Mesoscopic Physics of Electrons and Photons

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Cambridge University Press, 28 במאי 2007
Quantum mesoscopic physics covers a whole class in interference effects related to the propagation of waves in complex and random media. These effects are ubiquitous in physics, from the behaviour of electrons in metals and semiconductors to the propagation of electromagnetic waves in suspensions such as colloids, and quantum systems like cold atomic gases. A solid introduction to quantum mesoscopic physics, this book is a modern account of the problem of coherent wave propagation in random media. It provides a unified account of the basic theoretical tools and methods, highlighting the common aspects of the various optical and electronic phenomena involved and presenting a large number of experimental results. With over 200 figures, and exercises throughout, the book was originally published in 2007 and is ideal for graduate students in physics, electrical engineering, applied physics, acoustics and astrophysics. It will also be an interesting reference for researchers.

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mesoscopic physics
Wave equations in random media
Perturbation theory
Probability of quantum diffusion
Properties of the diffusion equation
Electronic transport
Coherent backscattering of light
Spectral properties of disordered metals
Universal conductance fluctuations
Correlations of speckle patterns
Interactions and diffusion
Orbital magnetism and persistent currents
References 561
Index 582

Diffusing wave spectroscopy

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