תמונות בעמוד

Redeem my fhip-wreck'd foul from raging gufts
Of cruel paffion, and deceitful lufts:
From ftorms of rage, and dangerous rocks of pride,
Let thy ftrong hand this little veffel guide $
(It was thy hand that made it) thro' the tide
Impetuous of this life : let thy command
Dire& my courfe, and bring me fafe to land.
If, while this weary'd fiefh draws fleeting breath,
Not fatisfy'd with life, afraid of death,
It haply be thy will, that I fhould know
Glimpfe of delight, or paufe from anxious woe;
From Now, from inftant Now, great Sire! difpel
The clouds that prefs my foul ; from Now reveal
A gracious beam of light; from Now infpire
My tongue to fing, my hand to touch the lyre:
Myopen'd thought to joyous profpe&is raife ;
And, for thy mercy, let me fing thy praife.
Or, ifthy will ordains, I ftill fhall wait
Some new Here-after, and a future ftate;
Permit me ftrength, my weight of woe to bear ;
And raife my mind fuperior to my care.
Let me, howe'er unable to explain
The fecret laborynths of thy ways to man,
With humble zeal confefs thy awful power;
Still weeping hope, and wondering ftill adore.
§o in my conqueft be thy might declar'd:
And, for thy juftice, be thy name rever'd.
My prayer fcarce ended, a ftupendous gloom
Parkens the air; loud thunder fhakes the dome :

To the beginning miracle fucceed
An awful filence, and religious dread. -
Sudden breaks forth a more than common day:
The facred wood, which on the altar lay,
Untouch'd, unlighted, glows
Ambrofial odour, fuch as never flows }
From Arab's gum, or the Sabæan rofe,
Does round the air revolving fcents difFufe:
The holy ground is wet with heavenly dews :
Celeftial mufic (fuch Jeffides' iyre,
Such Miriam's Timbrel would in vain require)
Strikes to my thought through my admiring ear,
With ecftafy too fine, and pleafure hard to bear:
And lo ! what fees my ravifh'd eye ? what feels
IMy wondering foul ? an opening cloud reveals
An heavenly form embody'd, and array'd
With robes of light. I heard: the angel faid:
Ceafe, man of woman born, to hope relief,
From daily trouble, and continu'd grief.
Thy hope ofjoy deliver to the wind :
Supprefs thy pafiions; and prepare thy mind.
Free and familiar with Misfortune grow :
Be ufed to forrow, and inur'd to woe.
By weakening toil, and hoary age o'ercome,
See thy decreafe ; and haften to thy tomb.
Leave to thy children tumult, ftrife, and war,
Portions of toil, and legacies of care.
Send the fucceflive ills through ages down ;
And Jet each weeping father tell his fon,


That, deeper ftruck, and more diftin&ly griev'd,
He muft augment the forrows he receiv'd. a
The child to whofe fuccefs thy hope is bound,
Ere thou art fcarce interr'd, or he is crown'd ;
To luft of arbitrary fway inclin'd
(That curfed poifon to the prince's mind!)
Shall from thy di&tate, and his duty rove,
And lofe his great defence, his people's love.
Ill counfell'd, vanquifh'd, fugitive, difgrac'd,
Shall mourn the fame of Jacob's ftrength effac'd.
Shall figh the King diminifh'd, and the crown
With leffen'd rays defcending to his fon;
Shall fee the wreaths, his grandfire knew to reap .
By a&tive toil, and military fweat,
Pining incline their fickly leaves, and fhed
Their falling honours from his giddy head.
By arms, or prayer unable to afiwage
Domeftic horror, and inteftime rage,
Shall from the vi&or and the vanquifh'd fear,
From Ifrael's arrow, and from Judah's fpear:
Shall caft his weary'd limbs on Jordan's flood,
By brother's arms difturb'd, and Itain'd with kindred
blood. * ,
Hence labouring years fhall weep their deftin'd race
Charg'd with iil omens, fully'd with difgrace.
Time, by Necefiity compell'd, fhall go
Through fcenes of war, and epochas of woe.
The empire lefien'd in a parted ftream,
§hall lofe it's courfe -

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Indulge thy tears: the Heathen-fhall blafpheme :
Judah fhall fall, oppref$'d by grief and fhame ;
And men fhall from her ruins know her fame.
New Ægypts yet, and fecond bonds remaim,
A harfher Pharaoh, and a heavier chaim.
Again, obedient to a dire command,
Thy captive fons fhall leave the promis'd land.
Their name more low, their fervitude more vife,
Shall on Euphrates' bank, renew the grief of Nife.
Thefe pointed fpires that wound the ambient fky,
Inglorious change ! fhall in deftru&tion lie
Low, levell'd with the duft ; their heights unknown,
Or meafur'd by their ruin. Yonder throne
For lafting glory built, defign'd the feat
Of kings for ever bleft, for ever great,
Remov'd by the invader's barbarous hand,
Shall grace his triumph in a foreign land. .
The tyrant fhall demand yon* facred load ' •
Of gold and veffels fet apart to God.
Then by vile hands to common ufe debas'd ; -
Shall fend them fiowing round his drunken feaft, }
With facrilegious taunt, and impious jeft.
Twice fourteen ages fhall their way complete :
Empires by various turns fhall rife and fet ;
While thy abandon'd tribes fhall only know
A different mafter, and a change of woe :
With down-caft eye-lids, and with looks a-ghaft,
Shall dread the future, or bewail the paft.

AfHi&ted Ifrael fhall fit weeping down, Fafl by the ftreams, where Babel's waters run ; Their harps upon the neighb'ring willows hung, Norjoyous hymn encouraging their tongue, Nor chearful dance their feet: with toil opprefs'd, Their weary'd limbs afpiring but to reft. In the refie&ive ftream the fighing bride, Viewing her charms impair'd, abafh'd fhall hide Her penfive head; and in her languid face The bridegroom fhall fore-fee his fickly race : $ While ponderous fetters vex their clofe embrace. With irkfome anguifh then your priefts fhall mourn Their long-negleéled feafts defpair'd return, And fad oblivion of their folemn days, Thenceforth their voices they fhall only raife, Louder to weep. By day your frighted feers Shall call for fountains to exprefs their tears ; And wifh their eyes were floods : by night from


Ofopening gulphs, black ftorms, and raging fames, Starting amaz'd, fhall to the people fhow

Emblems of Heavenly wrath, and myftic types of woe.

The captives, as their tyrant fhall require, That they fhould breathe the fong, and touch tlie . 1yre, Shali fay: can Jacob's fervile race rejoice, Untun'd the mufic, and difus'd the voice ? W}hat

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