Continuation of the Complete History of England, כרך 4

כריכה קדמית
Richard Baldwin, 1761

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עמוד 123 - Fielding, who painted the characters and ridiculed the follies of life with equal strength, humour and propriety. The field of history and biography was cultivated by many writers of ability, among whom we distinguish the copious Guthrie, the circumstantial Ralph, the laborious Carte, the learned and elegant Robertson , and above all, the ingenious, penetrating, and comprehensive Hume,
עמוד 170 - Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Briton ; and the peculiar happiness of my life will ever consist in promoting the welfare of a people, whose loyalty and warm affection to me I consider as the greatest and most permanent security of my throne...
עמוד 107 - He had risen at his usual hour, drank his chocolate, and inquired about the wind, as anxious for the arrival of the foreign mails; then he opened a window of his apartment, and perceiving the weather was serene, declared he would walk in the garden.
עמוד 325 - I have explained these matters only for the honour of truth, not in any view to court return of confidence from any man, who, with a credulity as weak as it is injurious, has thought fit...
עמוד 190 - Upon account, to enable his majefty to defray any extraordinary expences of the War, incurred, or to be incurred, for the fervice of 1760; and to take all fuch meafures, as may be neceflary, to difappoint, or defeat, any enterprizes or deiigns of his enemies, and as the exigency of affairs may require, — — ioooooo о о z.
עמוד 208 - I have had their constant support in it; and to their good will and assistance, their tenderness and indulgence towards me in my errors, it is, that I have been able to perform my duty here to any degree of approbation. Thanks therefore are not...
עמוד 144 - ... affection of theirs is happily returned by your Majesty's declared concern for their prosperity ; and let nothing disturb this mutual consent. Let there be but one contest between them, whether the king loves the people best, or the people him : and may it be a long, a very long contest ! may it never be decided, but let it remain doubtful ! and may the paternal affection on the one side, and the filial obedience on the other, be had in perpetual remembrance ! This will probably be the last time...
עמוד 5 - ... sailors, formed a camp, under the command of colonel Spragge, who sent out detachments against the negroes, a great number of whom were killed, and some taken ; but the rest, instead of submitting, took shelter in the woods and mountains. The prisoners, being tried and found guilty of rebellion, were put to death by a variety of tortures. Some were hanged, some beheaded, some burned, and some fixed alive upon gibbets. One of these last lived eight days and eighteen hours, suspended under a vertical...
עמוד 334 - I dare say your affectionate regard for me and the Queen, makes you go before me in what I am next to mention, the making an adequate and honourable provision for her support, in case she should survive me.
עמוד 352 - We wanted to be informed, If the court of Spain intended to join the French, our enemies, to make war on Great Britain ; or to depart from their neutrality ? Whereas the...

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