תמונות בעמוד

offences, enable him by thy grace (rible voice of most just judgment, to cheerfully to submit himself to thy the wicked, Go, ye accursed, into holy will and pleasure. Go not far the fire everlasting, prepared for the from those, O LORD, whom thou devil and his angels. hast laid in a place of darkness, and Your sins have brought you too in the deep; and forasmuch as thou near this dreadful sentence: it is hast not cut him off suddenly, but therefore your part and duty, my chastepest him as a father ; grant that brother, humbly to confess and be he, duly considering thy, great mer. wail your great and manifold offen. cies, may be unfeignedly thankful, ces, and to repent you truly of your and turn unto thee with true repent. sins, as you tender the eternal salva. ance and sincerity of heart, through tion of your soul. JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Amen. Be not deceived with a vain and

presumptuous expectation of God's 1 Prayers for persons under sêntence of death. favor, nor say within yourself, Peace, When a criminal is under sentence of death, Peace, where there is no peace; for the Collect, o God, who sparest, &c. to exhort there is no peace, saith my God, to him after this form, or other like:

the wicked. God is not mocked ; DEARLY beloved, it hath pleased he is of purer eyes than to behold ALMIGHTY God, in his justice, to iniquity; and without holiness no bring you under the sentence and man shall see the LORD. On the condemnation of the law : You are other hand, despair not of GOD's shortly to suffer death in such a mercy, though trouble is on every manner, that others, warned by your side ; for God shutteth not up his example, may be the more afraid to mercies for ever in displeasure : But offend; and we pray God, that you if we confess our sins, he is faithful may make such use of your punish, and just to forgive us our sins, and ments in this world, that your soul to cleanse us from all unrighteous. may be saved in the world to come. ness. Do not either way abuse the

Wherefore we come to you in the goodness of God, who calleth us bowels of compassion; and, being mercifully to amendment, and of his desirous that you should avoid pre endless pity promiseth us forgiveness sumption on the one hand, and de- of that which is past, if with a perfect spair on the other, shall plainly lay and true heart we return unto him. before you the wretchedness of your Since therefore you are soon to condition, and declare how far you pass into an endless and unchangeought to depend on the mercies of able state, and your future happiness God, and the merits of our SAV. or misery depends upon the few moIOUR. Consider then seriously with ments which are left you; I require yourself, in all appearance the time you strictly to examine yourself, and of your dissolution draweth near; your estate both toward God and your sins have laid fast hold upon toward man; and let no worldly you you are soon to be removed onsideration hinder you from mak. from among men by a violent death; ing a true and full confession of your and you shall fade away suddenly sins, and giving all the satisfaction like the grass, which in the morning which is in your power to every one is green and groweth up, but in the whom you have wronged or injured ; evening is cut down, dried up, and that you may find mercy at your heawithered. After you have thus fin. venly Father's hand, for ČHRIST'S ished the course of a sinful and sake, and not be condemned in the miserable life, you shall appear before dreadful day of judgment. the Judge of all flesh; who, as he Lastly, beloved, submit yourself pronounces blessings on the right with Christian resignation to the just eous, shall likewise say, with a ter. I judgment of God which your own

crimes nave orought upon you, and succor in behalf of this thy servant, be in charity with all men; being who is now under the sentence of ready sincerely to forgive all such condemnation. The day of his calaas have offended you, not excepting mity is at hand, and he is accounted those who have prosecuted you even as one of those who go down into the unto death : and, though this may pit. Blessed LORD, remember thy seem a hard saying, yet know assur: mercies; look upon his infirmities; edly, that without it your charity is hear the voice of his complaint; give not yet perfect. And fail not earnestly him, we beseech thee, patience in this to endeavor and pray for this blessed his time of adversity, and support temper and composure of mind. So under the terrors which encompass may you cast yourself with an entire him; set before his eyes the things dependence upon the mercies of God, he hat done in the body, which have through the merits of our Saviour justly provoked thee to anger; and and Redeemer Jesus CHRIST. forasmuch as his continuance appear

eth to be short amongst us, quicken 1 Here the Minister shall examine him conceruing his faith, and rehearse the articles of the him so much the more by thy grace Creed, Dost thou believe in God, &c. And and holy Spirit ; that he being con. the criminal shall answer,

verted and reconciled unto thee, be.. All this I steadfastly believe. Then shall the Minister examine whether be from the earth, may at the hour of his

fore thy judgments have cut him off particular confession of the sin for which he is death depart in peace, and be receiv. struct him what satisfaction ought to be made ed into thine everlasting kingdom, if he knoweth any coinbinations in wickedness, Amen. to those whom he has oftended thereby; and through Jesus Christ our Lord. or any evil practices designed against others,

| Adding this. let him be admonished to the utmost of his power to discover and prevent them.

O SAVIOUR of the world, who 1 After this confession, the Minister shall declare by thy cross and precious blood hast to him the pardoning mercy of God,

in the redeemed us, save us, and help us, we form which is used in the Communion Service

. humbly beseech thee, O LORD. 1 After which shall be said the Collect following: Then the Minister, standing, shall say, O HOLY JESUS, who of thine

IN the midst of life we are in death: infinite goodness, didst accept the of whom may we seek for succor, but conversion of a sinner on the cross; of thee, O LORD, who for our sins art open thine eye of mercy upon

justly displeased ? thy servant, who desireth pardon and

Yet, OʻLORD God most holy, O forgiveness, though in his latest hour LORD most mighty, O holy and most he turneth unto thee. Renew in him merciful Saviour, deliver us not whatsoever hath been decayed by the into the bitter pains of eternal death. fraud and malice of the devil, or by his own carnal will and frailness of our hearts: shut not thy merciful

Thou knowest, LORD, the secrets Consider his contrition; accept his

ears to our prayers;

but spare us, repentance; and forasmuch as he

LORD most holy, O God putteth his full trust only in thy mer- mighty, O holy and merciful Sav. cy, impute not unto him his former Tour," thou most worthy Judge eter sins, but strengthen him with thy nal, suffer us not, at our last hour, for blessed Spirit; and when thou art pleased to take him hence, take him any pains of death to fall from thee.

1 Then the Minister shall say, unto thy favor : This we beg through thy merits, O LORD, our Saviour and

THE Almighty God, who is a our Redeemer. Amen.

most strong tower to all those who

put their trust in him ; to whom all 1 Then shall the Minister say,

things in heaven, in earth, and under O FATHER of mercies and God the earth, do bow and obey; be now of all comfort; we fly unto thee for land evermore thy defence; and make



thee know and feel that there is none; nevertheless, afterward it yieldeth other name under heaven given to the peaceful fruit of righteousness, man, in whom and through whom unto them which are exercised thou mayest receive salvation, but thereby. only the name of our Lord Jesus

The Gospel. St. John v. 24. CHRIST. Amen.

VERILY, verily, I say unto you, 1 And after that shall say, He that heareth my word, and be UNTO GOD's gracious mercy lieveth on him that sent me, hath and protection we commit thee: The everlasting life, and shall not come LORD bless thee and keep thee: The into condemnation; but is passed from LORD make his face to shine upon death unto life. thee, and be gracious unto thee: The

1 A Prayer for imprisoned Debtors. LORD lift


his countenance upon MOST gracious God, look down thee, and give thee peace both now in pity and compassion upon these and evermore.

thine afflicted servants, who are fallon 11 At the

ume of Execution, besides, all, or such under the misery of a close restraint. parts of the foregoing office as the Minister shall Give them always a deep sense of prayer for a person at the point of depart. their sins, and of thy fatherly love ure, as it is in the Visitation of the Sick.

and correction; and the more their 1 The Collect for the Communion Service.

confinement presseth hard upon O GOD, who declarest thy Al. them, the more let the comforts of mighty power chiefly in showing thy grace and mercy abound toward mercy and pity; we beseech thee to

them. Give to their creditors tenhave mercy upon this thy servant, derness and compassion, and to thema who for his transgressions is appoint- a meek and forgiving spirit toward ed to die. Grant that he may take all those who have confined them, and thy judgments patiently, and repent a full purpose to repair all the inju. him truly of his sins; that he recov. ries and losses which others have ering thy favor, the fearful reward sustained by them. Raise them up of his actions may end with this life; friends to pity and relieve them; give and whensoever his soul shall depart them the continued comfort of thy from the body, it may be without spot countenance here; and so sanctify presented unto thee, through JESUS their afflictions, that they may work CHRIST our Lord. Amen.

for them an eternal weight of glory, The Epistle. Heb. xii. 11. through the merits and mediation of NO chastening for the present JESUS CHRIST thy Son cur Lord. seemeth to be joyous, but grievous ;l Amen.




TO ALMIGHTY GOD, For the fruits of the earth, and all the other blessings of his merciful pro

vidence; to be used yearly on the FIRST THURSDAY IN NOVEMBER, OT on such other day as shall be appointed by the civil authority.

1 The service shall be as usual, except where it is bereby otherwise appointed. $ Among the Sentences at the beginning of thine increase ; so shall thy barns be

Morning Prayer shall be the following: filled with plenty, and thy presses HONOR the LORD with thy sub- shall burst out with new wine. Prov. stance, and with the first-fruits of allliii. 9, 10.

The LORD by wisdom hath found-pecially for the returns of seed-tirne ed the earth ; by understanding hath and harvest, and for crowning the he established the heavens : by his year with thy goodness, in the inknowledge the depths are broken up, crease of the ground, and the gatherand the clouds drop down the dew. ing in of the fruits thereof. And, Prov. iii. 19, 20.

we beseech thee, give us a just sense The eternal God is thy refuge, and of this great mercy ; such as may underneath are the everlasting arms. appear in our lives, by an humble, Deut. xxxiii. 27.

holy, and obedient walking before Israel then shall dwell in safety thee all our days, through Jesus alone; the fountain of Jacob shall be CHRIST our Lord; to whom, with upon the land of corn and of wine, thee and the Holy Ghost, be all also his heaven shall drop down dew. glory and honor, world without end. Deut. xxxiii. 28.

Amen. Happy art thou, () Israel ; who is 1 The Collect to be used instead of that for the like unto thee, O people saved by the

day. LORD, the shield of thy help, and O MOST merciful Father, who who is the sword of thy excellency! hast blessed the labors of the hus. Deut. xxxiii. 29.

bandman in the returns of the fruits 1 Instead of, O come let us sing, &o the follow of the earth; we give thee humble ing shall be said or sung:

and hearty thanks

for this thy PRAISE ye the LORD; for it is bounty ; beseeching thee to continuo good to sing praises unto our God; thy loving kindness to us; that our for it is pleasant, and praise is comely, land may still yield her increase, to

The LORD doth build up Jerusa- thy glory and our comfort, through lem; he gathereth together the out. JESUS CHRIST our Lord. Ameni casts of Israel.

He healeth those that are broken in The Epistle. St. James i. 16. heart, and bindeth up their wounds. DO not err, my beloved brethren:

He covereth the heaven with every good gift and every persect clouds, and prepareth rain for the gift is from above; and cometh duwn earth; he maketh the grass to grow from the Father of lights, with whom upon the mountains.

is no variableness, neither shadow of He giveth to the beast his food; turning. Of his own will begat he and to the young ravens which cry. us of tlie word of truth, that we should

Praise the LORD, O Jerusalem : be a kind of first fruits of his crea Praise thy God, O Sion.

tures. Wherefore my beloved bre. For he hath strengthened the bars thren, let every man be swist to hear, of thy gates; he hath blessed thy slow to speak, slow to wraih: for the children within thee.

wrath of man worketh not the righteHe maketh peace in thy borders, ousness of God. Wherefore lay apart and filleth tliee with the finest of the all filthiness and superfluity of naugh. wheat.

tiness, and receive with meekness 1 Then shall be said or kung one of the Selections, the ingrafted word, which is able to or some other portion of the Psalms, at the dis- save your souls. Be ye doers of the

word; and not hearers only, deceiv. Second Lesson shall be 1 Thess. v. 12 10 24. ing your own selves. For if any be 1 After the General Thanksgiving, shall be said a hearer of the word and not a doer, this which followeth :

he is like unto a man beholding his MOST gracious God, by, whose natural face in a glass ; for he he. knowledge the depths are broken up, holdeth himself, and goeth his way, and the clouds drop down the dew; and straightway forgetteth what man. we yield thee unfeigned thanks and ner of man he was. But whoso look. praise, as for all thy mercies, so es. leth into the perfect law of liberty, and

cretion of the Minister. 1 The First Lesson shall be Deut. viii. and the

continueth therein, he being not a unto you, Love your enemies, bless forgetful hearer, but a doer of the them that curse you, do good to them work, this man shall be blessed in his that hate you, and pray for them deed. If any man among you seem which despitefully use you and perjo be religious, and bridleth not his secute you ; that ye may be the childtongue, but deceiveth his own heart, ren of your Father which is in heaven: this man's religion is vain. Pure for he maketh his sun to rise on the religion and undefiled before God evil and on the good, and sendeth rain and the Father is this : to visit the on the just and on the unjust. For if fatherless and widows in their afflic- ye love them which love you, what dion, and to keep himself unspotted reward have ye? do not even the from the world.

publicans the same? Or if ye salute

your brethren only, what do ye more The Gospel. St. Matt, v. 43. than others ? do not even the pub. YE have heard that it hath been licans so? Be ye therefore perfect, said, Thou shalt love thy neighbor even as your Father which is in and hate thine enemy. But I say | heaven is perfect.




MORNING PRAYER. The master or mistress having called together as many of the family as can conveniently bo present, let one of them, or any other whom they shall think proper, say as follows, all kneeling

OUR Father, who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name; Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven; Give us this day our daily bread; And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; And lead us not into temptation ; But deliver us from evil: For thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen.

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, in whom we live Acknowledgment of and move and have our being ; we, thy needy creatures, Godisi mercy

caspecione render thee our humble praises, for thy preservation of through the night pasi. us from the beginning of our lives to this day, and espe. cially for having delivered us from the dangers of the past night. To thy watchfuil providence we owe it, *

* When disturbancea (that no disturbance hath come nigh us or our dwelling; family, instead of this, but, that we are brought in safety to the beginning of this say, that notwithstand? day. For these thy mercies, we bless and magnify thy ing cur dangere, we are glorious name; humbly beseeching thee to accept this beginning of this day. our morning sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving; for his sake who lay down in the grave, and rose again for us, thy Son our Saviour JESUS CHRIST. Amen.

AND, since it is of thy mercy, O gracious Father, Dedication of soul that another day is added to our lives; we here dedicate and body to Gode ser both our souls and our bodies to thee and thy service, in to be growing daily in a sober, righteous, and godly life : in which resolution, goodness.

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