Northern Garlands

כריכה קדמית
Joseph Ritson
R. Triphook, St. James's-Street, 1810 - 205 עמודים

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עמוד 33 - With that there came an arrow keen Out of an English bow, Which struck Earl Douglas to the heart — A deep and deadly blow : Who never spoke more words than these — " Fight on, my merry men all; For why, my life is at an end, Lord Percy sees my fall.
עמוד 31 - I'll do the best that do I may, While I have strength to stand ; While I have power to wield my sword, I'll fight with heart and hand.
עמוד 35 - Ratcliff too, His sister's son was he; Sir David Lamb so well esteem'd, Yet saved could not be.
עמוד 30 - Ere thus I will out-braved be, One of us two shall die : I know thee well, an earl thou art, Lord Percy, so am I. But trust me, Percy, pity it were, And great offence, to kill Any of these our harmless men, For they have done no ill : Let thou and I the battle try. And set our men aside.
עמוד 36 - Scotland can witness be I have not any captain more Of such account as he." Like tidings to King Henry came Within as short a space, That Percy of Northumberland Was slain in Chevy-Chase : "Now God be with him...
עמוד 23 - With his hart blood the wear wete. Ther was never a freake wone foot wolde fle, But still in stour dyd stand, Heawyng on yche othar, whyll the myght dre, With many a bal-ful brande. This battell begane in Chyviat An owar befor the none, And when even-song bell was rang The battell was nat half done. The tooke 'on...
עמוד 27 - The hunting of that day. The stout Earl of Northumberland A vow to God did make, His pleasure in the Scottish woods Three summer days to take; The chiefest harts in Chevy-Chase To kill and bear away.
עמוד 18 - Nowe Cristes cors on his crowne, sayd the lord Perse. Who-soever ther-to says nay. Be my troth, doughte Doglas, he says, Thow shalt never se that day; Nethar in Ynglonde, Skottlonde, nar France, Nor for no man of a woman born, But and fortune be my chance, I dar met him on man for on.
עמוד 34 - The noble Earl was slain : He had a bow bent in his hand, Made of a trusty tree ; An arrow of a cloth-yard long...
עמוד 33 - Then leaving life, Earl Percy took The dead man by the hand ; And said, " Earl Douglas, for thy life Would I had lost my land. " O Christ ! my very heart doth bleed With sorrow for thy sake ; For sure, a more redoubted knight Mischance did never take.

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