Select hymns and anthems, on religious subjects ... sung at Tunbridge-Wells chapel

כריכה קדמית

מה אומרים אנשים - כתיבת ביקורת

לא מצאנו ביקורות במקומות הרגילים

מונחים וביטויים נפוצים

קטעים בולטים

עמוד 73 - Thine own Almighty wings. 2 Forgive me, Lord, for Thy dear Son, The ills that I this day have done ; That with the world, myself and Thee, I, ere I sleep, at peace may be.
עמוד 86 - I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me.
עמוד 13 - The unwearied sun, from day to day, Does his Creator's power display, And publishes to every land The work of an almighty hand. 3 Soon as the evening shades prevail, The moon takes up the wondrous tale...
עמוד 73 - Teach me to live, that I may dread The grave as little as my bed ; Teach me to die, that so I may Rise glorious at the awful day.
עמוד 75 - To sing his praise. 2 Thou moon, that rul'st the night, And sun, that guid'st the day, Ye glittering stars of light, To him your homage pay ; His praise declare, Ye heavens above, and clouds that move In liquid air. 3 Let them adore the Lord, And praise his holy name, By whose almighty word They all from nothing came ; And all shall last From changes free ; — his firm decree Stands ever fast.
עמוד 80 - For ever firm thy justice stands, As mountains their foundations keep ; Wise are the wonders of thy hands ; Thy judgments are a mighty deep.
עמוד 78 - O let us to His courts repair, And bow with adoration there ; Down on our knees, devoutly all Before the Lord our Maker fall.
עמוד 75 - tis he alone Doth life, and breath, and being give , We are his work, and not our own ; The sheep that on his pastures live.
עמוד 28 - FATHER of lights ! we sing thy name Who kindlest up the lamp of day ; ' Wide as he spreads his golden flame, His beams thy power and love display. 2 Fountain of good ! from thee proceed The copious drops of genial rain, Which, o'er the hill and through the mead, Revive the grass, and swell the grain. 3 Through the wide world thy bounties spread ; Yet millions of our guilty race, Though by thy daily bounty fed, Affront thy law, and spurn thy grace.
עמוד 11 - Ten thousand thousand precious gifts My daily thanks employ ; Nor is the least a cheerful heart, That tastes those gifts with joy.

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