The Great Work of the Gospel: How We Experience God's Grace

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Crossway, 2006 - 192 עמודים

ÒJohn writes so that we will know the depth of sin and counters it with the richness of GodÕs grace. A compelling book.Ó
ÑLars and Elisabeth (Elliot) Gren

ÒThe Great Work of the Gospel is God-centered good news. It is the kind of message that will make deep, strong people and deep, strong churches. It will release people from the self-absorbed rationalizations that keep us from the fullest engagement in the global cause of God.Ó
ÑJohn Piper, Pastor for Preaching, Bethlehem Baptist Church, MinneapolisÑfrom the Foreword

ÒThe strong medicine we need in an era where GodÕs amazing grace has been diminished by thinking so highly of ourselves. John Ensor demonstrates the greatness of our guilt and the surpassing greatness of GodÕs grace, which alone can deliver us.Ó
ÑRandy Alcorn, Director, Eternal Perspectives Ministries

Forgiveness is GodÕs Great Work because sin is the greatest of problems, the cross is the most excellent of solutions, and grace produces the most extreme changes. It is all-inclusive and everlasting. In this book, John Ensor helps us grasp the reality and human experience of GodÕs ongoing, outworking, wonderful grace.

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The theme of The Great Work of the Gospel by John Ensor is about our human experience of Gods outworking grace (p. 11). From its first chapter to the last, this well-paced book explores the power of ... קרא סקירה מלאה

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John Ensor is Director of Urban Initiatives for Heartbeat International, an organization for Christian communities establishing pregnancy help centers worldwide. He is currently working with Christian leaders to open five pregnancy help centers in the neediest neighborhoods of Miami, Florida. He has also served as President of A Woman's Concern. John and his wife, Kristen, have three grown children and reside near Boston, Massachusetts.

John Piper (DTheol, University of Munich) is the founder and teacher of and the chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary. He served for 33 years as the senior pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is the author of more than 50 books, including Desiring God, Don't Waste Your Life, This Momentary Marriage, Bloodlines, and Does God Desire All to Be Saved?

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