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the stairs, and was cut down, but not soon | church, not by way of sacrament, but merely in enough to revive, though the usual means were sign of mutual charity. To encourage this dishumediately resorted to.- At Piddingboe, aged position, and by way of favour to the society it. 97, Mrs. Ann Bick. She has tive sons and self of York cordwajners, Archbishop Scrope, as daughters, and left grand-children, great grand it seeins, was pleused to grant a relaxation of children, and great great grand-children, to the forty days canonical penance, or a pardon of forty number of 113.- 11 Chichester, Captain Cra days, as it was anciently called, which, by the eraft, R. N. Commander of the Sea Fencibles on by, had no connection whatsoever with the forthe coast of this county. Ile was First Lieutenant giveness of sins of any kind, to those who on of the Brunswick on the 1st of June, 1794, and such occasions should join in the above-mengallantly fought that ship after Captain Harvey | tioved social and fraternal Wasseil. was mortally wounded.

As a nursery-maid, in the service of Sir T. WARWICKSHIRE.

Pilkington, or Cheritt, was lately sitting with the A fine Buck was lately observed by Mr. Baronet's infant child ucar the fire, a spark flew John Baucutt, of Northend, feeding in the in on the child's clothes and set them on a blaze. closures near that place. The deer, on Mr. B. The maid, with a sentiment of humanity and riding towards him, made off, at speed, across duty that merited a better fate, instantly ran to the country; topping every fence in his way, the cradle, and by wrappivg the infant in the bed he took a circuit through Burton Dassett, be- l furniture, saved it; her own dress, however, was Fond which place, being hard, pressed, in en by this time in flames ; she rau into another room, deavouring to cover a thick high hedge, the and rolled herself in the carpet, but uuhappily poble animal got eutangled hy his antlers, when too late, for she was burnt to such a degree that, bis pursuer jnmped off his horse and secured him. after five days excessive torment, she expired.. It is remarkable, that Mr. Baycutt followed the MARRIED.-.It Kirby-hall, the Rev. Dr. Claubuck over every inch of ground, and over every dius Buchanan, to Miss Mary Thompson.-J. leap, and that he caught hin without a dog, aud Ridley, Esq. of the Plantation, near Whitby, to took him home without any assistance. The | Letitia, daughter of the late Dr. Wells At buck is kept in a stall, and takes his feed as Campsall, near Doncaster, W. Rowley, Esq. of quietly as a cow.-The distance run was about Kirk Smeaton, to Miss Sarah Bedford, of Fenfour miles.

wick Grange.--It Hull, Capt. Cresser, of the DIED:- 1t Moor- hall, John Hackett, Esq.- || Cumberland Militia to Miss Metcalfe. At Birmingham, aged 48, Mrs. Haden.

DIED.— It York, J. Bilton, Esq.-Mrs. BranWESTMORLAND.

don, aunt to Sir W'. Fettes, of Wamphray, Bart. Died. It Dove Nest, Ainbleside, in conse in her gist vear. --- At Hull, J. Robinson, Esq.quence of her clothes taking fire, Miss Pedder, At Shettield, Mrs. C. Lindley. At Pocklington, daughter of Edward Pedder, Esq.---- At Newby, Mr. Simpson.—At Wakefield, Miss Lonsdale, in Mrs. Robinson, relict of James Robinson, of her 17th year. Ploverick. YORKSHIRE.

WALES. The Treasury of the Cathedral of York has lately beca enriched with a curious silver bowl, The late Rev. Rice Pritcharch, was for some on which an inscription purports, tbat it was time after bis admission into the church, awfully given by Archbishop Scrope, who was beheaded ensnared by tbe sin of drunkenness; he was at iv 1405, to the confraternity of cordwainers of this | length recovered from it in the following singular city, with the promise of forty days pardon to way :-He had a tamne goat which was wont to those who should drink out of it. To under- | follow him to the alehonse which he frequented; stand this matter, it is to be observed, that the and he one day, by way of frolic, gave ihe poor different professions and trades were accustomed animal so much ale that it became intoxicated. in ancient times to form theinselves into confra What particularly struck Mr. P. was, froin that ternities or societies, to which a great number of time, though the creature would follow him to the religious practices and devotions were annexed; door, he never could get it to enter the house. and that amongst these, that of the Grace Cup, Revolving on this circumstance, Mr. P: was led or Poculum Charitatis : which consisted in drink to see how much the sin by which he had been ing health to ench other, with the repetition of enslaved, had sunk him beneath a beast, and from the word “ Wasseil," at the conclusion of any that time, he not only became a sober man, but public repast, was universal, being considered as an exemplary Christian, and a very erínent a pledge of fraternal affection and charity. For minister of the gospel: the samo purpose it was the practice of the MARRIED.-Captain Brigstooke, of the North French, till their late dreadful revolution, to eat Gloucester Militia, to Harriet, sister of Sir bits of tinc bread, which were distributed to all William Mansel, Baronet, of Íswed, Carmarpresent in the most solemn services of their then.

London : Printed by and for J. BELL, Southamplon-street, Strand.

FOR APRIL, 1810.

a pew Series.








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