Critical Essays on Shakespeare's A Lover's Complaint: Suffering Ecstasy

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Shirley Sharon-Zisser
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2006 - 203 עמודים
Despite the outpour of interpretations, from critics of all schools, on Shakespeare's dramatic works and other poetic works, A Lover's Complaint has been almost totally ignored by criticism. This collection of essays is designed to bring to the poem the attention it deserves for its beauty, its aesthetic, psychological and conceptual complexity, and its representation of its cultural moment. A series of readings of A Lover's Complaint, particularly engaging with issues of psychoanalysis and gender, the volume cumulatively builds a detailed picture of the poem, its reception, and its critical neglect. The essays in the volume, by leading Shakespeareans, open up this important text before scholars, and together generate the long-overdue critical conversation about the many intriguing facets of the poem.

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Patrick Cheney
A Lovers Complaint and Confessional Practices
A Lovers Complaint and Hamlet Romeo
A Lovers Complaint and the Fine Art of Seduction
Shakespeare Freud and the Diacritics
the Rhetorical Forms of Female Masochism
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Shirley Sharon-Zisser is Senior Lecturer and Graduate Advisor at the Department of English, and Co-Director of the Forum for Psyshoanalysis, Philosophy and Culture at Tel Aviv University, Israel.

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