תמונות בעמוד
[blocks in formation]




The Roman Numerals refer to the Volumes ; the Arabic Figures to the Pagcs.

Ability of the Lord to save his people from Avogacney, explained, i. 133
all sin, i. 161

Angel, no proof that one attends every
Abstinence, what, i. 344

man, ii. 254
Abyssinia, state of, in regard to religion, Angels, the existence of, discovered by
ii. 678

faith, ii. 636—the nature of, ii. 242,
Account, which every one must render 251-address to the, ii. 754
to God, i. 643

Angelic Perfection, what, ii. 290
Actions of men, none of them purely in Anger, a disease of human nature, ii.
different, i. 647

494, 495—the sin of indulging, i. 262
Adam, the Representative of all men, -sinful, a cause of spiritual dark-

i. 49-sentence of God upon, ii. 97 ness, 1.581-inconsistent with Christ-
Adamic Perfection, what, ii. 291

ian zeal, ii. 467_engendered by gay
Addison, quotation from, ii. 382, 547, apparel, ii. 423

Animals, creation of, ii. 91
Aduption, Spirit of, described, i. 100 Animals, our ignorance of many of the,
Adrian, the Emperor, address of, to his ii. 221
soul, ii. 237, 663"

Animated Nature, future state of, ii. 174
Advice proper to be given to an awakened Annesley, Dr., quotation from, ii. 599
person, i. 196

| Antinomianism, what, i. 242, 316-in
Afiction, advantages of, ii. 742-the the primitive Church, ii. 139-prac-
voice of God, ii. 805

tical, not uncommon, i. 453
Africans, wretched state of the, ii. 224 | Avontos, explained, ii. 410
Agarn explained, ii. 451

Aydgwrivos, explained, ii. 356
Agalospreiv, explained, i. 374

| Apalhy, bot Christian meekness, i. 260
Age, the effects of, ii. 100

Aravyaoua, explained, i. 294, 436
Aged people, duty of, to avoid public Apostates, misery of, i. 298—possibility
diversions, ii. 811

of their finding mercy, ii. 403
Agrov, to, what, i. 397

Apparel, costly, to be avoided, ii. 422
Agrn, explained, i. 437

Arians, deny the imputation of Christ's
Anywrigode rocadur, explained, i. 409 righteousness, i. 240 - know Christ
Air, original state of the, ii. 88–our after the flesh, ii. 687
ignorance of its nature, ii. 220_state Armour of God, wbat, ii. 259
of, in the New Earth, ü. 171

Arrogance, to be avoided, ii. 546
Analovera, what, ii. 319, 411

Artificers, guided by reason, ii. 233
S , explained, i. 333

Assembly's Catechisin, quoted, ii. 670
Almost Christian, the, described, i. U Assizes, description of an, i. 167
Alms. to be given with a pure intention. | Astronomers, contradictory calculations
i. 327

of, ii. 219
American Indians, state of the, ü. 225 Athanasian Creed, remarks upon the, ii. 80
American war, misery of the people

Atheism, described, ii. 745—a disease of
during the, ii. 826

human nature, ii. 493, 733—-incul-
Ananias and Sapphira, the case of, ii. 136 cated under various names, ii. 674
Ancient writers, prejudices in favour of, practical, produced by riches, ii. 624
ii. 365

A011, wbo, i. 338; . 325

2 Z

Atheisis, account of two, ii. 744

entrusted to men by God, i. 638-
Atmosphere, original state of the, ii. 90 influence of, upon the soul, ii. 99–
Atonement, cannot be made by the sinner, not the seat of sin, i. 297-imperfec-

tions of, ii. 740—the four elements
Atterbury, Bislop, anecdote of, ii. 448 combined in the, ii. 630-a source of
Attributes of Gurl, described, ii. 668– temptation, ii. 357, 740—difference
destroved by the doctrine of absolute between a mortal and a glorified, ii.
predestination, ii. 10

781–our ignorance of many things
Augustine, character of, ii. 208-quoted, relating to our, ii. 222—not to be
ii. 160, 203, 392,376

transparent, ii. 172
Auto da Fés, account of, by Dr. Geddes, Bodily disorders, a cause of spiritual
ii. 460

heaviness, i. 594
Awakened Sinner, described, i. 96 Bondage, spirit of, described, i. 96

Born of God, in what sense he that is,
Babe in Christ, experience of a, ii. 368 sinneth not, i. 5
Babes in Christ, who, ii. 610-free from Brerewood, Mr., his calculations re-
the power of sin, i. 507

specting the state of the world, ii. 157,
Backbitiny, what, i. 614

Backsluler's, despair of many, ii. 294– Breathing, described, ij. 629
may be restored, ii. 403

Broad way, what, i. 404
Balaam, address of, to Balak, ii. 595 Brute Creation, original state of the, ii. 122
Baptism, not the new birth, i. 572– Brules, subjected to vanity, i. 127-

grace of, often lost, i. 220, 573—does future stare of, ii. 129- conjecture con-
not supersede the necessity of the new cerning, ii. 130
birth, i. 219

Burling upon a rock, i. 425—upon the
Barclay, Robert, denied the imputation sand, what, i. 422

of Christ's righteousness, i. 211 Bull, Bishop, erroneonis doctrines of,
Barnabas, contention of, with Paul, i. 226, ii.760
270; ii. 453

Burkill, Mr., mistake of, ii. 706
Baronet, a rich, annoyed by a puff of Bunyan, John, incorsistency of, ii. 302
smoke, ii. 417, 627

Burlomachi, Mons., treatise of, censured,
BatrodoUndete, explained, i. 330

ii. 674
Baxter, striking quotation from, ii. 178 Business, best way of transactiog, ii. 435

—mistake of, corrected, ii. 473
Beggar, affecting case of a, 654

Called, wbat, ii. 107
Beggars, common, the question of re- | Calvin, quoted respecting the imputation
lieving, ii. 654

of Christ's righteousness, i, 238—did
Behmen, Jacob, strange conceit of, ii. ! not separate from the Church, ü. 589

- burbed Servetus alive, ji. 80
Beliering the Gospel, explained and en- Calvinists, prove that opinion is not reli-
forced, i. 79

gion, ii. 79
Believers, in Christ Jesus, who, i. 82 Campbell, Mr., opinion of, refuted, ii.
Bellarmune, dying saying of, i. 236 L 722
Beneficence, a source of enjoyment, ii. Caris, remarks upon playing at, ii. 439
379-recommended, ii. 701

Care, anxious, forbidden, i. 383
Bengehus, calculation of, referred to, ii. Cases of Conscience, solved by the help of

14—his doubts respecting 1 John v.7, reason, ii. 234
ii. 81

Catholic Spirit, defined, i. 501-illus.
Bentley, Dr. haughtiness of, ü. 516 trated, i. 491-distinguished from La-
Berrans, blessing of God upon the, in titudinarianism, and indifference to
searching the Scriptures, i. 189

congregations, i. 499
Bigotry, defined, i. 488—the evil of, i. Catacombs of Rome, mentioned, ii. 564

Ceremonies, not true religion, i. 72
Birids, creation of, ii. 92—our ignorance Chaisey, Eliz., case of, ii. 361
of, in several respects, ii. 222

Characters of all men will be unfolded ir
Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, what, the day of judgment, i. 171
ii. 402

Xapaxtnip, explained, i. 294
Blasphemy of complaining that the terms Charles XII., death of, ii 716

of the Chistian Colenant are 100 SerT, Charity, properties of, i. 268-the exer-
;. 207

cise of, a consequence of the fall, ii.
Blessiness of those that hunger and thirst ! i17
after righteousness, i. 266

Chesterfield, Lord, infamous principles
Bille, various editions of the English, of, ii. 545, 736
mentioned, ü. 451

| Children, the souls of, to be cared for, ii.
Boarding schools, evils of, ii. 488

184—how to be instructed, ii. 486, 670
Biriy, luman, description of the, ii. 629–1 -right management of, ií. 495-pro-

per food of, ü. 500-obedience due 1 91, 219-matter pervaded by the, ii.
from, to their parents, ii.505-remarks 574-heat of, whed returning from the
upon the dress of, ii. 510—the be sun, i. 176

queathment of property to, i. 630 Comfort, promised to Christian Mourn-
China, the empire of, ii, 574

ers, i. 258
Xprisivitat, explained, i. 269

Comparative Divinity, beautiful view of,
Christ, the person of, ii. 816—the true! ii. 465, 469

God, ii. 305—the Creator and Pre- / Communion, duty of constant, ii. 553
server of all things, ii. 305-eternal Commandments, guilt and doom of those

life, ii. 308-condescension of, ii. 386 who teach men to break them, i. 314
Christian, a, altogether, i. 15-character Commutation of duties, not allowed by
of a, described, ii. 613

1 God, i. 263
Christian's joy, ground of, i. 136

| Compliments, the term censured, ii. 448
Christian Perfection, what, ii. 291. See Concupiscence, what, ii. 672

Condemnation, believers free from, i. 83
Christian world, state of the, ii. 158 Condition of justification, what, i. 55
Christian Church, state of, in different Conference, debate in the, on leaving the
ages, ij, 207, 569

Church, ii. 582
Christian Revelation, overthrown by the Conformity to the world, what, ii. 490

doctrine of absolute predestination, Conscience, defined, i. 130; ii. 593, 739
ii. 7

--several sorts of, ii. 597-rule of,
Christians, character of real, ii. 660, 675 | i. 131-good, the same as a con-

-two orders of, from the beginning, science void of offence, i. 132
ii. 432—real, the special care of divine Constantine, injury done to Christianity
Providence, ii. 199-character of, in by, ii. 141, 431, 569
Jerusalem, ii. 135—in the Turkish Contemplation, boly, not the whole of
dominions, character of, ii. 158-pro- religious worship, i. 304
fessed, wicked lives of, ii. 144

Contempt of inferiors, produced by riches,
Christianity, in its native form, i. 291 ii. 627

essentially a social religion, i. 295– Contests about religion, described, i. 232
difference between, and heathenism, Conventicle Act, put in force against the
i. 562–different from morality, ii. Methodists, ii. 617
747-causes of the inefficacy of, ii. Convents, origin of, ii. 528
677-existing in individuals, i. 32- Conversation, uncharitable, Christians
spreading from one to anotber, i. 36 guilty of, i, 156
-covering the earth, i. 39

Conversation, advice respecting, ii. 437
Church, peculiar meaning of the term, i. Conviction of sin, described, i. 96-11.745

620—the, ambiguity of the term, ii. -produced by the Law, i. 411 ---man-
270—who constitute the true, ii. 274, Der in wbich it is generally produced,
275-unity of, ii. 274--wby denomi- i. 195—why often ineffectual, i, 610
nated holy, ii. 279-state of, in the Convincing speech, singular instance of
earliest ages, ii. 136,584-state of, in the power of, ii. 156
, modern ages, ii. 142-glory of, in the Conviction, of demerit and helplessness
latter day, ii. 166

in believers, i. 165
Church of England, what, ii. 276-re- Correction, necessity of, in regard to
marks on attending the service of, ii. cbildren, ii. 485
581-several of the members of, know Corrupting the word of God, means of,
nothing of the imputation of Christ's ii 754
righteousness, i. 241-attachment of Corruption of the heart, described, i. 76
the first Methodists to, 11. 22

Courtesmens, enforced, ii 550
Church of Rome, idolatry of, ii. 315 Covenant of Works, what, i, 64
Cicero, remarkable saying of, ii. 148 Covenant of Grace, difference between,
quoted, on Providence, n. 193

and the Covenant of Works, L 64.
Clarendon, Lord, refusal of, to employ Coveloumens, described, f. 755-in the
spies, ii. 829

| beart of a believer, i. 156
Clarke, Dr. Adam, bis account of one of | Copley, quoted, ii, 424, 743
Mr. Wesley's Sermons, , 757

Creatum, the work of Christ, il 305-
Clergy, the character of, in different ages, original state of the, i 87
ii. 584-uogodly, ministry of, i. 546 Cron, taking up the, what, i.

m e
Clergyman, wicked, folly of a, fi. 897 cessity of, i. 69
Circumcisinn of the heart, defined, i. 200 Cutworth, William, veparation of, from
Circumstances which will precedle and follow Mr. Whitefield, ti. 23
the general judgment, i. 162

Cure of wril-speaking, what, i. 616
Collin at Kingwood, remarkalle account Creatm, the Pharinas not governed by,
of a, i. 319

Comete, oor ignorance of their nature, n. ' Cyprian, *., testimony of concerning the

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