Sociolinguistics, כרך 3,חלק 3

כריכה קדמית
de Gruyter, 2006 - 15 עמודים
"The revised edition of the Sociolinguistics/Soziolinguistik handbook is as comprehensive, practical, and user-friendly as its editors attest. SEveral aspects enhance the accessibility of the handbook, such the brief outlines that begin each article, the cross-referencing of articles, and the cumulative index. [...] the second edition of the handbook stands as an exemplary reference tool which researchers and students alike can turn for concise, yet thorough, current information on nearly any topic of sociolinguistics." Christine Mallinson in: Language in Society, 2008 "[...]every university library should have this important resource available in book or in electronic form." Katharina Barbe in: Linguist List 19.1356

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