Albert Meets America: How Journalists Treated Genius During Einstein's 1921 Travels

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József Illy, Illy József
JHU Press, 2006 - 345 עמודים

In 1919, newspaper headlines said that a British expedition had confirmed Einstein's general theory of relativity. The news stirred the public imagination on both sides of the Atlantic and thrust the scientist into the spotlight of fame.

Two years later, Chaim Weizmann led a fund-raising mission to the United States and invited Einstein to join it. The mission traveled to New York, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and Hartford to campaign for public awareness and support of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This brought Einstein within the grasp of the American media. His lectures delivered in New York, Princeton, and Chicago, and comments on the Jewish presence in Palestine, made Einstein, on his first trip to America, one of the first media stars. In Albert Meets America, József Illy presents a fascinating compilation of media stories of Einstein's tour -- which cover his science, his Zionism, and the anti-Semitism he encountered. As we travel with Einstein, from headline to headline, we experience his emotional connection with American Jews and his frustration at becoming world famous even though his theories were not truly understood.

This exciting collection gives readers an intimate glimpse into the life of one of the world's first modern celebrities and a unique understanding of the media's power over both its subject and its audience.


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Freedom of the City Is Given April
Defines the Speed of Light April 1823
Puzzles Harding Washington April 2526
Baffled in Chicago May 28
Princeton Hears Einstein Explain May 914
Sees Boston May 1718
Push Hebrew Medical Work New York May 1921
Professor Einstein and the Hat New York May 23
To Greet Einstein Philadelphia May 29
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József Illy is the visiting editor of the Einstein Papers and a visiting associate in history at the California Institute of Technology.

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