Diplomacy of Prudence: Canada and Israel, 1948-1958

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McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP, 1996 - 135 עמודים
Using a case study approach, Kay explores Canada's response to key issues such as the recognition of the new state of Israel, the status of Jerusalem, the Palestinian refugee problem, arms sales to Israel, particularly the sale of F-86s in 1956, and the Suez war. He also provides a thorough account of domestic politics in Canada that influenced foreign policy and the effectiveness of pro-Israeli lobby groups in influencing policy decisions. Kay concludes that although Canada was a major middle power in terms of its policy towards Israel, the government tended to defer to the policy positions of greater powers, such as the United States and Britain, but maintained an independent mediatory role that was instrumental in quelling a prospective global conflagration, as witnessed during the Sinai-Suez crisis and its aftermath. The Diplomacy of Prudence brings new insights to the study of Canadian foreign policy during Canada's coming of age as an international force.

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From Recognition to Full Diplomacy
The Noninternationalization of Jerusalem
Aiding the Palestinian Refugee
Arms and the Reluctant Middleman
Bureaucratic Dispositions
The Saga of the Unsheathed Sabres
In the Aftermath of SinaiSuez
Summary and Conclusions
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