The Correspondence of the Late John Wilkes: With His Friends, Printed from the Original Manuscripts, in which are Introduced Memoirs of His Life, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
R. Phillips, 1805

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עמוד 101 - Majefty's commands therein fignified, you will pleafe to obferve, that you no longer continue colonel of the militia for the county of Buckingham. * I cannot, at the fame time, help...
עמוד 159 - Queen, her crown and dignity, and to be examined touching and concerning the said charge, and lo be further dealt with according to law. Hereof fail not at your peril. Given under my hand and seal this 16th March, 1864.
עמוד 25 - The court held * this to be a formal renunciation, by the * husband, of his natural right to seize her, * 'or force her back to live with him : and « they said, that any attempt of the husband * to seize her by force and violence, would be * a breach of the peace. They also declared, * that any attempt made by the husband to * molest her in her present return from West. ' minster.hall, would be a contempt of the ' court ; and they told the lady, she was at ' full liberty to go where, and to whom,...
עמוד 34 - Chelsea, March 16, 1759. DEAR SIR — I am again your petitioner, in behalf of that great chum'" of literature Samuel Johnson. His black servant, whose name is Francis Barber, has been pressed on board the Stag Frigate, Captain Angel, and our lexicographer is in great distress. He says the boy is a sickly lad, of a delicate frame, and particularly subject to a malady in his throat, which renders him very unfit for his Majesty's service.
עמוד 112 - Wilkes, esq. herewith sent you, for being the author and publisher of a most infamous and seditious libel, intitled, The North Briton, No. 45, tending to inflame the minds and alienate the affections of the people from his majesty, and to excite them to traitorous insurrections against the government...
עמוד 150 - ... the authors, printers, and publishers of a seditious and treasonable paper, entitled ' The North Briton,' No. 45, and them, or any of them, having found, to apprehend and seize, together with their papers...
עמוד 85 - London, and them, or any of them, having found, to apprehend and seize, together with their papers, and to bring in safe custody before me, to be examined concerning the premises, and further dealt with according to law...
עמוד 60 - III. was held in the most absolute slavery by his mother and her Minister. The first nobles of England were excluded from the King's councils, and the minion disposed of all places of profit and trust.
עמוד 115 - You fay, that furh of my papers fhall be reftored to me, as do not lead to a proof of my guilt.
עמוד 48 - that his ambition was, to have gone to Quebec the first governor: to have reconciled the new subjects to the English ; and to have shewn the French the advantages of the mild rule of laws, over that of lawless power and despotism :"* and there is no doubt that he possessed the most excellent qualifications for that important post.

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