affected with the sight as to become perfectly motionless, and seemed as if metamorphosed into the statue of horror. It is utterly impossible for art to describe that passion with half the force that it appeared in his countenance. When roused from this state by some of us...
עמוד 134 - ... and broth for dinner; knowing from experience, that these vegetables, thus dressed, are extremely beneficial, in removing all manner of scorbutic complaints.
עמוד 3 - Venus, but he was also expressly commissioned to ascertain " whether the unexplored part of the Southern Hemisphere be only an immense mass of water, or contain another continent.
עמוד 22 - ... production of a man who has not had the advantage of much school education, but who has been constantly at sea from his youth ; and though, with the assistance of a few good friends, he has passed through all the stations belonging to a seaman, from an apprentice boy in the coal trade, to a post captain in the Royal Navy, he has had no opportunity of cultivating letters.

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