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Abafh'd fhe bfufh'd, and with diforder fpoke: Her rifing fhame adorn'd the words it broke. If the great mafter will defcend to hear The humble feries of his hand-maid's care ; O ! while fhe tells it, let him not put on , The look, that awes the nations from the throne!. O ! let not death fevere in glory lie In the king's frown, and terror of his eye ! Mine to obey ; thy part is to ordain ; And, though to mention, be to fuffer pain, If the king fmile, whilft I my woes recite; If weeping I find favour in his fight ; ? Flow faft my te^rs, full rifing his dclight. O ! witnef$ Earth beneath, and Heaven above ! For can I hide it ? I am fick of love: If madnefs may the name of pafljon bear ; Or love be calf'd, what is indeed defpair. Thou Sovereign Power! whofe fecret wiii controils The inward bent and motion of our fouls! Why haft thou plac'd fuch infinite degrees Between the caufe and cure of my difeafe ? The mighty obje&t of that raging fire, In which unpity*d Abra muft expire, Had he been born fome fimple fhepherd's heir, The lowing herd, or feecy fheep his care ; At morn with him I o'er the hills had run, Scornful of winter's froft, and fummer's fum, ? Still afking, where he made his flock to reft at noon. For him at night, the dear expe£ted gueft, I had with hafty joy prepar'd the feaft ;

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And from the cottage, o'er the diftant plain,
Sent forth my longing eye to meet the fwain ;
Wavering, impatient, tofs'd by hope and fear ;
*Till he and joy together fhould appear ; }
And the lov'd dog declare his mafter near.
On my declining neck, and open breaft,
I fhould have lull^d the lovely youth to reft;
And from beneath his head, at dawning day,
With fofteft care have ftol'n my arm away ;
To rife and from the fold releafe the fheep,
Fond of his flock, indulgent to his fleep.

Or ifkind Heaven propitious to my flame
(For fure from Heaven the faithful ardor came)
Had bleft my life, and deck'd my natal hour
With height oftitle, and extent of power:
Without a crime my pafiion had afpir'd,
Found the lov*d prince, and told what I defir'd.

Then I had come, preventing Sheba's queen,
To fee the comelieft of the fons of men;
To hear the charming poet's amorous fong,
And gather honey falling from his tongue ;
To take the fragrant kifies of his mouth,
Sweeter than breezes of her native fouth ;
Likening his grace, his perfon, and his mien,
To all that great or beauteous I had feen.
Serene and bright his eyes, as folar beams
Refe&ing temper'd light from chryftal ftreams ;
Ruddy as gold his cheek; his bofom fair
As filver; the curl'd ringlets of his hair


A bright Tiara, round her forehead ty'd,
To jufter bounds confin'd its rifing pride ;
The blufhing ruby on her fnowy breaft,
Render'd its panting whitenefs more confefs'd:
Bracelets of pearl gave roundnefs to her arm ;
And every gem augmented every charm.
Her fenfes pleas'd, her beauty ftill improv'd;
And fhe more lovely grew, as more belov'd.
And now I could behold, avow, and blame
The feveral follies of my former flame ;
Willing my heart for recompence to prove
The certain joys that lie in profperous love.
For what, faid I, from Abra can I fear,
'Too humble to infult, tco foft to be fevere :
The damfe1's fole ambition is to pleafe:
With freedom I may like, and quit with eafe :
She fooths, but never can enthral my mind:
Why may not peace and love for once be join'd ?
Great Heaven! how fraii thy creature manis made!
How by himfelfinfenfib!y betray'd!
In our own ftrength unhappily fecure,
Too little cautious of the adverfe power;
And by the blaf* offelf-opinion mov'd,
We wifh to charm, and feek to be belov'd.
On pleafure's flowing brink we idly ftray,
Mafters as yet of our returning way ;
Seeing no danger we difarm our mind,
And give our condu&t to the waves and wind:
Then in the flowery mead, or verdant fhade
To wanton dalliance negligently laid,

We weave the chaplet, and we crown the bowl,
And fmiling fee the nearer waters roll;
Till the ftrong gufts of raging paffion rife:
*Till the dire tempeft mingles earth and fkies;
And fwift into the boundlefs ocean borne,
Our foolifh confidence too late we mourm :
Round our devoted heads the billows beat;
And from our troubled view the leflen'd lands retreat.
O mighty love ! from thy unbounded power
How fhall the human bofom reft fecure ?
How fhall our thought avoid the various fmare ?
Or wifJom to our caution°d foul declare
The different fhapes, thou pleafeft to employ,
When bent to hurt, and certain to deftroy ?
The haughty nymph in open beauty dreft,
To-day encounters our unguarded breaft:
She looks with majefty, and moves with ftate:
Unbent her foul, and in misfortunes great, %
She fcorns the world, and dares the rage of fate.
Here whilft we take ftern manhocd for our guide,
And guard our condu&t with becoming pride ;
Charm'd with her courage in her a&ion fhown,
We praife her mind, the image of our own.
She that can pleafe is certain to perfuade: -
To-day belov'd, to-morrow is obey'd. - *
We think we fee through Reafon's optics right;
Nor find how Beauty's rays elude our fight:
$truck with her eye, whill we applaud her mind : ,
And when we fpeak her great, we wifh her kind.
VoL. II. E


To-morrow, cruel power! thou arm'ft the fair With flowing forrow, and difhevel'd hair; Sad her complaint, and humble is her tale, Her fighs explaining where her accents fail. Here generous foftnefs warms the honeft breaft : We raife the fad, and fuccour the diftrefs°d ; And whilft our wifh prepares the kind relief; Whilft pity mitigates her rifing grief: We ficken foon from her contagious care ; Grieve for her forrows, groan for her defpair; And againft love too late thofe bofoms arm, Which tears can foften, and which fighs can warm.

Againft this neareft crueleft offoes, What fhalf wit meditate, or force oppofe ? Whence feeble nature, fhall we fummon aid ; Ifby our pity, and our pride betray'd? External remedy fhall we hope to find, When the clofe fiend has gain'd our treacherous mind; Infulting there does reafon's power deride; And blind himfelf, condu&is the däzz1'd guide ! My conqueror now, my lovely Abra, held My freedom in her chains; my heart was fill'd With her, with her alone: in her alone It fought its peace and joy : while fhe was gone, It figh'd, and griev'd, impatient of her ftay : Return'd, fhe chas'd thofe fighs, that grief away: Her abfence made the night: her prefence brought

the day.

The ball, the play, the mafk by turns fucceed,

For her I make the fong: the dance with her I lead. „ I court

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